A Harry & David Mother’s Day Giveaway {Giveaway Closed}

Harry & David Mother's Day Tower of Treats Gift Deluxe Giveaway | www.foodiewithfamily.com


Harry & David sent me a Mother’s Day Tower of Treats Gift Deluxe (ARV $59)  to review and has offered to give an identical gift tower to one lucky Foodie with Family reader in celebration of Mother’s Day. I do so love Harry & David.

You know ‘Mom’ is ‘Wow’ upside down, right?

How perfect is that? Every mother is aware how very upside down and wowed you spend most of your days. We think we’ve gone down the rabbit hole with diapers and spit-up, but every single day proves that you ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s the beginning of  a lifetime of your heart being a dishrag that just keeps sopping up love and being wrung out just in time to soak up more love that you didn’t see coming.

…Just in time for Mother’s Day, my good friends at Harry & David ride to the rescue once again with a perfect gift to give to a deserving mother in your life, whether it’s yours, your spouse’s, your own, or a really nice lady down the street who mothers all the lonely kids. THIS mom is telling you that a stack of pretty boxes filled with treats of all kinds and tied together with a beautiful satin ribbon is a splendiferous way to show your appreciation. Have you TRIED their Royal Riviera pears yet? Let me explain how good the pears are… Each opportunity I’ve had to review and give away one of Harry & David’s gifts, I’ve deliberately chosen one with the pears because they rock my world. There is no other pear that is so tender and juicy that it’s easiest to eat if you cut it in half and scoop the flesh with a spoon. Seriously. What mom wouldn’t love that?

It’s not just full of pears, though; look at all the goodies in there…

Most of us have more than one mama for whom to buy or make a gift.  If you’re stuck for ideas, you must hop over to Harry&David and look at their selection of Mother’s Day gifts. If your mom loves gardening, cheesecake, fruit, wine, cheese, flowers, tea, candy, chocolates, cake, cookies, wreaths, and birdhouses, they have you covered and there’s still seven days to order and have your gift arrive on time!

The giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Terah, the college student! Please check your email and get back to me quickly. Your mama is going to be thrilled!

What is included in the Giveaway:

Harry & David will ship one (1) Mother’s Day Tower of Treats Gift Deluxe to one (1) Foodie with Family reader who will be chosen at random using the Pick Giveaway Winner plugin at the end of the giveaway.

How to Enter the Giveaway:

Leave a comment here on the blog telling me who you want to be on the receiving end of this package. Is it you? Is it your mom? Is it your sister/aunt/mother-in-law? Tell me why… I’m warning you, though, if you make it heart-felt, I’m probably going to cry. It’s just how I am.


  • One entry per email address, please. This will be strictly enforced with my patent pending Plasma Eye ™ (one of my motherhood-acquired gifts) across the board.
  • This giveaway is only open to residents of the continental United States. Apologies to my North, South, East and West of the border friends.
  • Entries will be accepted until noon EST on Friday, May 3rd, 2013. The winner will be announced here on this post at that point.




  1. Phyllis says

    I would love to send this to my mom who is in rehab after falling and breaking her foot. She’s being a real trooper, but she doesn’t like to be away from home and I would to find a way to cheer her up.

  2. Margaret says

    Mother-in-law! It’s her first year with a daughter and I think she could use a little pick me up these days.

    • Tonia says

      I changed my mind — if I win I’ll give it to YOU Rachel! ‘Cause I can make all the baked stuff for my mom and go up to our warehouse or down to the Stemilt fruit store and get fabulous pears. Hope you have a lovely Mother’s day! :-)

  3. Lauren says

    I would love this for my sister, Heather! She is a mother of seven, and NEVER does anything for herself. She gives tirelessly to those around her, is a great mom, wife, and a wonderful sister. She is simply a fantastic human being who could use a good pick me up now and again!

  4. Lisa says

    Not sure yet; already sending flowers to distant Mom and Mom-in-love; if I win it I will have to wait on the Lord a bit and see what He says!

  5. sharonjo says

    I would love to send this to about a dozen special people in my life! If I have to choose just one though, it would be my mother. Thanks so much for the lovely giveaway.

  6. Millie says

    Definitely my mother – I didn’t even realize how much she put into raising me until I was an adult, and she deserves all the thanks she can get!

  7. Maggie MacLagan says

    Rebecca, I love your blog! I’m so sorry your family will be missing Mama Val this Mothers Day. If i may ,I’d like to send this to your family in her honor. If not I would like to share it with my daughter, Makala. She is a wonderful young lady who has held my hand through the loss of my mom, dad & best friend THIS YEAR. She has also survived the loss of her big (&only) brother Johnathan Roman. still having her to be a mother too has helped me survive. And she really likes pears

    • Maggie MacLagan says

      Sorry that no one has managed to teach me proper grammar. Are you crying yet? (Probably as soon as I mentioned Val. Didn’t mean to make you sad, I just understand the awful quiet that will be an unwelcome guest at her seat this year) When you’re done having a good cry,look up Eddy Lizard’s bit on pears. I’ve found that laughter is a good tonic after a grief.

  8. Marjorie says

    I’ve just recently found your blog, and it has revolutionized our dinner habits! With just two super busy adults in the house, we’ve taken to preparing most of our food in advance. Several of your recipes are staples here! Thank you!!

  9. katherine d says

    This would be for my mom. She’s sacrificed so much for me over the years, always putting our needs before hers.

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. Mary Withrow says

    My mother would receive this. She loves her sweets! I would be tempted to bring home a pear though! Lol – Thank you

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