Homemade Ovaltine Recipe | Malted Milk Powder

Homemade Ovaltine Malted Milk Powder in chocolate or plain from foodiewithfamily.com

One of my little sisters (she of Mapo Dofu fame) is pregnant for the first time. She has been obsessed -and when I say obsessed, I mean O.B.s.e.s.s.e.d. (get the pregnancy joke?)- with chocolate malts. Chocolate malted shakes, particularly, but chocolate malted anything pretty much. She texted me that she was making a chocolate malt…

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Pineapple Mule Cocktail and Mocktail

Refreshing Pineapple Mule Cocktail and Mocktail to please

I love all things pineapple. It’s a flavour that screams summer to me. There’s something slightly exotic about pineapple that really perks up every food and drink it graces. It’s that perfect balance of sweetness and acidity that knocks my socks off every time. It’s a natural when it comes to mixology, of course, making…

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Ginger Switchel Drink {non-alcoholic refresher}

Ginger Switchel Drink made with water, honey, raw apple cider vinegar, and lots of ginger.

I’ve got a little food related obsession to share with you.  I know it’s not entirely surprising coming from me, but this one is for a very old-school beverage; Ginger Swichel Drink. How old school is it? Well, it originated in the Caribbean and made its way to the American colonies by the late 17th…

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Hard Cider Sangria-by-the-Glass

Hard Cider Sangria-by-the-Glass is fresh fruits soaked in crisp hard cider with a lime ice pop stir stick.

I have a weird relationship with summer. Humidity and extreme heat (and mosquitos) are on my “make me cranky” list. But the food? Oh the glorious food and drink of summer. There’s a romance to all those perfectly fresh and ripe fruits and vegetables and the pockets of smells of grilling burgers and goodies as…

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Candy Cane Silk Steamers

Holiday Candy Cane Silk Steamer made with Silk Cashewmilk from foodiewithfamily.com #SilkCashew

I am straight up, solid obsessed with nut milks. The nut milk obsession comes from a weird place. I don’t drink cow’s milk. I cook with it, my kids love it, I just plain can’t drink it. It makes me ill. I love creamy things, though, and so the wide availability of alternatives to dairy…

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Homemade Classic Eggnog

Homemade Classic Eggnog from foodiewithfamily.com

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without eggnog. And eggnog just isn’t eggnog unless it’s Homemade Classic Eggnog.  It’s just truth, friends. It ABSOLUTELY takes more time than buying a quart of the stuff at the store, but the payoff is so enormous that you’ll never question it when once you’ve made your own. Redolent with freshly…

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Ginger Stomach Soother

Relief is on the way! Ginger Stomach Soother from foodiewithfamily.com

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have every intention of overeating on Thursday. I plan on eating so much that my stomach will need a little comforting after the fact. Is it wrong? Perhaps. Will that stop me? Not for love nor money. I have a little trick up my sleeve,…

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Holiday Drinks {apple cider + burnt orange cocktail}


I enjoyed my entire Carnival Cruise, but one of the most memorable moments on the ship was when we got to take a Mixology class at The Alchemy Bar on board. Our intrepid teacher, Iona, led us through several of her signature artisan cocktails. At the risk of sounding like a pyro, my favourite part…

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Coffee Jelly

Coffee Jelly {the ultimate hostess gift} on Simple French Toast from foodiewithfamily.com

My husband lives, breathes, sleeps, drinks, and eats coffee. I mean REALLY.  We tea drinkers often get a reputation as being high maintenance, but my husband takes the cake with his coffee rules. The guy opts to drive rather than fly on all business trips under 12 hours so he can take HIS coffee and…

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Dulce de Leche Chai Latte {Caramel Chai Latte}

Dulce de Leche Chai Lattes {caramel chai lattes} from foodiewithfamily.com

It took a terrible show of willpower for me not to move this up in the queue to share with you sooner. The only thing that kept me from plunking a Dulce de Leche Chai Latte in the middle of #TurkeyWeek and wrecking the theme was the fact that I know there are people out there…

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