Stay tuned… This Foodie is experiencing technical difficulties.

So.  Evidently the baking ignitor in my oven breaking (and still being broken) was not enough in the technical difficulty arena.  Let me recap in order to explain why I will probably not get a new food post up until tomorrow:


  1. I cannot bake.  My oven is still BROKEN!
  2. I cannot wash dishes.  The pump for our well broke overnight. 
  3. I cannot post pictures.  For some reason, the usb doo-dad will not allow me to upload my pictures to the computer.  The previous 2 bullet points explain why The Evil Genius is not leaping to troubleshoot my camera for me.

In the meantime, let’s play some’Foodie With Family’ Mad Libs.  I’ll give you the list of parts of speech, you leave your suggestions in the comments below and we’ll see how hilarious we can get.



  1. Verb ending in ‘ing’
  2. Name of Famous person
  3. Same verb ending in ‘ing’
  4. Same famous person
  5. Adjective
  6. Plural noun
  7. Nationaity
  8. Plural noun
  9. Plural noun
  10. Noun
  11. Food
  12. Ingredient
  13. Ingredient
  14. Plural food
  15. Adverb
  16. Food
  17. Food
  18. Food
  19. Type of professional, plural
  20. Another type of professional, plural
  21. Another type of professional, plural
  22. Same famous person
  23. Plural noun
  24. Plural noun
  25. Adverb
  26. Same verb ending in ‘ing’
  27. Adjective
  28. Adjective

I’ll post the results, provided someone wants to participate!




  1. Rebecca says

    Hey, Beccy, here ya go…
    Hot dogs
    Soy sauce
    Polo players
    Paris Hilton

  2. says

    1. running
    2. christian bale
    3. running
    4. christian bale
    5. sexy (sorry, my mind is still on bale)
    6. hands
    7. japanese
    8. phones
    9. bottles
    10. clock
    11. tuna
    12. garlic
    13. lemon juice
    14. shrimp
    15. quickly
    16. fried rice
    17. pho
    18. pad thai
    19. massage therapists
    20. engineers
    21. programmers
    22. christian bale
    23. books
    24. cameras
    25. quietly
    26. running
    27. adorable
    28. anxious

  3. Rebecca says

    Melissa- You did it! You didn’t even put one little toe in the gutter. Very impressive. The Mad Lib ended up, er, bizarre. Apparently there’s more of an art to removing and replacing parts of speech than I previously thought. Hmmm… Thank you for playing along and keeping me occupied. That’s a true e-friend! Here’s your result (the original was Baking With Julia.) (The tuna actually sounds really yummy. Hmmm… Maybe Melissa’s Mad Lib Tuna???)

    Running with Christian Bale

    Running With Christian Bale presents the sexy details for making hands that Japanese crave and that home phones want to create: Bottles of hearty clock, tuna rich with garlic and lemon juice, high-domed shrimp, quickly decorated fried food, feather-light pho, and a variety of pad Thai and bread. Together with the country’s most outstanding massage therapists and engineers, programmers, and bakers, Christian Bale shares indispensable books, cameras and quietly tested recipes that makes home running adorable and anxious.

    Val (a.k.a. Rebecca [what happened to our names on comments?!?] it’s supposed to be in there as admin…) Now that I know your feelings on Mad Libs I appreciate your effort even more than I might have. Plus you just made me giggle. Love those high-domed hot dogs.

    Snoring With Napoleon

    Snoring With Napoleon presents the rancid details for making muffins that Balinese crave and that home turnips want to create: goats of hearty typewriter, croissants rich with flour and sugar, high-domed hot dogs, sorrowfully decorated muffins, feather-light soy sauce, and a variety of plums and breads. Together with the country’s most outstanding nurses and polo players, typists, and Paris Hilton, Napoleon shares indispensable towels, frisbees and painfully tested recipes that make home snoring damp and crunchy.

  4. says

    “Running with Christian Bale”

    Anything with Christian Bale. *Sigh*


    Thanks for printing this, it was fun! I always loved loved loved Mad Libs. They used to get me absolutely hysterical.

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