Star Trek as a metaphor for life.

Alright.  This is going to be a pure, unadulterated nerd moment.  If you are averse to that, I’d suggest you look away momentarily.


The Evil Genius and I were joking about which positions in the Napoleonic Era Royal British Navy the various officers in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and the original ‘Star Trek’ would’ve occupied.  Obviously Picard and Kirk would’ve been the Captains.  Riker and Sulu would be Lieutenants of the Watch.  Worf would’ve been a Royal Marine.  Scottie would definitely be ship’s carpenter.  Beverly Crusher?  Well, the surgeon, of course.


…And so on and so forth, until one of us said, “Deanna Troi?  Er, what would an empath be on a Royal Navy ship?”  **Leaving aside entirely the argument that none of these fictional characters would have ever been on a Royal Navy ship in the first place…


I suggested, ‘Maybe ship psychologist?”  And my husband paused, thought, and exclaimed, “No.  She’d be the ship’s Human Resources liason.  She’s what HR will evolve into.  ‘Captain, I feel he’s lying.'”   Catbert, recast as a hottie with great hair. 


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