Slow-Cooker Black Bean Bacon Corn Dip

Slow-Cooker Black Bean Corn Bacon Dip from

It is well known among my family and friends that I have a serious dip problem. And by that, I mean THEY will have a serious dip problem if they serve it and I am around because it will disappear faster than they can blink. If that dip is a hot dip? Shoot. They just…

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Best Slow Cooker Beef Stew with Bacon

Best Slow-Cooker Beef Stew with Bacon from

A simple, hearty, satisfying beef stew generously brimming with mushrooms and crisp bacon is the stuff on which dreams are made when the skies turn grey, the leaves turn crayon-coloured, and the weather turns cooler. There is something soul-satisfying about walking from the crisp outdoor air into a warm house filled with the enticing aroma…

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Slow-Cooker Italian Pork

Slow-Cooker Italian Pork from

This post is the first in a series about my upcoming trip to the Tuscan countryside and Vinci, Italy; the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci and home of DaVinci Wine. The trip is sponsored by DaVinci Wine as part of their Storyteller Experience, but all opinions and recipes are -as always- my own. I think…

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Slow-Cooker Breakfast Baked Beans

Maple and coffee flavoured Slow-Cooker Breakfast Baked Beans full of Canadian Bacon and breakfast sausage from

My 13 year old son is like a little old British man trapped in an American teenager’s body when it comes to food. He cannot get enough of beans on toast for breakfast. My grandpa always loved baked bean and toast sandwiches and I share that love. I’m no food snob, but I can’t get…

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Slow-Cooker Copycat Chipotle Barbacoa Recipe

Slow-cooker crockpot Copycat Chipotle Barbacoa shredded beef

Mrawrrrrrrr. Today’s Slow-Cooker Copycat Chipotle Barbacoa Recipe makes me purr. I can’t help myself. Garlicky, tender, shredded beef braised low and slow in a spicy, smoky, flavourful barbecue sauce. It doesn’t hurt matters that it cooks all day (or all night!) while you run errands or do yardwork or try desperately not to eat the…

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Taco Soup

Taco Soup in a slow-cooker or on the stove-top from

The church we attended when all five of our kids were born had a charming habit of providing two weeks of meals for families with new babies. I cherished the food I received after the births of my children. You could say they were like manna from heaven. This family-favorite, Taco Soup, was one of…

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Slow-Cooker Korean Style Barbecue Pork

Simple Slow Cooker Korean Style Barbecue Pork on

Meat. It’s what my kids want to hear when they ask “What’s for dinner?” Any time the work “pork” appears in the answer, the cheers are even louder. For instance, when I said I was making Slow-Cooker Korean Style Barbecue Pork, the kitchen erupted in cheers, and they weren’t me cheering for myself. They adore…

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Slow-Cooker Five Spice Pork Roast

Slow-Cooker Five Spice Pork Roast with Sweet Potatoes

Slow-cookers have acquired a bum rap for turning out bland, homogenous, texturally lacking food. Why-oh-why do people have this misconception? I want to whisper a little theory because it’s not a very popular one… I think it’s because people thing you can dump any old thing in there along with a can or two of…

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