Food! It’s what’s for dinner! Tuesday, June 10, 2008.

Wow!  You wouldn’t believe the weird stuff going on here today.  Our power went out this morning around 10:30a.m.  So, feeling mighty full of myself for thinking of such a fun and educational idea I got the kids through their schoolwork in record time, got everyone groomed and packed them all into the van to go to the library.  And their power was out, too.  Duh!  They’re on the same grid. 


It wasn’t a wash because the kids sat on the library floor with the children’s librarian and the group of them built a gigantic brick castle and were shouting medieval things at each other.  I chatted with our town librarian about great places to buy produce locally and the best Salvation Army locations around here.  That woman is a librarian in the truest sense of the word.  She is a treasure-trove of information!


When the library’s power came back on we checked out the books we had grabbed by the dim emergency lights and headed home. 


Our power was back up, but my server was down.  ACK!  And I wanted to post my dinner plans for the night.  Here they are, better late than never.


Homemade onion poppyseed hamburger rolls

Grilled hamburgers with super secret toppings (I’m submitting this to a recipe contest and if I tell you I’d have to… Oh never mind.  If it’s published it’s not eligible for the prize!)  Of course, I’ll try to take a really good picture so you can see what’s on it.  C’est si bon! 

More Chilled Latin quinoa salad

Crash Hot Potatoes (Thank you The Pioneer Woman and Evil Chef Mom for giving me the heads up on these babies!  I’ve successfully addicted my kids, husband, mom, sister and three aunties to this recipe!)

Fresh plums

Gin and Tonic (“Gin and tonic, Pats?” “Oooooh, Gin and tonic, Eddy” wink wink.)


Updated with picture Wednesday June 12, 2008.


Not the prettiest picture, but boy did these taste good!




  1. says

    i know you can’t answer me because then you’d have to kill me… but the secret ingredient looks like radishes…

    aren’t those hot crash potatoes addictive?

  2. Rebecca says

    Oh. My. Word. I’ve never had anything quite so addictive as those potatoes. My middle son actually threw his arms around my legs (he’s short) and got tears in his eyes he was so happy when he saw them on the dinner plate. I’m really not joking!

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