Ham, Egg, and Swiss Cheese Baked Bread Boats

Ham, Egg, and Swiss Baked Bread Boats from foodiewithfamily.com

Meals don’t get a whole lot easier than the one I’m going to share with you today. They don’t come much tastier than this either. Goodness knows we all need something fast and fabulous from time to time. Mercifully, it’s a quick and easy meal that E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. in my house likes. That makes it another Unicorn Meal which means we are up to two for the week. That’s a pretty nice way to start a week, isn’t it?

And oh my word, sometimes you just need something easy so you can shut your brain off, right? After a day full of whatever challenges you’ve faced, you want dinner and you want it fast and you want it to be comforting and tasty and filling and pretty. Or is that just me? Well, if it’s just me, I’ll own it.

I need it, friends. I so need it.

I need this specifically.

It all starts with bulk French rolls, those lovely little miniature versions of grown-up French bread that tantalize and call my name from the bakery of my grocery store.  If you don’t have a grocery store with a bakery available to you, most even basically stocked grocery stores carry frozen French rolls. If my little local gas station-slash-grocery store-place to buy water softener salt carries them, there’s a great chance yours does, too.

Ham, Egg, and Swiss Baked Bread Boats from foodiewithfamily.com

A little wafer is removed from the top of the roll giving access to the soft insides. I pull the insides out, leaving a little shell behind to hold goodies. I usually opt to deposit the insides of the roll directly in my mouth. I told you this meal was comforting, didn’t I? If you choose to exert more willpower, you’re welcome to pop the bread guts into a resealable bag in the freezer to use for fresh bread crumbs at a later time. Into the bread shells go finely chopped ham: the saltier, the better. A few eggs are whisked with a little milk, poured into the bread shells over the ham, then topped with generous amounts of grated Swiss cheese tossed with thinly sliced green onions. The whole tray gets popped into the oven and then -just twenty five short minutes later- out comes a pan full of toasted French bread rolls. Shatteringly crispy, paper thin crust with a tender shell of bread inside, holding what amounts to an omelet you can pick up with your hands: moist egg, salty ham, fragrant green onions, and melted, gooey, nutty Swiss cheese. Mercy. If that doesn’t put your day right, I don’t know what will… To Keep Reading and Get the Recipe, CLICK HERE!

Cashew Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Cashew Chicken Lettuce Wraps. A healthy 30 Minute Meal from foodiewithfamily.com

You see those lettuce wraps up there? That's another Unicorn Meal for our household: an extremely rare meal that pleases them all, even the no-veg contingent. Somehow lettuce leaves as delivery vehicle for meat works in their minds, and I'm surely not going to out their contradictory stance on it because OHMYGOSH this is a great meal. And fast! It's a fast meal. Did I mention that? The bulk of effort, like with most stir-fry dishes, comes before anything hits the pan. You cube up chicken thighs, grate some ginger, chop some garlic, whisk the aforementioned ginger and garlic into some liquids, chop some cashews, and wash some lettuce leaves. There. Now all that's left to do is apply heat and stir then scoop into lettuce leaves. TADA! Seriously. It is just that easy. If you could've SEEN my family's enthusiasm over this dish... My word, Hoover has nothing on my boys when they like a certain food. I wouldn't say they ATE it so much as INHALED it. Bonus: It's healthy. I don't have to sweat it. It's not like they're mainlining Easter candy when they eat serving after serving of these lettuce wraps. What makes these so awesome? After browning the bite-sized, tender chicken cubes, they simmer with the cashews for a few minutes in a flavourful sauce of honey, soy sauce,  gochujang (Korean pepper paste), ginger, garlic, rice vinegar and sesame oil. The result is a sticky, tangy, spicy, sweet, earthy, garlicky sauce that you want to lick from your fingers. Pile the … {Read on...}

12 Meatless Main Dishes

Meatless Burgers on Foodie with Family

Whether you're looking for a meatless main dish to help stretch your grocery budget, for a Friday during Lent, or to improve your health a bit, Foodie with Family has some fantastic choices for you. All of these recipes are road-tested and approved by our family of five boys and two adults, most of them are super budget friendly, and four of them even clock in at a full meal done in thirty minutes or less! … {Read on...}

Guaranteed Crispy BAKED Sweet Potato Fries

How to make perfectly crispy baked sweet potato fries in the oven every time. foodiewithfamily.com

I am passionate about sweet potato fries. Possibly, I qualify as being clinically obsessed with them. I can't think of a single food I crave more consistently than the salty sweet perfection that is sweet potato fries. If I go out to dinner and sweet potato fries are on the menu, I order them. It doesn't matter if it goes with the entrée I've chosen, they're mine. While normally I will eat a sweet potato any which way, when I'm eating sweet potato fries, I'm picky about them. They have to suit MY idea of what a perfect sweet potato fry is: ALL-CAPS LEVEL CRISPY with no added sweetener because WHY in heaven's name would you add SUGAR or somesuch to a SWEET POTATO? Seriously, people. I can sniff out sugar added to a sweet potato fry and it makes me cranky. To me, the beauty of the sweet potato fry comes not in amplifying the already sweet tuber, but in playing off of it with salty and spicy. And friends, don't even get me started on the disappointment that is a soggy sweet potato fry. Ugh. It's like deflating a balloon of happiness with a wet noodle... Torturous. That usually ends up being the problem with homemade sweet potato fries. Sweet potatoes are a little trickier to get super crispy than the good old regular potato. While I'm not one to shy away from deep-frying, I wanted to make crispy baked sweet potato fries. Because there were so many brands of tasty bakeable sweet potato fries in the freezer section, it seemed like it had to be possible to make them from … {Read on...}

Easy Baked Ranch Fish Tacos {30 Minute Meal from Scratch}

Baked Ranch Fish Tacos 30 Minute Meal www.foodiewithfamily.com

My husband has done mucho business travel lately and eaten roughly a metric ton of restaurant food. To hear him tell it, he's good and tired of eating out. "It's the same thing all the time! Bread, meat, brown stuff, heavy, low on the veggies! I want some home cooking!" Leaving aside the fact that I would love to throw in the towel and go out to dinner to celebrate his being home, I get it. You just plain feel BETTER and HEALTHIER when you eat food made at home on a regular basis. ...Well, provided you're not making meals of THIS, ya know... Or THIS. I do get it. When you are eating at home, you have three distinct advantages: 1) Quality Control. You decide the quality and origins of your ingredients. 2) Portion Control. You are far more likely to eat a more reasonably sized portion at home. 3) Yoga pants. As in, you can wear them while you're cooking AND while you're eating. And bonus: No need to brush your hair! Is it just me or is that the perfect accompaniment to dinner? ...And still? My husband loves me. And he LOVES my food! He is especially fond of the dish I'm sharing today: Baked Ranch Fish Tacos. Does it sound a little familiar? It uses the Baked Ranch Fish Nuggets I shared with you last week as the main building block. What you get is crunchy, Ranch-flavoured, oven-baked fish nuggets piled on top of Sweet Corn and Black Bean Salsa, topped with Pickled Red Onions, and drizzled with Smoked Paprika Chipotle Sauce. Mercy. These fish tacos are the … {Read on...}