Easy Baked Ranch Fish Tacos {30 Minute Meal from Scratch}

Baked Ranch Fish Tacos 30 Minute Meal www.foodiewithfamily.com

My husband has done mucho business travel lately and eaten roughly a metric ton of restaurant food. To hear him tell it, he’s good and tired of eating out. “It’s the same thing all the time! Bread, meat, brown stuff, heavy, low on the veggies! I want some home cooking!” Leaving aside the fact that I would love to throw in the towel and go out to dinner to celebrate his being home, I get it. You just plain feel BETTER and HEALTHIER when you eat food made at home on a regular basis.

…Well, provided you’re not making meals of THIS, ya know… Or THIS.

I do get it. When you are eating at home, you have three distinct advantages: 1) Quality Control. You decide the quality and origins of your ingredients. 2) Portion Control. You are far more likely to eat a more reasonably sized portion at home. 3) Yoga pants. As in, you can wear them while you’re cooking AND while you’re eating. And bonus: No need to brush your hair! Is it just me or is that the perfect accompaniment to dinner?

…And still? My husband loves me.

And he LOVES my food! He is especially fond of the dish I’m sharing today: Baked Ranch Fish Tacos. Does it sound a little familiar? It uses the Baked Ranch Fish Nuggets I shared with you last week as the main building block. What you get is crunchy, Ranch-flavoured, oven-baked fish nuggets piled on top of Sweet Corn and Black Bean Salsa, topped with Pickled Red Onions, and drizzled with Smoked Paprika Chipotle Sauce.


These fish tacos are the perfect blend of textures -crunchy, creamy, snappy, and chewy- AND the perfect blend of flavours -salty, savoury, spicy, tangy, sweet- all in one hand held package. The big kids can’t get enough of them, and even the little kids love them, too, minus the scary, frightening, man-eating vegetables…

It’s not just a pretty and tasty package, though… This meal takes me a whopping 30 minutes to prepare from start to finish. This is assuming I have a bottle of Smoked Paprika Chipotle Sauce and a jar of Pickled Red Onions in the refrigerator, which I almost always do. If I don’t, the pickled red onions take about five minutes of hands on time and an hour of rest time, OR I can use purchased pickled onions OR skip them and put fresh, chopped red onion on the tacos. We prefer the pickled ones, though!  The smoked paprika chipotle sauce clocks in at a five to ten minute project, too. What I’m saying is these are not complicated, difficult, or otherwise prohibitive to make. Besides all of this, they’re easy on the pocketbook, too!


Baked Ranch Fish Tacos 30 Minute Meal www.foodiewithfamily.com

Cook’s Notes:

  • While the Baked Ranch Fish Nuggets are baking in the oven, mix up your Sweet Corn and Black Bean Salsa and lightly char your corn tortillas then wrap the tortillas in a clean towel. This will keep them warm and pliable while the fish nuggets finish baking.
  • Serve this dish buffet style (with the dishes lined up on the counter) or family style (with dishes passed around the table) so that diners can assemble their own tacos. This makes the meal more interactive and fun, and keeps the tacos fresher than if you had assembled them yourself prior to serving.

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Baked Ranch Fish Tacos {30 Minute Meal from Scratch}
  1. While the Baked Ranch Fish Nuggets bake, gently char the corn tortillas directly over the burner to give them a little colour and deeper flavour. Stack and wrap them in a clean towel as they come off of the burner to help keep them warm and pliable. Serve all of the ingredients buffet or family style and let diners assemble their own tacos immediately before eating.


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    I’m a total sucker for fish tacos and tacos that are loaded with colorful toppings. Seriously I think I have issues when it comes to it… but these are loaded with the best-of-the-best toppings and who doesn’t like a 30 minute meal?? (annnnd now I’m hungry)YUM!

  2. says

    I lived in Miami for 6 months with my husband who was there for work. We lived out of a hotel so we ate out for EVERY meal. I know what your husband means when you just want a home cooked meal…and this looks like a great one!

  3. says

    I’m not really a fish lover….however, I just got back from the beach and I’m craving it!!! This looks and sounds perfect! It is so different from the usual dinner and I love that! We all need a little diversity :)

  4. says


    Well, I never thought I’d use the word “beautiful” to describe the word fish taco, but here I am, they are gorgeous!!

    Anyhow, laughed so hard when you mentioned the whole yoga pant deal/not brushing hair thing…..so there


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