The telemarketer actually called me ‘honey’. Foodie needs to vent.

I received a call this morning from a telemarketer.  Interestingly, we’re on the do-not-call registry, but evidently these folks have found a way around the law.  Would this have irritated anyone else or am I crazy?  And in case you’re wondering why I didn’t hang up immediately it’s because I couldn’t believe this guy said what he did.  Really.   I’ll reproduce our conversation below.  My thoughts will be in italics.

Picking up the phone…


Me:  Hello?


Telemarketer Neanderthal (henceforth TN, speaking in a very smarmy tone of voice):  Hi.  Can I speak to the man of the house?


Me:  He’s not in.  I’m his wife.  May I help you?  Aw geez.  How long is this going to take?


TN:  No, I’m calling to speak to the man of the house about something that’s really important but would probably bore you.


Me:  Wow.  Where’d they dig this guy up?  Why don’t you try me?  I’m pretty smart.


TN:  Well, *honey*, it’s about sealing your basement walls and I’m pretty sure I’d better speak to the man of the house.  I don’t think you would understand.


Me:  Well, I think you might be underestimating me.  More importantly, the man of the house wouldn’t really like to speak with someone who talks to his wife like that.  Now kindly note that we’re on the do-not-call registry and take us off your list permanently.


Hanging up enthusiastically with steam shooting out of ears. 



Am I nuts?


  1. When I first read your title, I thought to myself, “The telemarketer was simply a gay man.” After all, we gay men call all women honey — or sweetie — or girl. It’s just a gay thing-ask any fag hag. But after reading further, I came to realize that your telemarketer was a Neanderthal. And a lousy telemarketer at that because he forgot the most important sales rule of all: “Don’t prejudge your prospects. Qualify first.” What if you were a single woman? or a lesbian? or had a husband who thinks a screwdriver is a drink that was popular in the 70′s? What a moron!

  2. Preston- Ah, validation. Thank you! …And I was a theatre major. This wasn’t that kind of ‘honey’. :-)

  3. I always get the, “Is your mother’s home?” telemarketers. Of course I happily say nope and hang up.

  4. Oh no no no. You’re not crazy. That was a horrid conversation. What a twit.

  5. LOL yep..they do that..and nope you are not nuts.

  6. oh man, i’m glad i wasn’t on the phone with him… it would not have pretty!

  7. Katie- I’ve never had that one!

    Melissa- Maybe I’m not crazy over that, but I assure you I am crazy!

    Tina- Thank you!

    ECM- I actually would’ve paid money to hear your response to him.

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