Let’s play the “Where is Foodie?” game!

I am on vacation as of… hang on… NOW! 


Where am I?  Let me give you some hints.


The view from the driveway



Up over that little ledge in the previous picture



A whole lotta this brown stuff…



And there will most certainly be much of this type of action…



I’ll be sitting on this front porch with many, many cups of tea.


So can you guess?  My access to the internet will be severly curtailed this week.  …And that’s just as it should be!


Because I had a backlog of posts to share with you I’ll be scheduling them all for the next few days while I’m away.  It’ll be like I never left (except that I won’t be talking back until I’m home!)




  1. janel says

    yeah, our big family vacation of the year was to western ny!… at least I got to have some ice cream, good coffee and homemade mozzarella balls with an old friend 😉

  2. says

    Oh, Janel… You rat! Did I tell you when you were eating ice cream, good coffee and homemade mozzarella?!? Wow. I really, really needed that. Cape Cod rocks my world. You coming back to WNY anytime soon? We have fall colors coming out and I have fall yummies…

    Val- Aidan’s yelling, “Isn’t Milo the best cat EVER?” from the living room and asking when Grandma Val is visiting… Well?

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