Peanut Butter Balls

Hi friends!  The last few weeks have been maddeningly busy.  We’ve done a lot of work on our house and property, camped, traveled, been visited, and had animal crises.  I hope I have a chance in the next couple of weeks to settle back into a regular blogging routine.  With all the fresh produce hitting the markets, I have so many delicious recipes to share with you.  Until then, please enjoy this short but sweet (har har.  I crack me up.) recipe. And the sweet quick giveaway at the end.  Read on!

Peanut butter + Chocolate= Bliss

I cannot think of a combination that makes me happier.  There’s just something about the salt and the sweet and the creamy and the crunchy all together that makes my heart go pitter pat.  And making Peanut Butter Balls is one of my favorite ways to get that peanut butter and chocolate fix.  Chocolate chips, peanut butter, condensed milk and confectioner’s sugar all in one happy little portable package? It’s like an inside-out Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Oh baby.  Since it’s made with peanut butter it’s healthy, right? (Don’t you DARE tell me it’s not healthy.  Please don’t mess with my happy thoughts…) Even better, these little babies don’t melt in your hands!

This is one of the foods that we take camping with us every single time without fail.  It just wouldn’t be a family camping trip for us without the ubiquitous Peanut Butter Balls.  They are the perfect camping snack fare since they are high-protein and easily transportable.  It’s not just camp food, though.  It makes the perfect summer snack, too, since it requires zero cooking, and can be safely transported without a cooler.

Make these.  Today.  And then make another batch to fill the bowl since you hid in the broom closet so you could eat the entire first batch by yourself.  No.  Wait.  That was me.  Sorry.

For a photo-free, printer friendly version of this recipe, click here!

Peanut Butter Balls

For a healthier version of the recipe, use the honey and non-fat instant dry milk.


  • 1 cup creamy or crunchy style peanut butter (I prefer all-natural peanut butter)
  • 1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk or honey
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar or non-fat instant dry milk
  • 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

Add all ingredients together in a large mixing bowl.


Stir well until evenly combined. At first you might think it’ll never come together…


Just when you’ve decided that you measured wrong, (“I mean, really, how am I supposed to roll THIS stuff?”)  it’ll come together and look like this!


Do you have a disher laying around? (In other words, a scoop.)

peanutbutterballs4 Is this crucial to the recipe?  Certainly not, but it definitely makes the process go a little quicker.  If you don’t have one you can just scoop up portions of the peanut butter mix with a serving spoon.  No harm, no foul!

Scoop a teaspoon of the mixture into the palm of your hand.  Use both hands to roll lightly until it forms a ball.  Set onto a plate or into a container.


Repeat with the remaining peanut butter mixture until you have used it all.


Store uneaten peanut butter balls in a tightly lidded container in the refrigerator.  Can be left out at room temperature for several hours without problems!  Like they’ll last that long…

But wait!  I mentioned a giveaway, right?  I love my disher.  I use it all the time.  It scoops cookie dough, meatballs, peanut butter balls (washed between each use, of course) and anything else I can think of that I want in adorable little scoops. I love it dearly.  And I want you to have one if you don’t already.  So just because I’m feeling full of beans today and also because my birthday is this week I’m giving away a small scoop disher like the one I used above.  Specifically, this one:

414168B787L._AA280_ Do you want it?  Here’s what you do.  Just leave a comment below.  Tell me what you’d make using one of these.  If you wouldn’t use it but would give it as a gift, let me know that, too.  Or if you have no idea what you’d use it for just say something silly.  Preferably in the form of a haiku.  Because after Peanut Butter Balls and dishers, haikus are my favorite.

Da Rules and Da Info:

  1. Please have a continental U.S. shipping address handy.  I can’t ship this to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or Mexico.  Sorry to my far away and/or cross-border friends.
  2. Please don’t be my relative if you enter.  (Well, shoot, if you want to join the family we’ll welcome you.  We just won’t give you a disher.  Or maybe we will… Just not ’til Christmas.)
  3. You can comment as often as you like, but there will only be one entry per person. I mean it.
  4. Contest is open until Wednesday, 12 EST.
  5. This is a contest sponsored by yours truly.  No corporations were exploited, harmed or otherwise injured in the course of this contest.


