Parental paychecks.

My boys have always enjoyed cooking with me.  I have daily “cooking buddies”.  The kids take turns (with the help of a wheel that keeps track of whose turn it is) helping me prepare dinner.  There is much weeping, gnashing of teeth and rending of hair when someone’s turn is missed or Mom exerts executive privilege on a meal (no deep frying with small fry, if you know what I mean…)


Lately, however, they’ve been wanting to do their own kitchen projects.  On my birthday last week my eldest snuck into the kitchen (and that takes some doing- he’s not a subtle kid.)  He quietly prepared this as an “afternoon refresher” for me.   Look at his plating!  He takes after his Mama.


Mama’s birthday iced coffee with fancy plating by Liam.



My second-born, Aidan, caught wind of what was going on and did not want to be left out of the “doing something for Mom’s birthday” trend and banished me to the porch.  In short order he presented me with this masterpiece.  How about that interplay of flavors and textures?  What a guy!



Granny Smith apple with chocolate sauce, almonds and blueberries- a light afternoon birthday snack for Mama by Aidan.



Buoyed by his success and the amount of huggy thanks offered by Mom, Liam woke up early a couple days ago and made me this!  Love the use of edible flowers and demerara sugar in the plating…



A nice surprise morning cuppa Earl Grey with lovely plating by Liam.  Note the straw- ‘”because straws make everything more fun.”



This kind of stuff is my paycheck right now.  Parenting can be tough slogging, but it’s sweet little gestures like this that renew my spirit and make me smooch my kids until they run away.


  1. says

    Happy birthday! My husband and I take turns consuming Alex’s creations. He’s not into plating yet but wants me to take pictures of everything.

  2. Rebecca says

    ECM- They definitely do… Sometimes they LIKE me more than others times, but they always love me!

    Maggie- My husband and I sometimes take the turns, too, depending on what’s presented to us. And my kids insist on pics, too. The perils of raising children in a foodie family, right?

  3. says

    Well, hey, happy late birthday!

    This was a very sweet post. I am childless, and will likely remain so (though you never know), but good parenting stories always make my heart swell and put a smile on my face. Those boys are lucky, and so are you.

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