Whirley Pop Rah Rah Rah

The Whirley Pop and Goodies The mail carrier brought us an unexpected treat today. We were the lucky recipients of a brand new Whirley Pop Gift Pack courtesy of my Aunt Molly.   We immediately tore into the box.  Thankfully, I remembered I was an adult in time to grab the instructions.  The boys and I promptly seasoned the pan according to directions and then grabbed one of the most important articles in our kitchen- the roasting pan/popcorn pan/granola pan.  It is the only pan large enough to hold a sufficient amount of popcorn for our crew. 


Next step?  Decide which popcorn to make first.  The popper came with buttery canola oil and sweet caramel glaze.  Pause to drool.  We opted for making a buttery/salty batch first immediately followed by a caramel glazed batch. 

Ty, Leif and Rowan with Whirley Pop items.

We’ve eaten air-popped popcorn for years because it was a cost efficient way to pop bulk amounts of popcorn with little to no babysitting of the process.  Since this gift was from Aunt Molly to the family, I figured I’d better get the kids in on the act making the popcorn. 

Liam making caramel corn.


This Whirley Pop requires as little effort as the air popper but yields a much tastier result.  I remember that we always had stove-top popped popcorn when I was a kid and this tasted just as good!  It was fun! It was delicious!  Liam raved that the buttery one tasted just like theatre popcorn.  The rest of the fellows agreed.  They also unanimously declared the caramel glazed popcorn to be one of the best things they’d ever eaten.  Big claims!  In short, we love it.  Thanks for the surprise, Aunt Molly!

The boys eating two kinds of popcorn.


  1. Rebecca says

    Thanks, Jenn. That is exactly what they were doing! Thanks for the sweet words about my kids. I think they’re cute… but I’m their Mom. I’m biased!

  2. fifi trixibelle says

    i seem to remember a little certain someone who shall remain unnamed(all grown up now)who, during a jaunt to the store, noticed a lady with extreme makeup. She looked up at me and said in the voice that automatically comes out louder when it will mortify a mother,”look, mommy, a SCARY CLOWN” Would someone just tell me what a mother should say to that? Gotcha, Beccy….I love you, honey. momma

  3. Rebecca says

    Gee, Mom (fif trixibelle). I don’t know of whom you speak. My words are always measued and kind. :-) I’m sorry I goosed someone who I thought was you in the store… xoxox

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