Peppermint Patty Milkshakes

Here’s the deal. I’m turning 40 this week. I don’t see this as a thing to hide. I think every single day I’m alive is empirical evidence that I’m okay at this being alive thing and is a reason to brag. I’m here! And to celebrate this week, I’m posting some of my favourite foods and have some SERIOUSLY fabulous giveaways. I kicked it off with fried pies yesterday, and today? Well, today, I am giving you another of my favourite foods -a milkshake- that is DIVINE. Today’s milkshake is a Peppermint Patty Milkshake full of one of my two favourite candy bars -York Peppermint Patties-, chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, and a splash of milk only big enough to keep things moving. It’s topped with a ridiculous amount of whipped cream, more chocolate syrup, and a frozen peppermint patty. And this amazing milkshake recipe is topped with a GIVEAWAY of epic proportions. Read on, friends…

Cool, chocolatey, Peppermint Patty Milkshake from

I have a long, sordid history with York Peppermint Patties. I used to take my allotted lunch money and divert it to the purchase of a full-sized Peppermint Patties plus Andy Capp’s Hot Fries on Monday and Wednesday, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and Hot Fries on Tuesday, and a KitKat and Hot Fries on Fridays. I’m sorry, Mom and Dad. Please don’t make me pay restitution on this.

I always loved that cool peppermint filling juxtaposed against the bitter-sweet dark chocolate outside. When I discovered that they were even BETTER when stashed in the freezer, though? It was all over but the purchase of the stretchy pants. I just can’t handle a muggy, hot, summer day without a bag of frozen peppermint patties in the chill chest. It was natural that they should make their way into a milkshake, then.

One hot and steamy day last week, I re-upped my stock of peppermint patties at the local store. I came home and the only way I could make room in the deep freeze for the new stash of candy was to remove the almost-empty half gallon of chocolate ice cream from the freezer. Lacking any other freezer space (something which I must remedy before picking my 100+pounds of blueberries next week) I decided to toss it into my blender and zap it along with a couple of peppermint patties that had partially melted on the way home. A splash of milk went in along with chocolate syurp and ZAP went the blender. A smooth, thick, ultra chocolatey, freshly pepperminted milkshake came out. The only possible course of action was to top it with an insane cap of whipped cream, another drizzle of chocolate syrup, and one of the larger peppermint patties stuffed onto the side of the glass. It’s okay. I shared. I let the boys each have a sip before barricading myself in the bathroom to finish it off.

Peppermint Patty Milkshake from

Hey.  You only get one 40th birthday month, right? RIGHT?!?

Cook’s Notes

  • The darker your chocolate ice cream, the closer your end product will be to the flavour profile of the peppermint patty. I’m thankful that we can buy Dark Chocolate ice cream at our local store. If you can’t find it, just use regular chocolate ice cream and a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder.
  • There may be some tiny little flecks of the peppermint filling in your milkshake no matter how long you blend it. I find this charmingly refreshing.

Cool, chocolatey, Peppermint Patty Milkshake from

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Peppermint Patty Milkshakes
  • 6 miniature peppermint patties
  • 1½ cups dark chocolate (or regular chocolate + 1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa powder)
  • ⅛ cup milk
  • 1 tablespoon chocolate syrup
  • ⅛ teaspoon peppermint extract (or 1 drop peppermint essential oil) -Optional, but boosts the peppermint flavour
For garnish:
  • generous whipped cream
  • drizzle of chocolate syrup
  • one peppermint patty for the side of the glass
  1. Add the miniature peppermint patties, ice cream, milk, chocolate syrup, and peppermint extract or oil to the blender. Blend on the milkshake setting (or on low for 15 seconds, medium for 20 seconds, then low for 10 seconds.) Pour into a glass or jar, garnish with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and a peppermint patty. Serve immediately.

 The Giveaway


Blendtec giveaway on Blendtec giveaway on

To help celebrate my 40th birthday, the good folks at Blendtec are offering the same blender kit that I own and use daily: the Designer Series Certified Refurbished Blender with both Wildside and Twister Jars. This is a serious piece of kit, friends! I use my Blendtec daily. Sometimes I use it multiple times each day. Ask anyone who owns one; they’re simply amazing.

So how do you enter to win? It’s simple! Please leave a comment below saying what the first thing is you’d make in your own Blendtec blender!! If you need a little inspiration, visit the Blendtec recipes page. Or visit the Blendtec Blog for an idea! Yours truly has something up there involving even MORE milkshakes!

