Albion Fit $175 Gift Card Mother’s Day Giveaway!

AlbionFit Nautical Black Suit

I have something so fun to share today! I was approached by the good folks at AlbionFit to see if I’d be interested in receiving a swimsuit and some workout gear to review and a $175 gift card to give to one Foodie with Family reader. I looked at their website and then flew back to my email tab to say yes.

Have you ever seen their stuff? That swimsuit up top is the one I ordered. I have to admit something to you.

I haven’t willingly worn a swimsuit in public in years. This is mainly due to the fact that I have had a pregnant or post pregnancy body for quite some time now. Yes, my baby is seven years old. What’s your point? Doesn’t it take twice as many years as months that you were pregnant to regain your pre-pregnancy body? I’m pretty sure that’s what I heard. That means that I have another eleven years before I should be expected to be fit again. Right? In the meantime, I haven’t been able to find a swimsuit that flatters my more well-rounded figure and is still relatively modest, so I swam in an old lady swimsuit (NOT CUTE) or cut-offs and a t-shirt (like Tobias’s never-nudes from Arrested Development.)

Makes me a great person to review a swimsuit,  right?  Here’s the thing, though.  When I took the swimsuit out of the package and tried it on, not only did I not look horrid, but I looked cute.  It held me in where I needed to be held in (I’m looking in your direction, Stomach.) It covered parts that I don’t like to have hanging out (…this means you rear and bosom.)

Most importantly -and I can’t emphasize this enough- I felt pretty in it. That swimsuit is worth its weight in GOLD people. It’s got an old time Hollywood glamour thing going for it and I love it.  I’ve worked this swimsuit pretty hard already (regular lap swimming at a local pool) and it’s holding up like a champ.

That’s not all then sent for me to try out, though. You all may or may not know that I’m a Pilates fanatic. It’s true. I’m as hooked as hooked can be on it, and up until recently, I was wearing a pair of tatty old yoga pants that had a pretty good sized rip in an unmentionable place. When I started attending classes at a local Pilates/Dance studio, I knew the old pants couldn’t come with me (because I’m not a creepy flasher) and my workout clothing from AlbionFit arrived just in time to save me from ignominy.

Check out these goodies. (None of these is me… just saying… Not that you’d confuse us… Oh never mind- just look at the pretty clothes!)

These pants are on my lower half at every Pilates class I attend. They stretch and move and support marvelously. I’m going to be ordering another pair in black for sure.

Albion Fit Graphite Capri

This Go-Long top with thumbholes somehow manages to be adorable and one of the most comfortable things I own all at the same time. With warmer weather on us, I throw this on over whatever I’m wearing in the cool mornings and evenings. I got fuschia because, well, I like pink things.

Go Long Fuschia with Thumbholes

Now let’s talk tank tops, shall we? I hadn’t ventured into the arena of workout-specific tops before getting the next two tops I’m going to show you, but I won’t be going back now. The Love Racer tank in seafoam and the Uline Top in White and Graphite are so ridiculously adorable I actually went INTO a store in PUBLIC after my last Pilates class and didn’t feel like a total tool. I was sweaty, I was stinky, but dangit, I was cute.

Love Racer Seafoam

AlbionFit Uline Top White and Charcoal


 How to enter the giveaway:

Visit to look at their swimsuits and workout clothing then come back here and let me know what you’d use your gift card to purchase. A swimsuit? Workout clothes? Both? After you leave the comment, use the rafflecopter widget below to record your comment and check out the FOUR optional extra entry methods.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: AlbionFit sent me each of the items pictured above for review free of charge and is providing one  $175 gift card to give away. There was no compensation for this post and all opinions are my own.


  1. Sarah says

    I would use it on workout clothing. I am trying to start my diet back up after I finish my semester of college in a week

  2. Rena says

    All the bathing suits are adorable but this is my fave: Jaw Dropper, Black and Emerald Green. Sooo cute!!

  3. says

    I started running for the first time in my life and have also started taking classes at the YMCA…but I haven’t invested a whole lot in workout clothes. Some decent looking pilates pants and a nice workout shirt would be AWESOME!!

  4. Laurie Senn Sagerman says

    Wow!!! I Love their clothes! I go to exercise class twice a week, and wear pretty much what I wear to bed…..sweats and a tee shirt..! Although I Love the black suit that you picked, so classic. I also learned something new, I did not know what a full scrunch bikini bottom was, now I do…If only I was 35 years younger…only kidding! :)

  5. Bonnie says

    I kinda want to try a swimsuit. I like most of them, but I think I’d try the gown suit. The pants sound amazing too.

  6. Rebecca says

    Probably a swimsuit, because they are so stinkin’ pretty, and actually have some coverage! And then I’m faced with the fact that I um, can hardly swim. But who doesn’t want to be cute when not-swimming at the beach?

  7. Kim says

    Once I started teaching (high school, no less) I became much more self-conscious about what I wear to the beach. A full-coverage one-piece and a beach coverup are a must.

  8. Karrie says

    Cute, cute, cute!!! I love the swimsuit, and the great workout clothes! Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. says

    I must have the go long shirt and yoga pants, yoga shorts, yoga capris!!! Yes. I really like a couple of the suits, too. The ruffles scare me (a lot), but there were enough without to stay on the page :)

  10. Karen D. says

    I love the midnight dip swimsuit and would have a very difficult to choose among the workout clothes. I love them!

  11. Rebecca says

    Oh, I would get running clothes, so that I can be inspired to actually go running with my new husband.

  12. jess says

    The crisscross suit in yellow, a signature hoodie in crimson, a match point pleat skirt in grey. Oh my, I could go crazy with all of it!

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