Why I do what I do…

I had someone ask me an interesting question today in church.  It’s not something that is foreign to me.  In fact, I get asked this question nearly every time I haul all five boys through the grocery store or to the library, doctor’s office, bank, post office, etc…  “Five boys?  Are you going to try for a girl?” 


I have heard this question hundreds of times, but today, for the first time, it made me think.  I always wanted a bunch of boys.  Granted, it would’ve been fun to shop for tights and Easter dresses.  You know what, though?  Even if I wanted to have a girl, I wouldn’t have much time to think about it…


Why I’m happy with my XY handful.


‘Cause superheroes still show affection.

Because sleeping boys are just as beautiful as sleeping girls.

Because they consider themselves dressed up if you slap a tie on ’em.

 Because baby boys are very, very furry.

Because pirates wearing safety glasses will eat your sticky barbecued ribs.

Because of faces like this…

Because, well, just look at him!

…And him!

…And all of them!

But most of all, because boys still hug their mommies.  And those hugs are just as wonderful.


  1. Aunt Tuna says

    You are killing me here. I adore those boys, as well as their wonderful momma. The early ones of Liam and Aidan are especially heart-wrenching. And the black and white of Rowan. And Ty rubbing his belly, Leif looking at him like he thinks ty might be acting a bit too silly. Man. Can’t wait to see you in hopefully near future!

  2. April says

    Don’t feel bad – I’m pregnant for my third girl and I get asked regularly if I’m going to keep trying for a boy. Um, can I give birth to this one first? And who says I was “trying for a boy” to begin with? Boy or girl, I love my babies and they are just right no matter what gender God gives me! 😀

  3. janel says

    It’s amazing what people say! I’m not sure why they think just because you have kids of the same sex, you are only having more children to try to get the other sex? I have a boy and a girl and I’ve heard “oh, now you don’t have to have more kids, you have one of each” HUH??

  4. Marilyn McDougall says

    Beccy, The photos are absolutely precious. As the mother of 5 grown boys I agree with you. Their hugs are wonderful!! I am blessed to have had my princess first. Testosterone is much, much different than estrogen and VIVE LA DIFFERENCE!!! Have a blessed Christmas and New Year 2009 with your wee warriors!

  5. says

    aww..now that’s an awesome post..and yep..being a mommy of a boy is pretty special.

    hope all is going well with you and yours..wanted to stop by and wish you all a Merry Christmas!
    have a great one!
    hugs, Tina

    p.s. oh..please do stop by my new blog all about gardening:
    my new etsy shop: http://www.myvictorygarden.etsy.com
    and..we invite you to stop by and check out the new Small Town Living forums!!

  6. Deirdre Lapp says

    I am so glad you shared your website with me…so far, this is my favorite post. God bless you and your beautiful little ones! I will be visiting your site often for much needed advice! Love, D

  7. Rebecca and/or Val says

    Ashley- Thanks. Boys are fun, no?

    Aunt Tuna- Big smiley thumbs up!!!!

    April- Amen!

    Janel- The other one I love is, “Five Kids!!! You know how that happens, right?” (Sly wink and possible nudge…) EWWWWW. “No. I have no idea how I got pregnant 5 times. I better lay off eating eggs, eh?”

    Mrs. McDougall- Thank you!

    Melissa- Thank you, too. I’m kind of partial to the little beasties…

    Tina- I’m not knocking girls, I just don’t know them. Boys? Love ’em. Thanks for your kind words.

    Vanessa- Thank you, kindly!

    Deirdre- I’m glad you liked it. Come back often!

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