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  1. Karen D. says

    My husband is usually the camping gear type. My dad is SO difficult to shop for. I like the sunglasses idea, though.

  2. Jessica DeMay says

    I always make my dad homemade no-bakes. They’re his favorite and he’s so hard to shop for.

  3. Daina says

    Since he loves to work outdoors, I like to get my significant other a gift certificate to the local nursery so he can choose what he wants to plant. That, and cook a nice dinner!

  4. Heather says

    Father’s Day usually is right around my Dad’s birthday every year so he gets a combo gift. We usually get him an outfit and some plants. But lately he has asked for some bourbon!

  5. TiffH says

    Gift card to a favorite restaurant. With a homemade card. He likes the homemade from the heart the best.

  6. Kathleen says

    I know this sounds really silly, but we recently bought a house and he wants to raise a pig. So I bought him a DVD on how to “process” the pig. I know he’ll like it and we can have it in a laptop and follow the directions as we go.

  7. Michelle Mallett says

    My Dad loves German Chocolate cake so I make him 1 from scratch. JC Penney could help
    pick out something nice for my husband.

  8. Anne Weber-Falk says

    Hot Wheels! My husband is a true collector. I also like to include a gift card so he can go Treasure Hunting for more.

  9. Becky (So Very Blessed) says

    It used to be easier when I lived closer to my dad, because the thing he loved most was breakfast in bed, but that’s much harder to manage now that I live 15 hours away from him! He’s a big fan of spicy food, so whenever I see funny hot sauces, I grab those for him.

  10. Jen says

    I am the worst at picking out Father’s day gifts. Both my husband and dad are dont need much kind of guys. An outing always seems like a good idea. If you’ve got what you need, an experience is always something you can give. Maybe go to a new restaurant you’ve heard of, take a hike together, watch a game together, or whatever they like to do. I feel like there’s a lot of options.

  11. Michelle C says

    My dad passed away several years ago, but we like to give my husband something handmade from the kids and something practical that he needs. I think this year he needs running shoes.

  12. Michelle C says
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  13. Kirsten/ComfortablyDomestic says

    I think the tacky tie generator might actually motivate my dad to give me an actual suggestion. At least, I hope that it will.

  14. Merritt says

    My husband just wants a great cheeseburger but last year I ordered 12 boxes of his favorite cereal off of amazon because they stopped making it and it was no longer available on stores.

  15. Chris B says

    Usually get the hubby a book or two. This year it is Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan. Past books have been about the Civil War or WWII, although new Dave Barry books have also made the cut. The two teenage boys still provide handmade cards.

  16. MotorCityMich says

    My husband loves to putter in the garden, so I usually get him yard stuff that he says he doesn’t need but secretly loves. Or I get him a gift card to a garden center and go with him (that is part of the gift… he hates to go alone) while he picks out the perfect plants and garden doodads. It is so fun to watch him as he picks out his “treasures” from all the stuff available.

  17. Patrick Barringer says

    We haven’t always been that big on gifts for Father’s Day in the Barringer household. Our usual M.O. is just to make it be a family day. If I were going to buy something with a $100 budget through, it would probably be some dress clothes or some cool gadget that caught my eye in the store that he would be able to use for one of his hobbies.

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  18. Kristy L says

    The best gift for my dad has always been toy versions of tractors that he once owned or wanted to own. They can get him talking for a long time!

  19. Lisa says

    Summer shirts, and if jcpenny helps, I can do those for hubby, dad, and my son who is celebrating his first father’s day!

  20. Jennifer says

    This is my husband’s first Father’s Day. Since we are a bit low on funds, I am thinking of a nice framed picture of him with his daughter for his desk along with his favorite dinner! My father always loved handmade gifts when I was little (still has them all) so I am thinking this year he will get a photo of his granddaughter along with a mold of her foot and hand.

  21. Stephanie says

    My father loves anything “Copy-Kat” but homemade. This year I am doing “Moose Munch” and “Snickers” ice cream bites, but with a more healthy spin. (Maybe I should try your Cool Ranch Doritos!!!)

  22. Elizabeth Drake says

    My favorite #LifeHack is buying cheap fruit at the farmer’s market, freezing it and using it during winter for smoothies!

  23. Natalie says

    My father never asks or wants anything, so I usually get him a personalized card with photos of him and me on it. I can tell it means a lot to him!

  24. Rita T says

    I like to get him tools–we both win. He likes more tools, and we don’t have to pay to get stuff fixed.

  25. HilLesha says

    I usually love to buy anything horse related for my dad, such as art prints for an example, because he loves going to the horse races. 🙂

  26. Wanda McHenry says

    We always get my FIL a Red Lobster gift card because my MIL hates seafood. This way he can get his yearly seafood fix.

  27. Anastasia says

    I like to give him something he likes / wants but would never get himself. Like a night out at the casino, or a dinner at an expensive restaurant. Also things like a new cell phone or tablet. He’d use the old ones with broken screens because “they still work” so gifts like that are always good 🙂

  28. BusyWorkingMama says

    My dad has everything he needs, so I usually stick with consumables like chocolate or coffee beans.

  29. debbie says

    Finding the perfect gift is always a challenge. I like to give him something he actually needs or wants. Often, a nice piece of clothing that he wouldn’t buy for himself is the perfect gift.

  30. Heather Spooner says

    My dad is a foodie. Any gift has to include one of his favorite foods…. meat to grill or a cake. Thanks!