    • Becky Munoz says

      I have seen this contrption, this new kitchen toy, but I did not know the name of it! Thank you for enlightening me! I am going to make the pnut butter balls, but right now. I bowl in a senior league and make a goodie or two for us every week. What they like, I make for my 8 grandchildren! I can think of many uses for the…I already forgot the name of it! If you have given them all away, I understand. I do a lot of fruit and this would make beautiful fruit balls as well! Thank you for the recipe and God bless!

  1. Traci says

    I just made the peanut butter balls :) It took me about 10 mintues to make, roll, eat two peanut butter balls and lick the bowl clean! I’ll be bringing the rest (if they make it) to a bbq tonight. Thanks!

  2. Vickie A says

    Aside from peanut butter balls, I would use the scoop for cake balls, melon balls and peanut butter cookies!

  3. Lori on Little Traverse Bay says

    Peanut Butter Balls
    Scooped up with a divine tool
    Feed the hungry horde

    OK, it’s a bad haiku, but possibly a divine tool. With that disher, I would make more White Chocolate Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookies for my family. And melon balls. And these peanut butter balls, of course!

    Love your column in the R-E! It’s a must-read! (Why has it taken me so long to find your blog?)

  4. Deanna says

    I had one once and it broke, but I used it for everything, cookies, mini cupcakes, melon balls. I love these cookies too!

  5. mary bunker says

    I would make mini dessert shots – could do super-small scoops of ice cream and squirt in whatever sauce I had on hand! I love this site – lots of fun. I’m a yooper too so the Michigan references are always fun too!

  6. April says

    I love my dishers too! I have three. 😀 (So don’t enter me into the contest.) Hmm. If I make these for my girls, I might just replace the chips with mini chips – better chocolate distribution ya know.

  7. mary bunker says

    I would make mini dessert shots with super-small scoops of ice cream in shot glasses with a drizzle of whatever sauce I had on hand! I love this site btw!

  8. Marilyn says

    A disher? Never knew what it was called. I would use it for uniformity in drop cookies. Thanks for a sweet giveaway.

  9. says

    I think I have the only kid on the planet that doesn’t like peanut butter. If I didn’t actually experience the birthing process, I would say she was adopted.

    Paul and I, however, would like a batch of these, pleeaassse.

    • Janet says

      Does she possibly like almonds or almond butter? I substituted that since my daughter and husband are both alergic to peanuts. Give it a try if you think she’ll eat it.

  10. Ivanna says

    A friend of mine (very health conscious) made these for my son last spring and I had been searching for a recipe since. All the ones I’ve found have been super high in sugar but your recipe seems to be healthier than any others I’ve found. Thanks for posting it. Also, I wanted to mention that I ended up on your blog by way of Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen. I saw one of your comments where you mentioned having 5 boys. Did I remember that right? Wow. I’m a mom to 3 boys. Kudos to you! Please tell me, once you’re outnumbered, does it feel the same having 3 or having 5?

  11. Rebecca says

    Lisa- Oh. Once you make them it’s all over. Trust me. They’re addictive.

    Traci- Did the rest make it to the bbq?

    Vicki- Good ideas, all! It’s a fun little critter to have around.

    Lori on Little Traverse Bay- That wasn’t a half bad haiku at all! And thanks not just for reading, but for coming by and commenting. I love hearing from R-E readers. You guys are fabulous!

    Deanna- Agony! I don’t know how I’d do without one of these little beauties now!

    Mary Bunker- What a cute idea. Must steal it now. Thank you! Long live the Yoop.

    April- I think love you. Thank you for being so generous and honest.

    Megan- Oh yes. But see note above to Lisa…

    Marilyn- I’m nothing if I’m not educational :-)

    Ranee- They’re very good that way! They’ll still satisfy the sweet tooth!

    Amy- Um. They didn’t knock you out? No switching opportunities? (I kid. For the first 3 years my kids didn’t like pizza. I panicked. Then all of a sudden they loved it. I am not questioning it. Don’t lose hope. She might spontaneously change…)

    Ivanna- You remembered right. And thanks for clicking through! Were you one of those kindly souls who voted for me? And truly, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Once you’re outnumbered it just doesn’t matter how many are outnumbering you. My Aunt (who shall remain nameless unless she claims credit) once told me, “Going from zero to one kid was life changing. Going from one to two was great because the baby had someone to play with. Going from two to three I went crazy and from three on it didn’t matter anymore since I was already nuts.” She told me that when I was pregnant with my fourth.

