Pulled Pork Queso Dip and a $100 Giveaway! GIVEAWAY EXTENDED

Pulled Pork Queso Dip from www.foodiewithfamily.com It’s a Pulled Pork Queso Party, people, and you’re all invited.Seriously… as a mom of five boys, two of whom are teenagers and three of whom eat like one, I am called on to produce vast quantities of food on very short notice. I don’t know if you’ve ever observed it, but teenage boys travel in flocks. No… not flocks… That would indicate birds and their itty-bitty appetites. These guys travel in packs. Wolf packs. As in they wolf everything down. EVERYTHING.So when you have a pack of boys descend on you for a football game, you’d better be prepared, or you might find some bite marks in your furniture and an empty refrigerator. Remember: five boys. FIVE BOYS AND A HUSBAND.

And they have friends!Luckily, I have a few shortcuts in my pantry to keep these guys from chewing up my couches. Enter VELVEETA & RO*TEL, stage left. I always have both of these in my pantry. Why? VELVEETA & RO*TEL are the only two ingredients in the classic game day Famous Queso Dip and I am Queen of the Queso. While there are many variations on the theme, my version brings a little extra party power with a heaping helping of pulled pork! Queso and pulled pork? BIG WIN! I have a little extra step that I take that is completely optional… I blend my RO*TEL Classic before I add it to the VELVEETA cubes in my saucepan and before melting it all together. This ensures a silky smooth Queso as the starting point. Yes, this COULD be the end point. You could put that in a bowl and plunk it down on the buffet table with a bag of chips and have some very happy people… but you all know I’m not good at leaving well enough alone. This is where the pulled pork gets stirred into the pot and heated through.

If you’re wise, you’ll jump back before you put the big bowl of Pulled Pork Queso on the table. If you were really on top of things, you will have kept a little bowl back for yourself before you did that. Now, while they’re crowded around the table, you can take your little bowl of Pulled Pork Queso and take the best seat on the couch. SCORE!

Are you aware that VELVEETA & RO*TEL have a Quesobago? For real. In fact, it’s on a cross-country tour bringing Famous Queso Dip to the sites of some of college football’s hottest rivalries. That’s right! University of Michigan and Michigan State are going to get Queso-d on November 2nd! If you’re wondering whether the Quesobago will make it to your favourite college team’s big game, or you want to learn some more variations on the Famous Queso Dip, visit www.quesoforall.com. A visit to quesoforall.com can even give you a chance to win a party featuring the Quesobago on football’s biggest game day!
For a chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card, tell me in the comments below: What’s your favourite football party food? Who are you rooting for this season?
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Pulled Pork Queso Dip
The classic game day Famous Queso Dip pairing of Ro*Tel and Velveeta gets a little extra party power with a heaping helping of pulled pork.
  • 1 can Ro*Tel Classic Tomatoes
  • 1 (16 ounce) block Velveeta, cut into cubes
  • 3 cups fully cooked pulled pork
  1. Open the can of Ro*Tel and pour it into the blender. Blend on high until perfectly smooth. Pour the tomatoes into a heavy-bottomed saucepan (*See Notes). Add the Velveeta cubes and cook over low heat, stirring frequently, until the cheese is fully melted. Stir in the pulled pork and continue stirring and heating until the pork is heated all the way through. Transfer to a bowl and serve immediately.


  1. Emily R. says

    Sausage balls are my favorite. We’re not pro sports people, but we’ll be cheering on my alma mater, Michigan State!

  2. Pamela says

    I love anything remotely taco-y in nature. If it has salt, spice and a crunch, I am all in! And as far as football goes, I root for no one. I just.don’t.care.about football.

  3. says

    The Steelers aren’t doing so great this year, but it doesn’t keep us from watching the games withs bowls of pulled pork chili and blue corn chips on the side. (Although Mr. H.C. did turn the game off in disgust during one early game! We ate our chili on the back porch and watched the stars come out. Much nicer in my opinion!!!)

