Second Tuesdays Déjà Food Badge- If you’re so inclined.


  It was pointed out to us that we should have a badge for our Second Tuesdays Déjà Food event.  (I'm looking at you White on Rice Couple!)  So, here it is.  Eherm, I think it is anyway.  Not so sure what a badge is, but this looks badgy to me.     … {Read on...}

Second Tuesdays Déjà Food Inaugural Event!


And yes, there's a prize! (See below)   Here at Foodie With Family we- Rebecca and Valerie- love leftovers.   They let us get creative with ingredients, minimize food waste,  save money,  try new flavor combinations without risk (You got one meal out of this already, right? Take a chance!), and save time.  And they do the laundry. (No, wait, that's what I wish they did.)   There are, as far as we're concerned, two kinds of leftover meals.  Regular leftover meals are simply a second serving of the first meal.  Not bad by itself, but we prefer the second type of meal; a grand makeover of the original dish we like to call Déjà Food.    Shockingly, we know a great many people who do not eat leftovers.  Since we prefer to think well of people we choose to attribute this to the fact that they don't know how to make-over leftover food.  So in order to educate them and to celebrate the oft-maligned leftover we have decided to create our very first event; The Second Tuesdays Déjà Food Event.  The second go-round with the food on the second Tuesday (2sday?) of each month.  Easy enough, right?   The event is open to everyone and will be repeated monthly.  Here's what we're asking:   Use your leftovers to create something delicious and different. Write up and post what you made by the second Tuesday of each month.  (We understand that leftover wizardry does not often involve measuring, so if you can't provide the exact recipe don't sweat it.  Just tell … {Read on...}

King Arthur Flour Mixed Flour and Cornmeal Tortillas


  Yesterday morning, while studiously avoiding anything resembling housework by noodling around on the computer, I saw that Michelle, over at Thursday Night Smackdown, was having a "First Thursday Smackdown" event.  The rules?  Simply make something you've never made from your collection of cookbooks or magazines.  Righto!  I was up for a challenge.  I broke out the newest member of my cookbook family, "The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion".   The TNS event does not give restrictions on what you prepare, but my choices were limited to what was already in my fridge, freezer and pantry.  As I have mentioned before, I live miles from nowhere.  Last minute hops to the store are nearly out of the question.  And unless I catch my husband before he's past the last decent grocery store on the drive home I'm out of luck having him pick up ingredients.  Exploring the fridge and pantry turned up about 1 pound of browned ground beef and some nice bacon refried beans from Sunday's tacos, three perfect avocados (how did that happen?), some lettuce left from the weekend's hamburgers, a couple nice (locally grown- no salmonella here...) tomatoes, Vidalia onions and various other yummy things.  I thought tostadas would be nice and hoped King Arthur had a tortilla recipe.  I was in luck!  "Thin Cornmeal Tortillas" appeared on page 185.  The recipe appears for free on the King Arthur website, so I'm okay with reposting it here.            "Thin Cornmeal … {Read on...}

Really, truly, PERFECT hard boiled eggs!

For several years now I have avoided making anything that required hard boiled eggs that would be served in a style in which they were required to be as close to whole as possible—as in deviled eggs, which are attractive if the white has not been completely mangled in the peeling process. Trying to paste the whites together with the yolk filling doesn’t fool anyone—it becomes perfectly obvious which of the basic kitchen skills you have failed to master. So rather than face that humiliation again and again, I became the queen of the egg salad sandwich—smashing the things to bits and covering my sins with a hefty scoop or two of mayo never betrayed my ineptitude in the peeling area.   And I tried everything—cracking all over the egg, using the tip of a spoon to get under the shell, soaking in cold water, soaking in warm water AFTER soaking in cold water, refrigerating the eggs first, using vinegar in the cooking water, yadda, yadda, yadda…Nothing seemed to help.   But recently, I was hit hard with the desire to try one more time—I love eggs in almost any form, and deviled eggs have always been a favorite. I thought I’d do a quick search online and see what I could find, and what I found was It’s a site with recipes for breakfast, lunch and supper, as well as salads and desserts. I not only found a recipe for deviled eggs; I also found simple instructions for successfully hard boiling an egg:   Hard Boiled Eggs       To hard cook eggs, … {Read on...}

Cornbread Salad for the Weekly Cookbook Challenge – Part 3


As I mentioned earlier, I also made a half recipe of the vegetarian version of the salad this morning. If anything, it received an even warmer reception from my (expected and unexpected) audience. My husband and I work for a small church-related camp, and on Sunday, our next camper groups come in to begin their week. Which means lunch is the last meal our paid staff has alone together. Normally. So I thought I would bring these salads to share with everyone. Well, some of the campers arrived early, and so we had a lot folks who had a chance to try these out, and I have to say, I’ve had more requests for recipes after serving these than anything else I’ve made in a long time. And even more surprising—this vegetarian version seemed to be the favorite—seems to be the jalapeno!   So, here is the process for this version:   First, crumble the (nicely and unnecessarily cubed) cornbread into a large bowl: Cover with all the chopped and shredded goodies: Pour dressing over, mix and serve and devour again: Here’s the actual recipe—in the cookbook, there is just a paragraph telling you which ingredients are added, which are left out, but I thought it might be easier if you just had it laid out like the other recipe. Oh, and Elayne is a friend of the author who came up with this variation.   ELAYNE’S VEGETARIAN VERSION OF PATSY’S CORNBREAD SALAD         1 skillet of cornbread 1 15 oz. can pinto beans, rinsed and drained ½ cup … {Read on...}