Food! It’s what’s for dinner! Wednesday, June 11, 2008.

Has anyone else noticed that I’ve botched the dates on every single one of the ‘Food!  It’s what’s for dinner!’ posts?  Of course, I’ve gone back through and fixed them.  I may be the only one who noticed them but my Grandmama taught me it was better to be honest and good than to not.  That was a Steve Martin line.  I’m not thattrustworthy.  I quit Girl Scouts my first year.  All we did was make sit-upons.  Sit-upon my rear.  But I run on…


In case anyone is wondering why there was no quinoa salad on the plate last night I have an explanation.  The Big XY came home from work and was ‘famished’.  He needed something to eat ‘quickly’ and the quinoa salad was the first thing he could grab from the fridge.  Eh bien.  There was plenty on the plate anyway!


Tonight’s menu:

Grilled Ham Carbonara on Homemade Linguine (or with boxed rotini if I am having too much fun outside with the kids to tear away and make pasta!  Look at me- 3 meals in and already copping out!)

Steamed Broccoli with Garlic

Garlic and Italian Herb Bubble Bread

Blueberry Shortcake with Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream (The blueberry fulfills the fruit category, you see!)



~I was just ready to post this and my 6 year old, Ty, walked up to me with tears in his eyes.  “Mom,” whined he, “The guys think my Bionicle is their least favorite.  Can I make cookies with you tonight?”


*For those of you without kids let me break this down for you.  He is annoyed by his brothers dissing his Bionicle.  However, he is not so annoyed that he missed recognizing an opportunity to manipulate his mother into making cookies and letting him crack the eggs.   I informed him that I already had plans for tonight’s dessert (see above).  He whined, “Then what can do?”


Mom:  “Well, you can quit whining, for one.”


Ty:  “For one dollar?”


You see what I’m dealing with? 

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