Food! It’s what’s for dinner! (Alternately titled: I brake for pneumonia!)

Remember my “in case of illness” clause in the ‘Food!  It’s what’s for dinner!’ project?  I’m exercising it.  I was at the ER twice yesterday with my four-year-old, Leif.  (Actually I was there with all five boys once and my husband was there with Leif alone once.)  First he ran a temp of 104.9 so we were off to visit our local urgent care deparment since it was after hours.  We were there for an hour and a half and sent home with a bronchitis diagnosis and a fistful of medicine.


Our dinner was at Chez Subway home of the $5 footlong.  Guess what.  Even at $5 a pop it’s still really expensive to feed five hungry boys and two hungry adults there.


We got home, gave him the meds prescribed and watched the left side his face (and his lower lip) start to swell up like a really cute little balloon with very big blue eyes.  So at 11 last night my husband packed the little guy back into the van and headed back to the ER.


I stayed home with the other boys and cleaned the kitchen.  It made me feel better. And that’s saying something ’cause I hates cleaning!


This morning saw all five boys and I scooting to our pediatrician’s office so she could eyeball Leif herself.  We left with a new diagnosis- probable pneumonia, a new fistful of medications, a McDonald’s lunch courtesy of Nana and a serious need to chill out. 


That’s what we’re doing for dinner tonight.  We’re chilling out.  I don’t know what we’re having, but it’s probably not going to be worthy of description let alone pictures.


The good news is my little viking seems much improved.  His swelling has gone down and we just need to focus on clearing his pink little lungs.


Slainte Mhar everyone!!!!!




  1. Rebecca says

    ECM and Jen- Thanks for your well-wishes for Leif. As we all know, children are made of rubber and are much more resilient than their poor frazzled parents. He’s doing great. I’m still a nervous wreck :-)

    …And ECM. If I wasn’t afraid my 10, 8,6,4, and 2, year olds would burn down the freakin’ house if I let them cook dinner for themselves I just might do “You’re the chef night.” I think I just might wait until they understand the scientific principles of combustion. I’m nervous enough letting them use a little old paring knife! Maybe a “You’re the chef night: Microwave edition” around here?

    On second thought, my 10 year old set a twist-tie that was wrapped around my baggie of homemade hamburg buns on fire today. He informed me AFTER he had extinguised the inter-microwave inferno. NOT a confidence builder, to be sure!

  2. Rebecca says

    Hi White on Rice Couple! Thanks for stopping by. Drop in any time. I keep dessert and tea going all hours of the day :-)

    Leif is doing really well. It’s astounding how quick kids can recover when plied with ice cream!

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