Copyright and Fine Print

The Content (Text and Photography) of Foodie With Family is protected by U.S. Copyright laws.

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In other words, if you would like to use one of my photographs, recipes or part of one of my posts, please ask…  I’m a nice person and I bite only rarely. I’m likely to say ‘yes’ to the recipes, at least!

All photography and text is the work of Rebecca Lindamood unless otherwise noted.

And more fine print:

Pinterest Policy

I love Pinterest. I love that you pin me on Pinterest. I do not love when people copy and paste the entire recipe into the description or comment section of Pinterest, though, so don’t do it, please! Be nice! If you really like it enough to pin it, please be kind enough to let people click through to get to the good part.

Review Policies

Like it says in ‘First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind’ , “A noun is the name of a person, place, thing or idea.”  If I mention a noun by its proper name, it’s because I like it so much that I wanted you to know about it!  (Did you catch the practical example there?)

So the short answers are, “Yes, I do reviews.” and “Yes, I accept goods for reviews.”  and “Yes, I will do sponsored giveaways.” but here is the fine print:

  • I do not accept goods or services in exchange for a guaranteed review or compensation.  That’s just not right…
  • I may write about your widget, super sauce, or intergalactic maid service but whatever I write will not be submitted for your approval prior to publication.
  • Whether I write about your widget, super sauce or intergalactic maid service or not, I am not in the business of returning things.  So you sends me a robot maid?  I keeps it.
  • If I write a review that makes you happy that’s a nice thing but it doesn’t free you from copyright law.  See above.  Just ask folks.  If I liked your product enough to mention it, I’m mighty likely to allow you to use part or all of my review.
  • I will always, always, always mention that the product was sent to me gratis.  Because that’s just the way it ought to be.
  • I love giving away goodies.  I’m happy to pass along goods from sponsored giveaways.  Contact me with details on your idea!
  • I like dark chocolate.  (That’s not necessarily a review policy, but I thought that was important enough to throw in with the serious stuff.)

Advertising and Link Policies

  • Advertisements are run on Foodie With Family in order to defray the costs of maintaining this site and our standard of content.  (A fine thing for a woman who made chocolate covered roasted crickets for her children to say, eh?)
  • In order to keep true to the goal of a truly family-friendly site, I watch carefully to prevent inappropriate advertising content from making it onto Foodie With Family.
  • Do you want to advertise on Foodie With Family?  Email me at rebecca [at] foodiewithfamily {dot} com with your proposal.
  • I don’t do reciprocal links.  No mutual back-scratchery.  If I post a link to your site it’s because I really like you.  A lot.  Or because I think FWF readers will find you helpful or enjoy your products or content.

Comment Policies

  • I’m sure all of you are kind, generous, intelligent folks who help kittens across the street uphill both ways in the snow. So please remember to keep it nice and keep it clean in the comments. My kids read this site!
  • I reserve the right to remove any comment for any reason, and nasty comments will be removed. By nasty I mean just that.  I have no desire to quash dissent.  Disagreement and comments about problems with any of the content is welcome.  If you think my dinner rolls have all the texture and lightness of mid-game hockey pucks you’re welcome to say so.  But like I said earlier, this is a family-friendly site.  Ugly profanity or obscenity won’t last long here.  Oh sure, you can cuss up a storm at me in your head, but that’s different than putting it in print.  My Grandma reads this site!
  • If the only reason you’re leaving a comment is to get people to visit your site or content I’mma gonna delete your comment.  Send me an email if you want me to see what you’ve written.  I love reading stuff- I’ll hop right over and if it’s nifty I’ll be your biggest cheerleader.

Other Important Stuff

  • I’m not the boss of you.  Occasionally, I am known to throw caution to the wind.  To live life on the edge.  To go boldly (take THAT Shatner) where no cook dares go and ignore FDA recommendations.  That’s right.  I eat things with raw eggs, raw or rare fish, beef and whatnot every so often.   My family members have healthy immune systems and so we make that informed choice.  If you have a compromised immune system, and want to try one of these livin’-on-the-edge recipes, contact me;  I’ll come up with a substitute ingredient for you.
  • Use your noggin.  While the storage guidelines that I occasionally offer for food work for me, you still have to consider the food.  If I say you can hold it for a week, tightly covered, in the refrigerator and you find your container full of green, hairy, bad-smelling alien life forms, you should not eat it.  And again, if you have a compromised immune system or concerns, follow the FDA food storage and safety guidelines.