The Best Pan Pizza: How, Why, and What to Put on it

There’s no getting around it. Sometimes you have to plan ahead in the kitchen. If you want to make the very best pizza you’ve ever had, you’re going to need to start the process at least 10 hours but up to a day ahead of when you’d like to eat it. It doesn’t really require any skill-set beyond patience and the ability to follow four simple sets of directions. (And if you want the ultimate, ULTIMATE pizza, I have the final giveaway of my 40th birthday week at the end of the post to help you!)

The Best Pan Pizza {super easy!} from

 The only directions you need to make The Best Pan Pizza

  • 1. Measure, mix, and wait.
  • 2. Divide, oil, and wait.
  • 3. Top, bake, and wait.
  • 4. Remove, slice, and wait.

Are you catching the theme? There’s a lot of waiting. There’s NOTHING complicated but patience is non-negotiable. If you have a kitchen scale, this is the moment to break it out. Measuring your flour, water, oil, salt, and yeast by weight insures that the only variables are ones outside of your control: humidity and heat.  You can compensate for humidity and heat, but you can’t compensate for four ounces too many of flour because you didn’t measure correctly.

That’s right, I said it. Measuring precisely here is actually of paramount importance. This is not a case where you grab that teacup your mom or grandma always kept in the flour bin, plunge it into the flour, and squish it up against the edge to pack it level. This is a job for a scale that weighs in ounces, or -in a pinch- an occasion when you use a spoon to dip into the flour, shake it gently over the cup that you’re not shimmying in any way, and repeat until the cup is a little over full, then you use a flat edge of a butterknife or a spoon handle to level it off. I’m not kidding you. You do not want a ‘workable’ dough that you knead. You’re going to stir it all together with a spoon, cover it, and let it go overnight.

Preparing dough for The Best Pan Pizza {super easy!} from

You’re seeking a slack dough. In fact, you’re looking for the kind of dough that will spread itself out in a well-oiled cast-iron skillet because that is exactly what you’re going to let it do.

Yes. No-knead dough that spreads itself in the pan. Do I have you now? Once you get to that point, the toughest part is over with, unless you include the inner battle to avoid biting down on molten hot pizza that will remove the first layer or two of skin from your mouth.

Preparing dough for The Best Pan Pizza {super easy!} from The Best Pan Pizza {super easy!} from

All that remains is to poke any extra large air bubbles with the back of a knuckle, lift the dough around the edges to eliminate any trapped air bubbles, and top it. Aside from the fact that the dough is DEAD easy as long as you know how to properly measure, there’s more to recommend this method. EVERYTHING is assembled in ONE PAN. The dough spreads in one pan, is topped in the same pan, then cooked in that same pan. You don’t have to muck up and dirty all kinds of dishes, remember to preheat a pizza stone, or fiddle around with a pizza peel to make this one pizza to rule them all. All you need is a solid, cast-iron pan or two and a dose of “I’ll wait for what’s great.”

If I had to compare this pizza to one that’s commercially available, I would first say, “Pffft. This is better than any commercial pizza.” then I would grudgingly admit it’s rather like the Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizzas of my youth.

The crust on Preparing dough for The Best Pan Pizza {super easy!} from

I loved those oil soaked, crispy bottomed, chewy little pieces of pizza heaven. It’s thicker than a thin-crust, but nowhere near the whole gloppy Deep-Dish pies of Chicago. (Not that there’s anything wrong with those, but they’re just not what we’re looking for in your every-weeknight-pizza.) They are -in short- chewy, fried-crust, pizza perfection.

