Mario Batali’s twin?!?

Ty needed some new summer shoes.  I scoured the internet for bargains.  It ain’t cheap to shoe 5 kids, let me tell you.  I briefly toyed with the idea of learning to make shoes and then came to my senses and clicked my way over to eBay.  Two minutes later I had purchased a bright orange pair of Crocs.  Mercifully, Ty loves orange.  It has been his favorite color for a very long time.  I told him he could expect the shoes to come in the next week or so.  Every five minutes for the next 10 days he asked when his Crocs were coming.  When Mr. UPS -as our kids call the UPS delivery guy- pulled into the driveway Ty was waiting for him.  He eagerly reached for the box and said, “Now I’m gonna look like Mario Batali.”  Oh really?


I’ll let you judge for yourself.  Does Ty look like Mario Batali?  (You have to click on the pictures to see them full-size.  I’m not sure why, but you do!)




My kids have a thing for Mario Batali.  They like him so much they’ve given him a nickname; Oreo Cannoli.  They want Oreo to make dinner for them.  They want to hang out with him.  They’re convinced that he’d be loads of fun to have around.  Well, Mario, if you’re reading this, you’re invited!  You’d make my kids’ summer. 


  1. Rebecca says

    Jenn and ECM- What gets me is that Ty is about as skinny as you can possibly get and still remain opaque. The resemblance is definitely confined to the orange Crocs. He loves Oreo’s food, though, and is convinced that he’d be a great guy to have over for dinner. (I agree- as long as Mario’s cooking!) You wouldn’t believe how hard I had to struggle for facial control when he asked whether he looked like Mario in his Crocs.

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