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  1. laraib says

    I would love to Gift my Father a sporty car…As my father is love travelling…so whenever he is posting his travelling pictures or stories it would remind me of the car that is gifted by me and would make me joyful seeing that how my father is making use of my gift and how he is enjoying the gift given by me…!!!!!

  2. Rachel Lannister says

    You talked about how you should consider what your father does a lot of, and try to find a gift related to that. My father enjoys reading a book with a cup of coffee almost every day. Perhaps a coffee mug with a cool design he likes would be a great gift. Thanks for the terrific idea.

  3. amanda whiltey says

    my dad loves his grandkids more than anything so i usually make him something with their picture on it

  4. Susan Robbins says

    My favorite gift to give my husband from me and the children is a new piece of camping equipment every Father’s Day.

  5. Lisa Jones says

    My favorite gift to give my dad is anything that is going to make him happy. I think that over the years I have given him so many different kinds of things, he is a collector of whatever strikes his fancy at that moment lol.

Tips, tricks & recipes to an effortless -- and delicious -- dinner time!

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