UPDATE: Between facebook, instagram, and email, I’ve had at least 40 requests for a link to the glasses in the pictures above since posting this this morning! I’m nothing if not observant, so here’s a link. (Affiliate, of course!)

Fine print: This is NOT a sponsored post. Blendtec has offered one Designer Series Certified Refurbished Blender with both Wildside and Twister Jars as a giveaway to one Foodie with Family reader. This giveaway is only open to residents of the United States. I’m sorry to all my international friends! One winner will be chosen on Tuesday, August 5, 2014 and will be notified by email. The winner will have 48 hours to respond, or a new winner will be chosen and notified.

I am a Blendtec affiliate, though, and if you purchase a blender after clicking on the product link, I will receive a small commission.


    • ROBERT says

      With a Blendtec I could whirl together what I call Choc-late-nadoes. Two different favors and colors or ice cream (one being chocolate) the other whatever ones personal preference is. I like vanilla but your mint chip sound intriguing. Contrasting colors appear best. I have a special device which you insert in a clear glass. You fill the glass simultaneously with both ice creams. More or less two columns on each side of the glass. Then you pull the twister devise up through the middle creating a swirling effect – CHOC-LATE-NADO!
      Fun to look at…….Fun to Make…….Kids loves Them

  1. Sara K says

    Happy 40th birthday! That peppermint patty milkshake sounds pretty good! I’d make that or a fruit smoothie.

  2. Jane says

    I am so glad you included the link to their recipe ideas. I would love try their recipe for EGG BREAD. It sounds so good and unique.

    Happy Birthday. I was freaked out about turning 40, however, I found it to be oddly liberating; I hope it’s the same for you.. Have a wonderful day!

  3. SueDutton says

    I would make some sort of smoothie or milkshake – and it might just have to be that peppermint patty one!

  4. Kathleen says

    Happy Birthday! The first thing I’d make is probably some blender banana-oat pancakes for breakfast.

  5. Moriah says

    Mmm I LOVE a good Peppermint Patty. My husband would die for this.

    It’s hard to decide the first thing I would make in a new Blendtec Blender. I would say soup, my husband would say milkshakes! I have a brother with a feeding tube, so I would definitely want to try blended food options for him that his doctor has recommended. So many options!

  6. davis ann says

    a smoothie! my favorite lately has been strawberries + vanilla yogurt + a splash of coconut milk. YUM

  7. Robby says

    My first Blendtec drive would totally be a margarita. It’s been hotter than blazes and the current blender has reduced us to ‘on the rocks’. I’m not against that, but when it’s 95F, having a Margarita slurpee makes afternoon consumption less conspicuous. And then, on to some of your decadent milkshakes here!

  8. MrsTruman says

    We’d make “soomies” as my 2-year old calls smoothies. Right now we’re making them in the food processor, and he loves to help.

  9. says

    The first thing I would make in my new Blendtec blender would be some homemade coconut milk, then I would use that milk to make a super greens smoothie. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  10. Yvette N. says

    Happy Birthday Week!

    I would love to start making smoothies for breakfast. My blender isn’t tough
    enough to handle ice, but this Blendtec looks like it can handle any challenge I would throw its way!

  11. Michelle says

    My daughter blew up our Cuisinart blender trying to make a facial mask (smoke and all)! We replaced it with a Ninja which my son just broke making a protein shake. Although it was not in our original budget to buy a Blendtec, it clearly would have been worth the investment for our family! We would love to make smoothies, milkshakes, protein shakes and facial masks with a new Blendtec :)

  12. Jen says

    I’d definitely need to make myself some milkshake with this one. Fruit smoothies wouldnt be too far away either.

  13. Anne says

    Since I’ve never used a great blender, I’d love to give it a go with something fabulous, like a nice creamy soup. Local broccoli is showing up now, so a cream of broccoli soup would be a good way to break in a new Blendtec.

  14. says

    I’m feeling a adult beverage coming on. Yes, a cucumber lime margarita I believe! Or maybe a citrus version. All produce, no mix, mmmm. I think I’d make one of each and taste test to elect a winner!

  15. Christine says

    Happy Birthday! This shake sounds like the perfect indulgence to celebrate with you! I love York Peppermint Patties too and will have to try them frozen! :-)

  16. Margarita says

    I would make myself a breakfast smoothie- vanilla unsweetened almond milk, half of a banana, oats (or brown rice), dates, kale and baby spinach mix, chia or flax. And be off to a great start on my day!

    This shake looks and sounds incredible. I love the glass, too!

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