  12. Rose Vervaert says

    I make my version of Peanut Butter balls mostly around the holidays. They are always a hit. I will try your recipe,(especially the healthier version) and will let you know how my family likes them. I would certainly use the scoop to make the peanut butter balls, because I think it would speed up the process, as well as making the balls uniform. I could also see where it would be very useful for making cookies, meatballs, and truffles.

    Thank you,

  13. says

    I would love to have had one of those dishers. Unfortunately, I missed the date deadline. Oh Well, now that I have your blog on my favorite list, you will see more of me.
    I would use one of those wonderful scoops for everything from candy to meatballs and cookies. They also work nice for individual servings of butter when entertaining. Stop by my website if you like. It is a “down home type” of blog about a lot of things.

  14. says

    I did issue you an invite to my blog, but that was not the purpose of my comment. I am from the Midwest and we are just naturally neighborly.
    Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend. I love your blog and will visit it often.
    Have a great day,from the Heartland of America.

  15. Sara M says

    How do you think these would turn out with the sweet milk (yumm!) and the dry milk combo? That’s what I’m leaning towards for a smidge lower dose of sugar! But too much milk?

  16. Janet says

    We used to make these when I was a kid, then we just got out of the habit somehow and about 20 years ago the recipe was lost in a house fire. I could remember ingredients, but not amounts. Thank you for posting this! BTW I substituted almond butter in one batch for my husband and daughter who are both alergic to peanuts. Turned out quite good. Can’t wait to try the almond butter with sweetened condensed milk and powdered sugar instead of powdered milk and honey.

  17. Mary says

    My daughter tried to make some of these with a more complicated recipe the other day. I’m going to bookmark this and let her give it another try this way, thanks.

  18. Mary Anne says

    Hi, this looks delicious! I make PB balls with non fat dry milk and honey, but didn’t think to add the choc. chips. Bringing a batch to a lucky group of kids on a school trip. Yum! Thanks for your witty writing. I am the one who would join you in the closet sneaking the pb balls :)

  19. says

    I am a grandmother of 5, so far…and I have been wanting to make a recipe I made for my own 4 kids back in the 70’s. The ingredients consisted of peanut butter, dry instant milk, honey. I would add chocolate chips and then wheat germ when kids weren’t looking. They never knew it…chocolate chips can hide alot!! The part the kids loved, besides getting to eat this conglomeration, they were allowed to play with it first. I just plopped an amount in front of them on a plate and let them go to town. They made a mess, but loved it and then got to
    eat it. Your recipe was just what I needed to get going. It will be great and I can’t wait till later
    this week when I will have 3 of the 5 grandkids here and we are going to make our fun “eating playdough”.
    Thanks, and you are funnnnny!!

  20. Sonja says

    I think this is the recipe I copied from the chalk board when I was in 1st grade–hope so, anyway! Just wish I could still find my original copy that I brought home and made so many times growing up!

    • Shirley says

      I made these for the family at Christmas for years. Now our kids are grown and wanting some, and I lost the recipe. I remembered the ingredients, just not the amounts. Thanks for posting this recipe. Now I am in business and ready to hit the kitchen.

  21. Phyllis Bundrum says

    I see no one has said anything this year. lol I was just eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And thought about peanut butter balls and found your recipe and the offer for the scoop. Would be really handy in making the balls. Hope you are still giving it away or maybe it’s to later 5yrs lol

  22. ELISE says

    Hi there,
    I volunteer to run a craft/cooking group for 20-50 kids once per week. This tool would make my job of scooping those no-bake cookie dough out for the kids to see what size the balls should be, while also teaching them about the usefulness of tools in the kitchen.
    Warm regards!

  23. Jen says

    My mom made these for us over 40 years ago. We use the sweetened condensed milk and powdered sugar. They are probably my all time favorites. They are the reason I got spanked as a child, one of the only times I remember. I was told to not eat any, but how could I resist, so I took some and ran outside. Of course my mom saw me and followed me outside. I, being a dummy, threw them in the sparse bushes, and promptly got caught!! They were worth it then and they are worth it now.

  24. Diane says

    I can’t believe I found your peanut butter ball receipe! My mom made them for me when I was little, and I never knew the full ingredients to make them- she had past when I was 16, and I’m now 44.
    Thank you so much!

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