  4. Lori H says

    Chili queso dip is a must-have for game days in my house! I have Kalua Pig on the menu for this week & will have to give your new recipe a try – sounds delish!

  5. Margot C says

    I always make a big old vat of chili. I am the cook so my team loyalties are not given a lot of weight around here, but I like LSU.

  6. Melissa K says

    Wow, I love your font. Okay favorite food is def my grandma’s meatballs !!!! I love her recipe and have since I can remember. It’s simple and delicious, 50 years of perfection!

  7. CarrollWC says

    Buffalo chicken tenders (easier to eat than wings), chips and dip of any kind – queso, artichoke, vidalia onion, Mexican 7-layer and on and on. All to eat while watching the Patriots (I can hear all the boos across the country).

  8. Hanna says

    Buffalo wing dip, for sure. With lots of blue cheese chunks.
    And because I’m a glutton for punishment. The Bills.

  9. Dorothea says

    I love Chili for football party food – everyone loves it and they can add the toppings that they like to customize their deliciousness!

    I’m rooting for the Indianapolis Colts!

  10. Sarah Hutson says

    I am a die hard chili fan when it comes to watching football. And although I don’t watch much NFL I do enjoy college football and of course being from Austin, I route for the Longhorns! :-)

  11. Solducky says

    I’m going to be weird and say a veggie and dip tray. Because for some reason I feel more comfortable eating WAAAAY more dip than normal because, hey, it’s a party! And I’m also using raw broccoli, so it can’t be all bad, right?

  12. Julie C. says

    Southwestern Egg Rolls with spinach, black beans & corn! I make a huge triple batch and lay on a cookie sheet to flash-freeze them. Then pop into a ziploc bag and just take out as many as you need when it’s game-time! Just bake for 25 minutes and serve with cilantro/lime ranch. Delicious!

  13. sharonjo says

    College football–Huskers for sure!! Favorite tailgate food? Nachos with all the fixings, including a cheesy spicy queso. Thanks!

  14. D Schmidt says

    My favorite football food is buffalo chicken dip! I love Queso because t is the perfect dip because its versatile you can add additional ingredients to jazz it up and everyone loves cheese!

  15. Karen B says

    If I’m doing it up right….homemake chicken wings, meatball sliders, cheese tray and kolbasi with pineapples & chili sauce….and of course we cheer on the Pittsburgh Steelers!!!!

  16. Deb C says

    My favorite is freshly made guacamole. I also like queso made with Rotel and crumbled ground beef for a heartier dip.

  17. says

    This is a tough one Bec! Let’s see…Pepperoni Pizza Dip, Queso Dip, Fried Onion Dip (looks like I’m on a dip roll), Sweet Bacon Chicken Wraps…I could go on and on. We have a house divided when it comes to football. I root for my beloved Patriots but my husband is a die-hard Steelers fan. It’s all good! Double the games….double the appetizers!

  18. lori H says

    Our favorite is nachos…and I am thinking that this dip of yours over tortilla chips would make amazing nachos!!

  19. Bernie N. says

    Definitely guacamole and a ton of chips. Well, anything and a ton of chips. That pulled pork queso looks awesome.

  20. says

    OMG, I just love this stuff. I made a version using Velveeta’s new Mexican style Queso and served it at all of our tailgates this year. It was the biggest hit of the year’s menus.

  21. Susan Smith says

    My favorite football party food are Buffalo wing and chips and salsa. I’m rooting for my hometown KC Chiefs.

  22. Stephanie V. says

    perfect dip because EVERYONE loves it – adults and kids alike! My fave team is the 49’ers and I love a good guacamole at football parties!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  23. says

    I always found the velveeta/Ro-Tel queso to be a little too salty for my tastes, especially with salted tortilla chips so I throw in a block of cream cheese to tone it down a bit. Sometimes I will add a can of refried beans too to make it a queso bean dip. Yummy either way!

  24. Anastasia says

    Nachos and sliders are my fav football party food :) They are fun, tasty and easy to eat! Plus, you can dress them up in lots of ways :)

    We’re rooting for the Jacksonville Jaguars :)

  25. Jean says

    Wow does that look good! Queso is fabulous because it is surprisingly versatile! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like it.