Cook’s Notes

  • The recipe specifies high-gluten (or bread) flour. This is not the same thing as all-purpose flour. It has a higher protein (read: gluten) percentage which yields a chewier/holier dough. You will not get the same results from all-purpose flour, so it is best to seek out the high-gluten flour if it is available to you. (King Arthur Bread Flour has an excellent protein percentage for this pizza dough.)
  • The dough should come together easily even if it looks shaggy. A dough whisk is your best bet for mixing thoroughly. Believe me, you not only don’t have to knead this dough, but you SHOULDN’T knead it. The long, slow rise with a small amount of yeast allows the dough to fully develop the gluten that provides that lovely, holey structure.
  • Don’t make a mistake and choose too small of a bowl to mix/rise the dough in. This is going to expand to about eight times its original size, so use a very large mixing bowl, dough rising bucket, or a big old, non-reactive (stainless steel for example) pasta pot.
  • Pan choices count here. IDEALLY you will choose two very heavy cast-iron, 10-inch skillets. If you don’t have two of those, you can use a 12-inch and an 8-inch or a 10-inch skillet and an 8 or 9-inch cake pan. I used  12-inch and a 10-inch enameled cast-iron Le Creuset skillets for both of my pizzas (and a bonnie wee 5-inch cast-iron skillet for another batch) and they were PERFECTION. I used a cake pan for the second batch and while it did an admirable job, it didn’t get the crusty-bits I love so dearly up the side the way the Le Creuset skillets did.
  • Let’s talk oils. You want to choose one with a low-smoke point because of the high-temperature of the oven. While extra virgin olive oil sounds like it would go with pizza, it’s a poor choice here because of its distressing tendency to billow smoke at any temperature above 375°F. A better choice is regular old pure olive oil, but an even better choice is grapeseed or peanut oil. Canola oil or vegetable oil will do well if that’s all you have handy!
  • Speaking of oil, don’t skimp on the oil in the pan! It does triple duty here. First, it allows the dough to spread itself easily, reducing or eliminating the friction it would experience against the pan. Second, it adds another layer of cooking to the exterior of the crust, essentially frying it as it cooks.
  • When selecting which cheese to use, keep in mind that this is not a good candidate for fresh mozzarella. The delicate texture and flavour would be lost in the blast-furnace that your oven is going to become. You’re far better off buying a block of whole or part-skim mozzarella and shredding it yourself. Less great than block cheese grated yourself, but still better for these pizzas than fresh mozzie, is pre-grated mozzarella cheese.
  • Fire that oven up and don’t wimp out! Get your oven as hot as it can go for the cooking process. That BURST of heat develops a bajillion little bubbles in the dough that helps lend to the chewy, hole-ridden texture so desired in a pan pizza. If you can get your oven up to 550°F (which is as high as my oven goes) DO IT. If you can’t, just get it as hot as you possibly can shy of setting it on fire. Trust me.
  • Your oven goes no higher than 450°F you say? I’m sorry, that stinks. HOWEVER, we can work around it. This is where the ideal pan comes into play. In this case, you take the pizza fresh from the oven when your toppings look just right, and set it directly on a hot burner to help crisp up the underside of the crust, lifting the edge carefully with a spatula or tongs from time to time to peek at the underbelly. When it looks deep brown and crisp, slide that pizza right onto a cutting board.
  • Let the pizza rest a bit before you cut it, if you value your skin. These things are HOT HOT HOT when they come out of the oven. Let it rest at least 5 minutes, then slice it, then let it rest another 3 minutes before picking up your pizza to nosh on it. This will keep your precious mouth skin where it belongs: attached to you.

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The Best Pan Pizza
VERY gently adapted from and with great thanks to Kenji of Serious Eats
For the dough:
  • 14 ounces high-gluten flour (bread flour), about 2½ cups
  • 2 teaspoons kosher salt (3/8 of an ounce or .35 ounces)
  • ½ teaspoon instant yeast (3/16 or an ounce or .15 ounces)
  • 1 cup plus 3 tablespoons water (9.5 ounces by weight)
For the Pizzas:
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil (not extra virgin) or neutral oil with a low smoke point like grapeseed, peanut, or canola, divided
  • 1½ cups thick pizza sauce (homemade or purchased)
  • 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 12-16 pieces of pepperoni per pizza
Optional but tasty:
  • fresh basil leaves for adding before and after baking
  1. Mix together all of the dough ingredients until it is evenly moist and there are no more pockets of dry ingredients. Cover the bowl or dough bucket tightly and let it rise for at least 8 but up to 24 hours.
  2. Pour 2 tablespoons of neutral oil into a 10 to 12 inch cast-iron skillet. Repeat with a second skillet. Swirl to coat the bottoms of the pans. Divide the risen dough into two pieces. Gently form into a ball by pulling the side of the dough and tucking it under, rotating ¼ turn and repeating the tug and tug, rotating another ¼ turn and repeating the tug and tuck, then finally doing it once more to form a loose ball. Lay it smooth side down in the oil, then flip so the whole thing is coated in oil. Use the palm of your hand to gently flatten the dough. It will not spread to the edges yet, but that is okay. Cover the pan tightly with plastic wrap and set out at room temperature -undisturbed- for 2 hours.
To Prepare the Pizzas:
  1. Preheat oven as high as it will go, preferably to 550°F. Remove plastic wrap from the pans with the pizza dough in them. The dough should now have spread itself (or nearly spread itself) to the edges of the pan. Simply lift the edges of dough to pull toward the sides of the pan if necessary. This will help loosen any trapped air under the dough as well. If there are any large air bubbles, nudge them down with the back of a knuckle.
  2. Spread half of the sauce on each pizza right to the edges of the dough. Divide the cheese and top each pizza evenly to the edge, then distribute the pepperoni over the pizzas. If using it, tear half of your basil leaves and toss over the tops of the pizzas. Reserve half of the basil to add to the pizzas when they're removed from the oven.
  3. Put into the hot oven and bake for 12-20 minutes (depending on how well done you want your pizzas.) You can check the underside of the pizza crust for doneness by lifting the edge gently with a flexible spatula (like a fish turner). A finished pizza will have a crisp, deep-brown bottom and a bubbly, golden- to deep-golden brown top. I pull my pizzas when the edges have some deeply caramelized (read: lightly charred) edges and some dark brown bubbles on top.
  4. Use your flexible spatula to slide under the pizza and edge it out onto a cutting board, tear the remaining basil and scatter over the pizzas. Let rest for 5 minutes before slicing into wedges, then let it rest without moving it for another 3 minutes before serving.

