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  1. Magazine worthy? Maybe if the magazine is called: “random assortment of whatever containers best hold the really delicious food made for people that love food and don’t care about decorating.”

  2. We prepare a Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving day for our local soup kitchen….our tables are full of personalities!

  3. Personalities! We don’t even set the table–everything is served buffet style in mismatched dishes. It’s the food that counts, not how it’s presented!

  4. My table is loaded with people personality! I will make these rolls for those people. Question about the flour…am I using WHITE WHOLE WHEAT flour or regular whole wheat flour? Your description says one thing and the list of ingredients says another. Thanks for all you do. I really enjoy your site.

  5. Our table decorations are provided by the 8 year old (with help from the 6, 3, and 1 year olds)… I don’t know of a magazine that would be interested! 🙂 The recipe looks amazing; I can’t wait to try it! Thanks, Rebecca!

  6. Our table isn’t magazine pretty, but we love it. Our centerpieces are the Thanksgiving projects the kids made at school. We use our everyday dishes, and the food is set up buffet style on the kitchen island, so those centerpieces really shine! It would be great to add something pretty to the mix.

  7. I was just thinking of this the other day, there is not room for candles or fancy centerpieces. We have a family crowded around the table. There are fiver generations represented; the past is there in my Nana’s china, my Grandmother’s relish bowl, my Mother in Law’s wine glasses and the faces of three generations.

  8. Yes we love to have the kids help us in the decorating of the table for Thanksgiving. We love for everyone to have there own personal touch to it, so it may be a little mix of style, but it is all about each and everyone’s sense of taste and likes, as I think everyone brings something that makes our table scape unique.

  9. Definitely not magazine pretty, with my hodgepodge of serving pieces and slightly stained tablecloth. Thanksgiving (at least to me) is more about the food and the people anyway.

  10. I keep it pretty simple. Herb garnishes. Wipe down the edges of the platters. Mini pumpkins with votive candles inserted in them placed here and there. I decorate the buffet in dining room with desserts on glass platters or pedestals. That’s it!

  11. I only have everyday dishes, nothing spectacular. My table is definitely decorated by the personalities of the people who sit around it!

  12. I set my Thanksgiving (Christmas, New Years & Easter) table with my 20+ year old fine china, crystal, and silver. Both our families believed that newly wedded couples should have “proper” dinnerware for special occasions. Since we are a family-on-the-go 90% of the time, tradition of unwrapping the china and polishing the silverware makes us slow down and focus on setting up for a celebration. The teenage boys actually enjoy the ritual which sets it aside from just grabbing a regular dinner plate and plastic cup!

    Thanks for the recipe, these rolls are going to make an appearance on the table very soon. They sound divine!

  13. Wow! Those sound absolutely perfect and deserving of their own special bread basket to grace any Thanksgiving table!

  14. My table is definitely not magazine worthy, I do try to make it look festive with lots of homemade items and kid friendly things

  15. I like to have a sit down dinner for Thanksgiving. Nothing fancy–paper napkins, all the plates and silverware I can come up with. I love it when grace has been said, every dish has been passed, and there’s this moment of silence as everyone just kind of digs in and enjoys, their mouths too full to talk.

  16. We eat at my mother’s and she has a vast collection of Fiesta Ware. Some years all the colors of each setting match, and some years we mix it up, but the result is always incredibly colorful.

  17. My table is decorated by the personalities of the people who sit around it. Silverware plus orange and gray theme.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  18. This year the kids are making little Native American and Pilgrim people out of paper towel rolls and construction paper to decorate our table. I think the grandparents will say it’s very cute.

  19. I always decorate my table. I usually use my nice Orange tablecloth and put out my green plates with my green napkins and regular silverware with my orange goblets. For my centerpiece I put out my Cornucopia.

  20. My table is decorated more for the personalities of the people around it, we like pumpkin and leaf themed decorations and festive colors.

  21. Thanksgiving at our house is most certainly not magazine worthy–hardly any of the tableware and serving pieces match, and none of it is fancy-schmancy. But the food is good and homey, and we’re happy. It’s just the two of us, so it’s hard to say that we’re decorating the place with our personalities (love the concept, though!), but we enjoy our special day and the special meal. And the special dessert, too; can’t forget the dessert!

  22. I wish it was magazine worthy. I just use a nice floral or candle centerpiece, and put my dishes and food around it.

  23. No magazine would ever feature my table! But it is greatly filled with love, wonderful family and friends, and my very best attempt at delicious food.

  24. Neither, actually! LOL It was simple. The food, our only set of plates, our only set of silverware, mixed cloth napkins, our only set of wine glasses, and a paper fold out turkey in the center! LOL

  25. We really don’t pay much attention to how the table looks. We are usually too busy talking with family we haven’t seen for a while and enjoying good food. We don’t do any special table decorations.

  26. Our holiday tables are always beautiful thanks to my mom. She’s amazingly crafty and every year she out does herself. Though beautiful enough to be in a magazine it’s still homey and intimate enough to fit our relaxed family.


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