Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Foodie with Family!

For all the time you’ve spent with me this year here on Foodie with Family… For all the health my family enjoys… For all the challenges that made us stronger… For all the love I share with family and friends… For all of the blessings I’ve counter and all those I’ve been too pre-occupied to…

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Ginger Stomach Soother

Relief is on the way! Ginger Stomach Soother from foodiewithfamily.com

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have every intention of overeating on Thursday. I plan on eating so much that my stomach will need a little comforting after the fact. Is it wrong? Perhaps. Will that stop me? Not for love nor money. I have a little trick up my sleeve,…

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Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Puree

Creamy Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Puree makes a great year 'round side dish (or sauce for other vegetables!) from foodiewithfamily.com

I’m sharing Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Puree with you today. I could call it skinny mashed potatoes, cauliflower ‘mashed potatoes’, healthy mashed ‘potatoes’ or any other combination of buzzwords and quotation marks. But you know what the problem is with labeling something as ‘low-carb’ or ‘healthy’ or ‘skinny’? It makes me want to run in the…

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Stormy Kromer Giveaway

Stormy Kromer Giveaway on foodiewithfamily.com

It’s hard to say what makes something resonate with you, isn’t it? It’s an elusive combination of comfort, family, sentimentalism, history, and straight up feelings. I have something to share with you all tonight that may make you all go, “HUH?!?” but it is -for me- a little bit of everything that something should be….

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Gingersnap Cookie Butter

Gingersnap Cookie Butter from foodiewithfamily.com

Ah, the holidays. A time for getting together with long lost and far flung family members, running thither and yon and to Grandma’s house whether via the river and woods or not, and eating your emotions. Sweet, sweet, self medication. There are those times when the line between functioning at a holiday level and locking…

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15 Must-Have Kitchen Items

The 15 items every kitchen must have from foodiewithfamily.com

It’s that time of year! Every manufacturer and his brother is gearing up the marketing push to convince you that they have the latest gizmo, widget, or gadget that will get you in and out of the kitchen more quickly. So many blindingly shiny, pretty, expensive things are out there taunting you with promises of…

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Holiday Drinks {apple cider + burnt orange cocktail}


I enjoyed my entire Carnival Cruise, but one of the most memorable moments on the ship was when we got to take a Mixology class at The Alchemy Bar on board. Our intrepid teacher, Iona, led us through several of her signature artisan cocktails. At the risk of sounding like a pyro, my favourite part…

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Hair Vitamins


It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of low-maintenance, high-yield beauty products. I don’t want to nor do I have time to fuss, but I still want to look good. I think most folks would be of like mind to some extent. Here’s the tricky bit, though. When it comes to marketing pitches, I…

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Easy Salted Caramel Fudge

Easy Salted Caramel Fudge with a hint of bourbon from foodiewithfamily.com

My eldest son turned seventeen and my youngest turned nine yesterday. I find it absolutely incomprehensible that those babies I held in my arms just seventeen and nine years ago are as big as they are and that my eldest (MY BAYBAY) is already old enough to start doing college tours. I’m feeling a little…

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The Day I Flashed the Whole Town

The Day I Flashed the Town of Hornell by foodiewithfamily.com

I’d like to show you how much clothing I usually like to wear. I’m not kidding. I like to be pretty well covered up. I don’t mind form fitting clothing, but I don’t want to flash a bunch of skin. Call it a combination of modesty and a mortal dread of sunburn. Okay, it’s mostly…

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