Food! It’s what’s for dinner! Wednesday, June 11, 2008.

Has anyone else noticed that I've botched the dates on every single one of the 'Food!  It's what's for dinner!' posts?  Of course, I've gone back through and fixed them.  I may be the only one who noticed them but my Grandmama taught me it was better to be honest and good than to not.  That was a Steve Martin line.  I'm not thattrustworthy.  I quit Girl Scouts my first year.  All we did was make sit-upons.  Sit-upon my rear.  But I run on...   In case anyone is wondering why there was no quinoa salad on the plate last night I have an explanation.  The Big XY came home from work and was 'famished'.  He needed something to eat 'quickly' and the quinoa salad was the first thing he could grab from the fridge.  Eh bien.  There was plenty on the plate anyway!   Tonight's menu: Grilled Ham Carbonara on Homemade Linguine (or with boxed rotini if I am having too much fun outside with the kids to tear away and make pasta!  Look at me- 3 meals in and already copping out!) Steamed Broccoli with Garlic Garlic and Italian Herb Bubble Bread Blueberry Shortcake with Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream (The blueberry fulfills the fruit category, you see!)     ~I was just ready to post this and my 6 year old, Ty, walked up to me with tears in his eyes.  "Mom," whined he, "The guys think my Bionicle is their least favorite.  Can I make cookies with you tonight?"   *For those of you without kids let me break this down for you.  He is annoyed by his brothers dissing … {Read on...}

Food! It’s what’s for dinner! Tuesday, June 10, 2008.

Not the prettiest picture, but boy did these taste good!

Wow!  You wouldn't believe the weird stuff going on here today.  Our power went out this morning around 10:30a.m.  So, feeling mighty full of myself for thinking of such a fun and educational idea I got the kids through their schoolwork in record time, got everyone groomed and packed them all into the van to go to the library.  And their power was out, too.  Duh!  They're on the same grid.    It wasn't a wash because the kids sat on the library floor with the children's librarian and the group of them built a gigantic brick castle and were shouting medieval things at each other.  I chatted with our town librarian about great places to buy produce locally and the best Salvation Army locations around here.  That woman is a librarian in the truest sense of the word.  She is a treasure-trove of information!   When the library's power came back on we checked out the books we had grabbed by the dim emergency lights and headed home.    Our power was back up, but my server was down.  ACK!  And I wanted to post my dinner plans for the night.  Here they are, better late than never.   Homemade onion poppyseed hamburger rolls Grilled hamburgers with super secret toppings (I'm submitting this to a recipe contest and if I tell you I'd have to... Oh never mind.  If it's published it's not eligible for the prize!)  Of course, I'll try to take a really good picture so you can see what's on it.  C'est si bon!  More Chilled Latin quinoa salad Crash Hot Potatoes … {Read on...}

Mojito Slushies


This is liquid cool.  And I need to cool down badly.     For those who don't know me very well this post requires a little back history.  I'll try to keep it brief.   Last year, feeling cramped with five kids, two dogs, a fish and a cat we decided to move from the 1400 square foot home where we'd lived for about ten years.  We were lucky to find our dream home.  We purchased a large Amish home and farm with a bunch of acreage from, well, an Amish family.  They were moving- as the husband phrased it- to the edge of civilization.  There are some who might suggest that they were moving from the edge of civilization (our house) over past the edge of civilization (their new house), but I digress.      Because our house was built by the Amish for the Amish it lacked some of the acoutrements of which I am terribly fond; electricity, plumbing, septic system, upstairs walls and double pane windows to name a few.  Considering the scale of the project and the fact that we're doing the work ourselves it should not surprise you to learn that we're not anywhere near done.  We did get electricity to the house and to most rooms, but we don't have overhead lights anywhere outside of the kitchen and bathroom yet.  We also have a tub and shower, a couple bathroom sinks, two working toilets (we didn't opt for keeping the two-seater outhouse), and a mostly functioning kitchen.  It takes a while to convert an Amish house to an English house.  (Most Amish refer to non-Amish … {Read on...}

Food! It’s what’s for dinner. Monday, June 9th, 2008.


While scrolling madly through the contacts on my cell phone desperately trying to find someone to talk to about my meal plans for the evening I had an epiphany...   Instead of pestering my mother, sisters, brothers, aunts, grandmothers, cousins, friends, and the UPS guy daily with detailed discussions of the evening's dinner prep and plans I can pester everyone who comes to my site!   Here's the plan. Every day -when I figure out what it is I'm doing for dinner- I'll post details right here. It may be detailed enough to include recipes (if the boys are behaving) or just a blurb about what brand of hot dogs we're having for dinner (if the boys are not.) If I'm feeling particularly ambitious, I'll photograph the meals and post an update the next day.  If I don't get the recipes up and you want them just ask!  We aim to please.  Please aim.   I reserve the right to omit any dinners of which I am ashamed (for instance- three night in a row hot dog meals) or in case of illness (as in "sick of making dinner".) I doooo have a reputation to preserve.   … {Read on...}

Grilled Pizza Dough Throwdown: Part III The finale Fried Pizza Dough


I fully expected that Peter Reinhart's grilled pizza dough (based on the famed Il Forno grilled pizzas) would spank my semolina dough six ways from Sunday.  Here's the thing, though...   It didn't.    Don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying mine was superior. I have a long way to go before I can come near possessing the breadth (get it?) of expertise and knowledge that Peter Reinhart has attained.  I can say, however, that both doughs were outrageously delicious.  Mine had that little extra earthy flavor kick from the semolina.  That alone gave my dough the little leg up that made it my preferred recipe.  … {Read on...}