Grimbly/Crunchy. …What my kids WILL do to get out of trouble.

More Record-Eagle fun, for the record.   08/28/2006 Foodie with Family If it comes on a stick, it has to be good   BY REBECCA LINDAMOOD Local Columnist   When I heard shushed giggling after sending the kids up to get in their jammies last night, my suspicious nature assumed the worst.   When I snuck to the top of the stairs and saw my 4-year-old with pants on his head rather than his lower extremities and his 6-year-old brother laughing next to him, my concerns heightened. I pulled the 6-year-old into my room for a private confab.   "What were you guys doing in there? " I asked.   "Just playin', Mom," Aidan replied.   "Why were his pants on his head?" I asked.   "I dunno," he replied.   "What were you doing in there?" I repeated slowly for emphasis.   "Just balancing a hackey sack on his head," was the final reply.   I gave the canned "Please don't balance a hackey sack on your brother's head while he's not wearing pants" speech and ushered the big guy out of the room and the little guy, Ty, into to the room to continue the interrogation.   "What were you guys doing in there?"   "We were being bad," was the whispered response.   "What kind of bad?" (YIKES! Was my thought...)   "We were saying bad words..." (Phew...)   "What kind of bad words?"   "My brother said ... grimbly."   "Umm ..." (holding back laughter) "Grimbly is not a bad word. What did YOU say?"   "I said … {Read on...}

Why peeing in a cup makes you wildly popular.

I think I got more mail after this column than any other I've ever written...     Foodie with Family Comic relief offers diversion in busy lives By Rebecca Lindamood Local columnist Read Rebecca's past columns here   I have a long-standing tradition of overdoing it.   Which "it”? Basically anything that can be overdone.   I try to carry too many groceries at once. I am homeschooling, trying to grow a home baking business, raising five boys, trying to be a supportive wife, trying to move from the home where we've lived for 10 years into a home we have to retrofit for septic, electric and plumbing systems. Oh — and occasionally, I try to fit in a cup of tea, too.   My life may be crazy, but if I didn't try to cram in so much at once, I'd miss out on the funny stuff. For example:   Two weeks ago I made well-child appointments with the pediatrician for all five kids at once. I knew that my husband would be unavailable to come with me, but I scheduled it anyway.   We arrived at the doctor's nearly on time, piled and pushed our way into the front door and were quickly shown into our exam room. The nurse came in with little cups and asked the boys to give her "samples.” The eldest boys went to the restrooms while I had a heart-to-heart with my 5-year-old. I asked him if he knew what he had to do. He did. I wondered whether he could go by himself or whether he wanted me to come with him. He puffed himself up and informed me that he … {Read on...}

Don’t breathe deeply while cleaning out the dust bunnies in your mind…

I have been neglecting you lately, folks.  I recognize it.  We've been manically doing construction on the house trying to better winterize it.  The batten and paint are nearly done.  We completed one upstairs bedroom and finally moved our beds upstairs!  The den is on it's way to becoming an actual den.    The kids have been working on a project in between schooling, helping around the yard, planning birthday feasts*, and being wild children.  *It's also party season around here!  All five boys' birthdays fall -starting tomorrow- in a 3 month span along with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.  To say we're in the busy season is a vast understatement.  They're not-so-enthusiastically embarking on their annual forced toy sorting.  Unlike most sane humans who do spring cleaning, I do fall cleaning.  The way I figure it is that we're about to be cooped up in the house for a few months while snow and ice flies and the roads become progressively more impassible.  I'll be darned if I'm going into house arrest with a filthy, chaotic house.  After five pregnancies I have this nesting thing down pat!   The kids have informed me that I've sounded like a Gunny lately:   "Are you slacking?  We don't slack around here.  Slacking is for when you die." "God gave you legs.  Let me see you use 'em, boy!" "You call THAT done?" "I expect this to be cleared out by the time I get back in this room.  Can I get a 'Yes, Ma'am?'"   The kids have been doing their best … {Read on...}

Politics as usual, not-so-strange bed fellows, a ‘thank you’ and an award.


I'll start with the 'thank you'.  An overdue 'thank you', at that.  Natalie at Hot Garlic was kind enough to bestow an award upon us.  Thank you muchly, Natalie!  We're blushing.    Does this mean we're brilliant?   We'd like to pass the award along to some folks who make us hungry every time we visit:   Culinary Concoctions by Peabody-  The custards, the cakes, the cookies.  Oh, stop!  We're trying to behave!  Butter, Sugar, Flour-  The sweet stuff.  Linda's photos make me drool, her recipes work without fail.  What's not to love? Amicus Cupcake- Are we sensing a theme?  When the weather turns cool my thoughts turn to sweets and Amicus never disappoints. My Husband Hates Veggies- Kitty always has fun stories and great food to go along with them.  Hey Kitty-  my baby brother man's a gourmet food cart in McCarren Park in Brooklyn.  Not that I'm giving you the award so you'll go buy my brother's food.  I'm just saying :-) The Adventures of Kitchen Girl- Jo is great.  She's super friendly, her food looks divine and she has a sweet 10 year old who is really into cooking.  I check in on her site frequently for a reason!   The not-so-strange bedfellows?  My Dad and step-mom, Val (my fellow Foodie With Family) were out picking up some items we had stored for them when they moved last winter.  There was a massive quantity of great food.  Val made me a double batch of her deadly biscuit cinnamon rolls for which I kept not-so-subtly begging.  I suppose … {Read on...}

Dulce de leche. A tutorial.


Some call it dulce de leche.  Some say cajeta.  Some refer to it as leche quemada.  I call it one of the easiest recipes I  will ever share with you.  While it is undoubtedly time consuming, it couldn't be simpler to make.  And homemade dulce de leche (and I don't mean from a can of sweetened, condensed milk) is unparalleled in deliciousness.  I mean it.  Val is currently experimenting with making it in a slow-cooker to minimize the attention that needs to be paid to the dulce de leche in progress, but for now, invest the time.  It's worth it.   Yes.  That is a quart of Dulce de Leche.  It's one of three quarts I made a couple days ago.  I made, what else, a double batch.  If I'm spending 5 hours watching a pot, I'm going to get a good return on my time. Homemade Honest-to-goodness Dulce de Leche   Make some now and you can keep it in the fridge for a couple months in a tightly lidded container.  A spoonful of this is good for what ails you.    Ingredients: 3 quarts milk (use goat milk for the most authentic flavor) 3 cups granulated sugar 1/4 teaspoon baking soda   In a large, heavy bottomed stock pot, whisk together 1 cup of the milk with the sugar and the baking soda until smooth.  Add the remaining milk and turn heat or flame up to medium high.  Stir frequently until mixture comes to a boil, reduce heat and simmer, stirring frequently, until reduced by just under half and a gorgeous caramel brown.  This will take anywhere from an hour … {Read on...}