The Best Pan Pizza {super easy!} from



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    while it’s sooo tempting to say this pizza would be the first thing to hit the LeCreuset skillet, my heart tells me to make my mom’s cornbread instead…and that’s exactly what I’d do!

  89. Phoebe says

    Umm, hello beautiful… that pan is gorgeous! After reading this post, surely pan pizza would be the first thing to make. My man loves it, and for some reason it’s never occurred to me to make it at home.

  90. Kelly Payton says

    I would need to make up my own high protein gluten free flour mix. Do you have a recipe on hand. Your pizza looks divine! I really need a new pan. Thanks for a awesome contest.

  91. Sharon says

    I would love to try the pizza in the pan, but I’m not good with dough. Always gives me a hard time :) What I would try is pan seared fish, with some type of garlic/butter sauce.

    Enjoy your birthday

  92. Lora H says

    If I won this beautiful Le Creuset skillet I would make fried chicken or skillet cornbread – then of course the best pan pizza!

  93. Barbi says

    That pizza looks soooo good. I will, of course, make this recipe in my new gorgeous blue Le Creuset skillet. But, I may try this pizza in my trusty cast iron skillet first. :)

  94. Carrie says

    Anything LeCreuset makes me fall in love and then drool a little so maybe it is a good thing that it is beyond my budget or else I’d never leave the house. I would take some squash & tomatoes from the garden, give them great purpose with lots of cheese & sausage or bacon (or both) and make a Sunday morning frittata that would make you feel the need to pull the curtains closed. Oh yes, indeed.

  95. Anne says

    I’ve been wanting a skillet (well, THIS skillet, to be honest) that can go from stovetop to oven. If I were to be your lucky winner, the first thing I’d make in this gorgeous pan is a classic tarte tatin, starting by sauteeing the apples on the stovetop then finishing the dish in the oven. Perfect!

  96. Ed says

    I would hope to bake this pizza but most likely the first thing would be a breakfast frittata or omelet. I LOVE breakfast and this pan would make a beautiful presentation and it matches my color scheme!

  97. Jessica Littreal says

    I would totally pan roast some bone-in, skin-on chicken breast with rosemary, lemon and butter, yummmmmmm

  98. Jenny says

    That crust is making me drool! Beautiful! If I won that pan I would fry some chicken for my favorite chicken parmesean recipe immediately. And of course I’d try this recipe too. We love our homemade pizzas! Favorite combo of the moment is pesto, artichoke hearts, carmelized onions, roasted red peppers and fresh mozzarella. Mmm, drooling again.

  99. Gisela says

    I could just imagine the aroma from the Socca that I’d make in my Le Creuset Skillet. Just as savory as those sold on the street corners in France. Also known as Farinata in Italy, Socca is a chick pea flour crepe made with only 4 ingredients (chick pea flour, water, salt, olive oil). Simple, healthy, delicious…

  100. Stephanie says

    OH! I have Kenji’s Pizza Pan dough in my freezer! Thank you for the tips!! We weren’t “blown-away” with my first attempt, but I think I know NOW what I did wrong. (Also, surprise to me, my cast iron skillet does not heat uniformly, so that doesn’t help!)

  101. James miller says

    I would make my families favorite dessert of caramelized rolled oats, fried in a skillet, then topped with fresh berries and fresh vanilla whipped cream. After that I would make the pizza, then maybe an omlet.

  102. Janet Sodano says

    Without a doubt…would LOVE to make this pizza using this amazing pan! Then, hmmm, cornbread, Dutch baby,…endless possibilities.

  103. Maxine R. says

    I’m going to make that pizza. I’ve never attempted homemade pizza before but your recipe looks easy enough for a rookie like me. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  104. says

    I LOVE THIS POST! And I hope I’m not being too forward, but I think I love you. I love your pizza making tips. Every single one of them! Patience when making pizza is key. High gluten flour, double key! My oven goes up to 550, so there is no problem there! A broccoli pesto pizza is calling my name! Just as soon as I re-season my cast iron skillet! Or win this one!

  105. Karen Stefonek says

    I’m all about one pot, or pan, in this case, recipes. I have my great-grandmother’s cast iron pan. It needs a friend!

