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  1. “nuanced enough to keep a sophisticated eater and cook happy, but simple enough that even the most rookie cook can make it happen for a fast dinner.”

    That is my happy place, too. I love food and cooking and always will, but as the years have gone on, and my passions have multiplied, I find that I want most of my meals to be of this kind. They are more often than not the BEST meals. 🙂

    (also, yes, I need to make this one!)

  2. Hands down you are my best source for “easy” delicious Asian influenced dishes. I really want this for dinner tomorrow night, Would chicken thighs work reasonably well here? We have had enough pork in the last week that the natives have become restless, but I hate to wait for this one.

    • I would say chicken thighs would be delicious, but you’re going to have a little different result, obviously. You’ll want to adjust the cooking times, as the thighs are more juicy, as a rule, too!

  3. Yum! This looks amazing. Pinned for later!
    I agree: some recipes are just easy, and some ARE NOT. I like to know what I’m getting myself into. I’ve clicked through a recipe link so many times before to find ingredient lists with 30 different items, some that have to be special ordered, etc. Nothing wrong with calling something easy 🙂

  4. This was nothing short of fabulous. Every member of my household LOVED it! Thanks for another winner!

  5. Just made this recipe and it was DELICIOUS. So simple and quick to make. My hubby also gave it 2 thumbs up. Will be making again for sure!

  6. This recipe has traveled far and wide. I am making it tonight in South Africa. So glad that I had all of the ingredients at hand. No shopping list required. I am having it with rice and broccoli as image shows. Looks delisb. Hope hubby will enjoy this something from nothing asian inspired dish. Thank you for posting.

  7. Could you please tell me would this work if I chucked it all in a slow cooker? Wanting to make it tomorrow do you think it will be ok?

    • Hi PIP- I’m afraid I don’t think it would work out really well to do that. It definitely wouldn’t form the same sticky ginger glaze in the slow-cooker that it does in a pan on the stovetop.

  8. I thought it was delicious but it never got sticky and was much lighter in color than the picture. It was a little too spicy with using 1 TBSP of Sriracha sauce so I would cut back the next time. It is definitely a keeper.

    • Thanks, Kari! If it was lighter and not sticky, it sounds like maybe your burner on your stove wasn’t throwing enough heat. Is it an electric stovetop? Sometimes that can do it!

  9. HI Rebbeca – this recipe looks fantastic! I have some left over pork tenderloin that grilled to medium…do you think I could use that to make this recipe, and if you think it would work can you suggest how to use the pork tenderloin so that it doesn’t get too dry while recooking? Thank you!

    • Hi Annette- I think if you make the glaze and boil it to being super thick, you could slice the grilled pork and toss it in to coat! Of course, I haven’t tried this personally, so it’s just a guess. Let me know how it works if you try it!

      • I did just this, used leftover roast pork loin sliced into strips. With about 1 Tbsp chili-garlic paste instead of sriracha (little kids that don’t do spicy yet), it was delicious over jasmine rice.
        I had the same issue as a previous commenter, lighter in colour sauce (could be due to not using a pile of sriracha) that did not reduce very well (gas stove, on medium-high heat) and perhaps I could have waited longer but we were hungry! I wonder if it’s the kind of honey used. Mine frothed a lot, but didn’t seem to reduce much over 10 minutes.

        • Hi Emily- I’m so glad you liked it a lot! Frothing is the first step in the sauce reducing. I’ve edited the instructions of the recipe to clarify how to get it to reduce faster. If you bump the heat up to high, it should reduce far faster, you just have to watch it more carefully to prevent scorching. Thank you for your excellent feedback.

  10. This was so delicious! I used leftover roast pork loin, warmed it slightly in the skillet, and removed it to a plate. Then I proceeded as directed. It would be a hit with children without the hot pepper sauce. I will definitely try this again, maybe with chicken breast next time. Thanks for a great recipe.

    • Hi Gail- I do not include calorie counts on my recipes as a rule. Both because I think serving sizes are unrealistic, and because I am uncomfortable calculating calories because of my tendency to over-control them when I do that. If you’d like to determine the calories for your own purposes, there are many free online calorie calculators available where you can plug in the recipe and get calorie counts. Best wishes!

  11. Thank you so very much for the instructions and notes!! I am a beginner cook and I will try this. I looks so delicious and E A S Y. 🙂

  12. We too lost our favorite Chinese restaurant due to retirement. This has the flavors we have been looking for. Thank you. You can never stop blogging or our family will starve!

  13. This was awesome! Only I used the minimum sriracha sauce called for and it was super spicy hot! So, if you’re like me and like mildly hot foods I suggest you reduce the sriracha sauce even more than the 2 tablespoon minimum. I will make this again as it’s easy and delicious, but I will definitely reduce the sriracha sauce. Thank you for a great recipe.

    • I’m sorry to see you go, Alastair, but those ads reimburse me for my significant investment in camera equipment and ingredients for recipe development, the cost of creating, hosting, and maintaining a recipe website that is free to anyone on the internet, and my time. My thought is that scrolling past those ads is do-able.

      • Thank you for replying. However, look at the recipe yourself and see just how many adverts there are. Not just one but the same ad. repeated over and over and over again with many many pictures of a female presumably dieting and getting thinner. I know adverts power the internet but this is just OTT. Thanks anyway, Alastair

  14. So delicious! This earned rave reviews from the husband and toddler (I only put a small amount of sauce on the pork for the toddler). Served in with sautéed broccoli and mung bean noodles

  15. This is, without a doubt, the worst thing I have ever made. Instead of eating this, I would recommend starting a corn syrup IV and snorting a line of cayenne. I would rather eat the pork raw and risk getting trichinosis than ever have this again.

  16. Made this last night for my fiancé and it was definitely a win! He can’t wait for me to make it again and was jealous after I ate the hidden leftovers.

    • I hear you, Lydia. 🙂 I had to go around and remove part of each of the servings my kids had helped themselves to in order to make sure they left enough for their older brother who was at work when I served dinner. Buncha vultures! 🙂 I had to hide those, too!

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