Don’t read this post if you hate! (Freebie!!!!)

I am not going to make a habit of this.  Because I want to make sure those who are here strictly for the food don't have to read any shameless stumping for I will put the rest of this post after the jump...   … {Read on...}

Roasted Garlic


I am fully aware that it is still late August, but I am programmed to think of putting up food for the winter in mid-summer.  See Grandma, Mom, and Dad?  I did pay attention!  And so, in the spirit of playing 'the ant' to any food preservation grasshoppers out there...   It's garlic season!  Yippee!   If the only garlic you've ever eaten was from a plastic wrapped box or precut in a jar you've been missing out mightily.   The flavor of fresh garlic is complex.  It is spicy and pungent.  There is no substitute for it.   Garlic from the bulk bins in most grocery stores, while a step above the cello-wrapped boxes and jarred variety, pales in comparison to good garlic purchased from a reputable farmer.  I saw my garlic guy today and stocked up on the garlic that should get us through the remainder of pickling season and the winter.  He sent me home with 10 pounds of German Porcelain and Italian Red garlic.  **These are both hardneck varieties.  Hardneck garlic remains healthy longer in storage than does softneck garlic.    At a loss as to where to find fresh garlic locally?  If you're in Western New York or the Southern Tier I can give you my garlic guy's name.  If you're not from these parts, the folks at Local Harvest have a wealth of information on local-to-you growers and farmers markets.   Garlic is, after blueberries, the second easiest thing to store for the winter.  To keep garlic for several months  you can create the ideal storage … {Read on...}

Golden Whole Wheat Zucchini Bread


Golden Whole Wheat Zucchini Bread with a natural companion; butter! I have previously mentioned my bias against toaster ovens.  This week my baking ignitor in my oven went right during the most gorgeous stretch of fall-like summer weather.  My husband, the Evil Genius, inexplicably has a love of toaster ovens and has been trying to bring me over to the dark side for years and thinks I'm being close minded in my anti-toaster oven tendencies.  For my part, I suspect that he wants me to admit I like it so that I'll switch over and do all my baking in it and the propane bills will drop precipitously.    Whatever.  Today I had to do something with the zucchini that were threatening to take over our home, porch and every available square inch of lawn.  My kitchen was piled high with dog-sized zucchini (hound dog, not chihuahua.)  I was racking my brain trying to figure out what I could make.  I could make Zucchinissoise.  That would use up one of the gargantuan squash leaving me with... let's see... roughly 75 other squash.   Most of them were huge which makes them good for grinding down for bread and butter relish, but that still left me with a major stack-o-zucchini.  Since the oven was broken, stuffed zukes were out of the question.  I really wanted zucchini bread; not-too-sweet, little flecks of green, crusty heels...  You know the stuff.   A quiet, annoying voice at the back of my mind started saying, "Just try the toaster oven.  What's it going to hurt?  … {Read on...}

Star Trek as a metaphor for life.

Alright.  This is going to be a pure, unadulterated nerd moment.  If you are averse to that, I'd suggest you look away momentarily.   The Evil Genius and I were joking about which positions in the Napoleonic Era Royal British Navy the various officers in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' and the original 'Star Trek' would've occupied.  Obviously Picard and Kirk would've been the Captains.  Riker and Sulu would be Lieutenants of the Watch.  Worf would've been a Royal Marine.  Scottie would definitely be ship's carpenter.  Beverly Crusher?  Well, the surgeon, of course.   ...And so on and so forth, until one of us said, "Deanna Troi?  Er, what would an empath be on a Royal Navy ship?"  **Leaving aside entirely the argument that none of these fictional characters would have ever been on a Royal Navy ship in the first place...   I suggested, 'Maybe ship psychologist?"  And my husband paused, thought, and exclaimed, "No.  She'd be the ship's Human Resources liason.  She's what HR will evolve into.  'Captain, I feel he's lying.'"   Catbert, recast as a hottie with great hair.  … {Read on...}

The score so far…

After my manic run to the grocery store in town to pick up fly strips yesterday and hanging five of them up in strategic and not-so-strategic places, the thus-far triumphant tally looks like this:   Rebecca:  37 Flies:       5 (including one really irritating specimen that keeps buzzing my head.)   Holy cow.  *Ohmygoodness.  I had that many flies?  That's disgusting. … {Read on...}