  106. Charlotte says

    I purchased our first 4-H lamb at the county fair last week and can’t wait to try out new lamb recipes. The first thing I’d use that cast iron skillet for? Lamb chops :)

  107. Christi Pike says

    I will definitely make this pizza! Pan pizza is my ultimate favorite and I didn’t have a good recipe.

  108. pam kraut says

    Oooh that pizza looks fantastic. But it’s not the first thing I’d make. First up would be bacon, because: bacon. And don’t you have to season a cast iron skillet first? But after a few rounds of bacon would be lots of this pizza.

  109. Pippa Ryan says

    This recipe inspires me to make pan pizza in this gorgeous pan. I’d skip the pepperoni and add red and yellow peppers and onions, maybe some black olives instead.
    Happy Birthday!

  110. poohbah says

    I’d make my “leftovers” frittata, i.e., open the refrigerator, get the eggs, gather the leftovers (cut and dice as necessary), slice some potatoes. put some oil in this wonderful pan, cook the potatoes until almost done, pop in the collage of leftovers, cook briefly, stir in eggs, cook until done! This is a “whenever” dish — whenever you want it!

  111. Rachael S says

    Probably bacon followed by the tastiest, crispiest, potatoes and peppers. Top with an egg and voila, the perfect breakfast.

  112. emily W. says

    First thing? Maybe this amazing looking pizza. Maybe some cinnamon rolls, or buttermilk biscuits, or a whole chicken, or some country ribs. I really can’t decide.

  113. Robyn Bee says

    I believe the first thing I’d make would be your pan pizza, since I presently have only one cast iron skillet!

  114. Theresa M. says

    Chicken fried steak is a favorite of ours, made in cast iron skillet. I have one pan, but a second would allow me to cook up our dinner faster! Happy birthday week!

  115. Jo Baldwin says

    A beautiful kitchen tool! I dream of yummy paper-thin French sour cream pancakes, flavorful German potato pancakes, oh yes…that deepdish pizza looks so tasty. Thanks for a fun week of giveaways…happy birthday!

  116. Sheila says

    Pizza….Pizza…Pizza. I add a little Italian seasoning to the dry ingredients before making the dough. We like the subtle ‘kick.’ I’ve got the dough (covered) rising right now in the oven. Ready for breakfast in the morning. Yes, I said breakfast. :)

  117. TONYK says



  118. TONYK says



  119. cathy borah says

    Definitely would make this pizza recipe altering the topping to ground beef, mushrooms, black olives. Then I would use that beautiful skillet to make my husband the best T-Bone steak dinner. PLEASE PICK ME!!!

  120. warm-pizza-mouth says

    Would a BBQ work well for this? I have a nice gas BBQ which I can crank up to around 800 degrees, and it is more than large enough to fit a cast iron skillet on it.

    Is there such a thing as ‘too hot’? Would the outside burn and the middle still be raw?

    • says

      I think the gas grill would work beautifully, but my instinct says there may be such a thing as too hot. I think 800 would deliver exactly the problem you described. Of course, I haven’t tried it personally… it’s just my theory. I’d love to know if you do try it at that temp!

      • warm-pizza-mouth says

        OK, I finally got around to making this last weekend on the BBQ grill.

        It works, but you have to watch the pizza very carefully! I let it go a minute or two too long allowing the top to cook, and wound up nearly burning the bottom. I had the grill set at medium. Next time I will turn it down even further.

        Other than that, it was great! It was still great pizza even if it was a bit more “well done” than I usually like!

  121. says

    I’ve made this recipe several times since you posted it and I honestly believe it is the best pizza recipe I’ve ever tried. Thank you for posting it! 😀

  122. Dee Hendricks says

    I just made this. It is definitely the BEST home made pizza I have ever made! I did cheat a little, but it’s still delicious: I had a thawed loaf of freezer bread so I used half of it for this dough – it worked out fine. The only problem I had was getting it out of the skillet to cut it. Fortunately I had a cookie sheet ready to slide it onto, so when part of it turned over, it was easy to correct!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    • says

      Hi Kristi- I would suggest you use the dough as listed in the recipe for a couple of reasons. First, I tested it this way and can vouch for the results. Second, I don’t know what kind of formula the store dough available to you uses, so I dont know whether it would behave similarly to my dough recipe.

  123. Kirsten Parris says

    This is the best pizza that I have ever made. I loved the crust and it did taste like Pizza Hut, but just better. I cooked it for 13 minutes on 550, and it was perfect! I topped my dough with homemade sauce, mozzarella cheese, diced onions and pepperoni. It is the crust, however, that gets my 5 star rating. It was so flavorful and crisp on the bottom, having soaked up all that nice oil. I will make this recipe often. I hope everyone who loves pizza will give this recipe a try. This pizza is delicious, and better than anything I could buy!


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