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Dark & Stormy Orchard

Rebecca Lindamood
Ginger, spiced rum and apples are a match made in the orchard. The classic Dark & Stormy takes Captain Morgan's Black Spiced Rum on a tour of the Maine coast with the addition of boiled cider syrup (a.k.a. apple molasses) and a cinnamon swizzle stick.


Per Drink:

  • a highball or double old fashioned glass full of ice
  • 1 tablespoon Boiled Cider Syrup a.k.a. Apple Molasses
  • 2 ounces Captain Morgan's Black Spiced Rum Dark Rum or Original Spiced Rum may be substituted if desired.
  • 11 ounces Ginger Beer Use Q Ginger, Barr's, Reed's, or Papa's Hooch for best results.

Optional: A cinnamon stick for stirring.


    • Pour the boiled cider syrup over the ice. Follow this by adding the Black Spiced Rum and then the ginger beer. Use a cinnamon stick or spoon to stir lightly. Serve immediately.

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