We have ultra-scientifically determined the winner.

I asked the boys to help me determine the winner for our Calphalon pan, Tightwad Gazette, and Pastry Scraper giveaway. In true parent fashion, I decided to make it into a math lesson. Here’s how the process went.

Mom: Okay, everyone give me a number between 1 and 43 (the total number of comments plus those who linked back to us.)
Liam: 17! (Decisively.  Like it’s the only number possible.)
Ty: 10? (With a decided “Why am I doing this?” look on his face.)
Rowan: I’m three! (Fluttering eyelashes and looking adorable.)
Leif: 60! (triumphantly)
Mom: Leif, that’s well over 43. Can you try a number between 1 and 43?
Leif: 17! (“When in doubt, parrot Liam,” sayeth Leif.)
Aidan: 14 (Because I am not Liam.)

We added all of the numbers up and averaged them to come up with 12.2. After rounding down (since it’s all about the math, n’est-ce pas?) we came up with comment #12. Excluding my comment, since I can’t very well win my own giveaway that brings us to Jennifer.  We had two Jennifers commenting, so I’ll specify.  The winner of the Calphalon pan, Tightwad Gazette, and Pastry Scraper is THIS Jennifer:

June 4th, 2009 at 3:54 pm

Well sir. Where to begin.
I have never made bread before, and have remained timid at the thought, frankly, since my mom used to bake the most yummy, chewy, pull-you-in-from-the-fields-it-smells-so-good bread. To fail is unfathomable. The stakes are high. But THIS recipe! It looks simple enough for me to handle (I’m no beginner, other than bread), and the payoff… Oh geez I’m drooling. How embarrassing. Is it wrong that I want to throw in tiny chunks of dry cured hot salami? What about sun-dried tomatoes and kalamata olives? Bacon chooped up tiny and rosemary? Hell, JUST rosemary and olive oil? LAVENDER FLOWERS. Cheddar and Chipotles. Onion needs to go in there too. Ok, I’m getting carried away, I know. The bread is just going to end up as a vessel for other ingredients, let’s be honest. Ok, and the first loaves? On their way right now, smelling EXACTLY like they should. Drool. You know what I’m going to do with them? So wrong, but I’m going to slice into em from above along the ‘X’, jam some butter in there, and let it melt. MMMMMMMMMMM… Maye the next ones could have a touch of cinnamon with maple butter…
I think I’m really onto something here!
Thanks SO MUCH, from myself, and anyone within smell distance!

Wow!  Thank you, Jennifer.  But tell me, did you like it?   Contact me via email with your snail mail address so that I can send you your goodies.  Congratulations!

…And thank you to everyone else who participated.  Stay tuned for another giveaway and more delicious recipes in the next couple weeks.


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