  26. Danielle F. says

    I love eating pizza while watching football on Sunday… or Saturday or Monday or Thursday.. lol whatever night my team is playing. I root for the NY Giants although this season seems like a lost cause. :(

  27. Wild Orchid says

    Yum! Queso is the perfect party dip because most everyone loves it. Warm cheesy dip is so comforting, and pairs well with many foods.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  28. tina reynolds says

    It is super easy to make and fast to make. The flavor though is what is so good it makes so many at a party happy.

  29. Susan H. says

    Queso is one of our favorite party or game day dips. So easy and so yummy. We eat a lot of it when cheering on our Georgia Bulldogs. Thanks.

  30. Diane baum says

    Its ingredients and the ease to prepare it make for a perfect dip-so sorry, I missed it at the Michigan State v U of M game

  31. Sonya Morris says

    Our favorite food for games is a yummy vegetable tray. We are not really into football, but when we do watch it we pull for the Carolina Panthers.

  32. Heather S says

    My favorite is angels on horseback because they’re delicious and bite size! I’m rooting for the Seahawks!

  33. says

    My favourite football party food? Any kind of dips and hot wings! Who am I rooting for this season? I don’t have a favorite team because I’m not really into football, I all about the food only! hahaaha

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  34. LAMusing says

    My favorite sports watching food is wings – bbq, teriyaki, lemony, whatever! No favorite football team – I’m more a hockey girl :)

  35. Norma says

    I like nachos or queso. Basically anything cheesy. I’m not really into football, but I’d root for the Cleveland Browns.

  36. Betty C says

    Queso makes the perfect party dip when you can have the same basic dip changed up so many different ways-Something for everyone.

  37. Lisa V. says

    My favorite football food is almost any type of dip. And my favorite team is the reigning Super Bowl champs, the Baltimore Ravens.

  38. Nancy says

    My favorite football party foods are nachos and wings. I don’t root for any team, I just go along for the food and party:)

  39. Lorena Keech says

    My favorite football party food is runzas. They are meat and cabbage baked in bread, but they are WAY better then they sound. We eat them while cheering on the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the KC Chiefs.

  40. Mary Cloud says

    We love to break out the grill and have BBQ chicken for parties and we root for New Orleans Saints
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  41. Michelle H says

    My favorite football party food is still the tried and true chips with that sour cream onion dip. I’ll be voting for either team as I don’t really follow football.

  42. Sarah Marshall says

    Queso makes the perfect party dip because it is easy and yummy and you can change it up simply by varying ingredients so it never gets boring! My favorite team is the Atlanta Falcon!

  43. Lisa Garner says

    Queso made with Velveeta and Rotel is the perfect dip because it has a rich flavor with just the right amount of spice.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  44. Ellie W says

    We also root for The Dallas Cowboys. For all the good it does us anyway.
    My family loves Velveeta-Rotel-Sausage dip. And I always have to have guacamole dip too.

  45. says

    Actually, I do not support nor participate in any competitive sports, so I can’t really answer this question completely. I hope my answer can still count! I will say that my favorite party food to make is my vegan crockpot chilli. Everyone loves it and it is super easy to make!

  46. Sarah L says

    Queso is the perfect party dip because it’s so easy to make and you can add things if you want to change it up a bit. Denver Broncos.

    Thanks for the contest.

  47. Rosey says

    Wings are my favorite football party food for the guys, but if it’s for me, pizza wins hands down.

    I’m rooting for the Lions this year, and they’re in the #1 spot (that hasn’t been said for a long time!)

  48. Julie says

    Its easy and its cheap to make….
    I always keep the items on hand to make it for a quick snack
    thanks for the giveaway DEtroit Lions

  49. April V. says

    I can’t say I have a favorite but I adore anything with beans it it – hummus, bean dip, chili bean dip, bean and salsa dip…however, that is only if we have corn chips. If we only have regular potato chips, I favor a blue cheese/hot sauce dip that is awesome.


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