This is not food. This is just plain adorable.

Way back in January, my now twelve year old son was offered a choice of birthday presents; a video game (immediate gratification) or live ducklings when our feed mill got in the spring shipment (delayed gratification.) Once more proving that my second born is my dad (That’s Mr. Delayed Gratification.) redux, he opted for the [Read On]

We interrupt our normal programming…

This space is usually reserved for the discussion of all things tasty and my multiple neuroses. While this is usually a winning combination I have to ask for your indulgence here just this once. Today, I want to talk about hunger and I’m warning you now, I’m going to use the word ‘grateful’ an awful [Read On]

Historic Foodways Symposium: Saturday, March 31, 2012

My friends. Drop everything you’re doing and join me tomorrow at the Historic Foodways Symposium co-presented by Deborah Peterson and the Genesee Country Village and Museum. If you have never been to the Genesee Country Village and Museum, you’re in for a treat. Re-enactors breathe life into history in one of the largest living history [Read On]

No-Cook Sun Dried Tomato and Artichoke Dip

  I was gamely cooking along through the hot weather with a pioneer attitude. “No matter what, nothing’s going to stop me!” I was baking bread, boiling scads of pasta, simmering beans for hours on the stove-top,  and baking cookies. That was, in a word, estoopid. Now I have one more word: Uncle. It’s hot. [Read On]

Foodie With Family 2.0

Today, Foodie With Family got a little bit more streamlined when we dropped the “/blog” at the end of our web address. The truth is, I was probably the only person bothered by it. I was certain that it stuck out… much like thinking everyone is staring at a pimple on the end of your [Read On]

Superbowl Party Food Part III | The Snacks

This post is Part III, The Snacks | The Halftime Show, of my three part Superbowl Party Food roundup. Be sure to check out Part I, The Savoury Team, For great hearty party food options and Part I, The Sweet Team for desserts that range from simple to show-stopping. You have the meal planned, you [Read On]

Superbowl Party Food Part II | The Sweet Team

This post is Part II of my three part Superbowl Party Food roundup. Be sure to check out Part I, The Savoury Team, for great hearty party food options. Ah, dessert. The sweets. The good stuff.  The reason to run on a treadmill. Or not.  And by ‘or not’ I mean run on the treadmill, [Read On]

Superbowl Party Food | The Savoury Team

You know what’s coming Sunday.  I know what’s coming Sunday.  I’m just going to pretend that it’s National Finger Food Day because I’m not a big fan of the you-know-what-bowl.  Dip bowl?  Yes!  Soup bowl? Undoubtedly.  Chip bowl?  And how! Superbowl?  Meh. The Evil Genius and the Minions, however, adore all of the aforementioned bowls [Read On]