  31. mickeyfan says

    We get dad and dad in law steaks. They love them, we don’t have to think too hard, and they take up no room on a shelf!

  32. Emily Morelli says

    I am planning to get my hubby a leather journal and a book about experiments and inventions to do with kids. He would also love a router.

  33. Brandy says

    Nerd shirts. He can never have too many nerd shirts. In case you’re wondering, nerd shirts are t-shirts with stuff from his favorite movies, TV shows, video games, etc.

  34. Sarah Hirsch says

    get something related to their interests. for my husband – sports, for my dad, reading, travel or classical music.

  35. Lisa Brown says

    My dad always appreciates being given sugar free treats of some kind, whether bought or homemade 🙂

  36. nicole dz says

    My favorite gift to give my dad is taking him for a golf day and a dinner at his favorite restaurant. He also loves his tech so sometimes I get him some electronic device such as a tablet.

  37. Ellen Renee says

    Food! :o) I am the family baker and I let them choose what they are craving and I will make it for them.

  38. Johanna says

    Always golf shirts and golf balls. I’m sure he get’s tired of the same gift, but he golfs all the time.

  39. Emily R. says

    My dad loves the University of Michigan (particularly football) so I try to find fun, rare, or interesting things he hasn’t seen before to send him. 🙂

  40. Lauren E. says

    I got husband an assortment of gifts this year to make up for previous years where I was a SAHM. I got him a pair of casual Sperry top siders. Comfy summer shoes for him that he can wear to casual work events.

  41. D Schmidt says

    My favorite gift to give is something hand made by the children since it has a lot of thought behind it.

  42. Tabathia B says

    Best buy gift card for my dad and grilling accessories and fishing supplies for my husband

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  43. Katie | says

    I like to buy books for my dad for Father’s Day. Granted, he is a reader and some dads may not be… but I think it’s a great idea. I save money by not buying a card and instead right a sweet sentiment/message on the inside of the book with the date. Years from now he will have many permanent reminders of each and every father’s day past! 🙂

  44. e michelle says

    i would love to give the dad in my life some new clothes! He is always complaining he has nothing to wear.

  45. Kari says

    I like to get summer clothes for my husband for Father’s Day. He never shops for himself and always needs new clothes.

  46. Neiddy says

    My dad is easy to shop for, he likes perfumes so we usually gift him a fragrance gift set. My husband and father in law are huge Texas Longhorns fans so we try to include a little something from their favorite team.

  47. Sarah Jones says

    I always get my husband things he needs at the time sometimes it is computer items, or clothes, a new shaver.

  48. MotorCityMich says

    This year’s gift was fun for dad. We got him a giant, memory foam beanbag chair! He loves it! Finding unique gifts is something I try to do so it’s not just a boring old tie or something.

  49. Jacque Herron says

    My Dad was so hard to buy for, but he always loved whatever gift I gave him, or whatever food I made for him. I wish he was still here so I could make him a special dinner for Father’s Day, or Any Day.

  50. Deborah says

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter for a free gift card. Dads work hard and are often slighted in the gift giving holidays. As they will never asked for or give suggestions about something they would like to have. But give them a gift card to use as they like and their eyes with light up with possibilities.

  51. April V. says

    My favorite gift to give dad would be something he could use, something practical that he wouldn’t think of getting for himself but that would also make him smile. Whatever that thing is!

  52. Lisa V. says

    Since my dad loves food, we always take him out for dinner on Father’s Day…maybe followed by a ball game.

  53. jennifer says

    My kids make homemade gifts every year… and we get him something useful, like tools or a bbq set!

  54. shaunie says

    I would love to gift him a pair of pants for sure but he loves ties and shoes. He like to get his own pants for himself.

  55. kathy pease says

    My favorite gift to give would be gift cards because then he would be able to choose what he likes

  56. Karen Drake says

    My Dad passed away about 20 yrs ago. My favorite thing to buy my husband is clothing and shoes since he won’t buy any for himself.

  57. Georgia Beckman says

    My dad has been gone for 27 years, but I still have my father in law & husband to dote on for Father’s Day. Since my husband is a preacher, a new shirt & tie are always welcome. My father in law is a bit harder to buy for. This year we all chipped in for a new 50″ tv for him. (he loves to watch sports & the weather channel, of course) If you’re really hard pressed about what to buy, a gas card &/or restaurant gift card are sure to do the trick!

  58. Lisa Jones says

    My favorite gift to give my dad is anything that is going to make him happy. I think that over the years I have given him so many different kinds of things, he is a collector of whatever strikes his fancy at that moment lol.

  59. Susan Robbins says

    My favorite gift to give my husband from me and the children is a new piece of camping equipment every Father’s Day.

  60. amanda whiltey says

    my dad loves his grandkids more than anything so i usually make him something with their picture on it

  61. Rachel Lannister says

    You talked about how you should consider what your father does a lot of, and try to find a gift related to that. My father enjoys reading a book with a cup of coffee almost every day. Perhaps a coffee mug with a cool design he likes would be a great gift. Thanks for the terrific idea.

  62. laraib says

    I would love to Gift my Father a sporty car…As my father is love travelling…so whenever he is posting his travelling pictures or stories it would remind me of the car that is gifted by me and would make me joyful seeing that how my father is making use of my gift and how he is enjoying the gift given by me…!!!!!

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