This is not food. This is just plain adorable.

Way back in January, my now twelve year old son was offered a choice of birthday presents; a video game (immediate gratification) or live ducklings when our feed mill got in the spring shipment (delayed gratification.) Once more proving that my second born is my dad (That’s Mr. Delayed Gratification.) redux, he opted for the ducklings.

It was a long wait, but it was totally worth it. Just look at his face.

When the little critters arrived last week, we realized we knew nothing about ducks aside from the fact that they’re so darned charming.

As it turns out, there really isn’t much to keeping ducks other than a willingness to frequently clean out the brooder ’til they’re old enough to be outside. By frequently, I mean FREQUENTLY.

Today was an especially exciting day for our young duck owner. He helped his ducklings have their first supervised swim. I thought I’d share the video here. Please excuse my dorky honking voice cooing over the ducklings. What can I say? Their cuteness power is unparalleled. I challenge you to look at these without an “Awwwwww!” escaping at least once.

As my mom used to say to us when we were cranky, “Don’t SMILE!”  Just try to resist.



  1. Megan says

    My son was about the same age when we got some ducklings. He loved them so much and they really ARE the cutest animals. Ours loved to swim as babies but would have nothing to do with the wading pool we got for them when they were older. Enjoy them and the eggs you will get.

  2. says

    Your boys are the most beautiful boys ever. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, I definitely want to have little boys now. And I wish my life hadn’t been so hectic at Houghton & that I’d been able to take you up on your offers of coming over (if I never said it, those meant a lot to me!). I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I NEVER SAW YOU OUTSIDE OF CHURCH!
    That’s the power of the Lindamoods, I guess. 😀

  3. Connie says

    How precious. Thanks for sharing such wonderful stories and recipes. I can not wait to make the Bacon Cheeseburger pasta. Yum. Hope you have a great Memorial Day Holiday.

  4. Becca says

    Aww! I wanted a pet duck soo soo soo bad in high school. I think it would’ve been more work than I anticipated. Have fun!

  5. deb says

    What a wonderful start to the weekend! Pure precious! Thank you Aidan for sharing your little brood- give them lots of love!

  6. says

    I love ducks. You’re right they are adorable. We have 6 baby (not so small anymore) Pekings, and one older duck that I refer to as grandpa since he looks after the little ones. Your whole family will have days of fun watching these cuties grow up. Beware of preditors though – we’ve lost quite a few in the past, even with tight security measures.

  7. Rachel says

    Awww I LOVE ducklings! I have 3 ducks myself. They are so delightful, especially when bonded with at such a young age. With the summer heat in North Carolina I was forced to install a pond and water feature in the backyard for them to keep cool (not a bad excuse to put in a koi pond). Congratulations on those little cuties!

  8. Dr.Shirley says

    Thank you!!…Great video…Adorable Ducklings…Super Blog…
    All around very uplifting and satisfying!
    Thanks again! :-)

  9. says

    I can’t believe the first thing I thought was “are you going to eat one of them when they grow up?” ‘Cause, ya know, duck is tasty. But, uh, CUTE! YES! And eggs! Eggs are good things!

    Also, I thought you should know, inspired by you, I now have a foodie blog of my own. It’s called Foodie, Interrupted (I linked to it), and it’s called such because I was diagnosed with a gallstone last November and it’s been keeping me from eating and cooking everything I’d like to (like those amazing looking PB brownie cupcakes from one of your more recent posts. WOW.) so it’s about being a medically-necessary, low-fat eating foodie. (Warning: I don’t remember if it’s kid-safe, so far. Knowing me, it probably isn’t. It’s not going to be over the long run, I’m sure of it.)

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