Water Bottle Organization LifeHack

How to Organize your Re-usable Water Bottles. A summer #Lifehack from foodiewithfamily.com and JCP.com Disclaimer: This post and giveaway are sponsored by JCPenney. All opinions and ideas remain my own.

Is there a mom alive who doesn’t simultaneously love and despise reusable water bottles? Water bottles have saved me from the horror that is watching my children try to drink from public drinking fountains without contracting the plague more times than I can count. I love them so much that each person in my family has at least two to their name: one for using plus one in the wash. Even I have a couple of them: one for home and one for barre and Pilates classes at the studio. But OH MY WORD, the clutter.

They have fallen on my head after rolling off of the top of the refrigerator (bad place to try to keep them, FYI). More than one has clanked and slammed down the stairs to its untimely squished death after a storage basket upended because kids were wrestling near it. I shoved them all over my kitchen counter waiting for the insides to become bone dry after a trip through the dishwasher because I have a serious fixation with not putting a lid on a wet bottle. No more wire hangers? No. I’m fine with wire hangers. No more wet water bottles with lids in place so they can fester and grow bacteria ever! And I’m not going to even TRY to count how many water bottles have been retired because their extra proprietary, funky shaped lid went missing in our black hole of a kitchen catch-all drawer.

I tried everything I could think of to organize them: wine racks, shoe holders, laundry baskets, and even -out of sheer desperation- plastic grocery bags hanging on hooks inside the basement stairs. Every one of them failed because of one major flaw: nothing had a place where we could store the odd lids and still actually see them. Every one, that is, until I found this Michael Graves Design Over-the-Door Basket Organizer from JCPenney. There are two main differences between this bad boy and an over-the-door shoe organizer.

  • The nifty mesh pocket at the top lets you drop in the un-matched lids or tops or straws for the water bottles and still keep a visual on them. No black hole happening there.
  • The baskets (or shelves) hold everything from small 1-cup water bottles to the largest canteens (in the top basket) and everything in between. They even hold our 1-liter Sodastream bottles neatly.

To say that I’m a fan of this basket organizer is to put it mildly. I recommend it to all my mommy-friends who have been overrun with water bottles.

MAJOR BONUS: The kids can find their own water bottles and lids for all their summer excursions into the great wild that is our backyard or the playground or picnics or bike-riding with friends, or…or…or… You get the idea. Summer just got a little easier.


The good folks at JCPenney have kindly offered a $100 JCPenney gift card to one lucky Foodie with Family reader. You can use it to grab a water bottle organizer, er, Over-the-Door Basket Organizer and still have enough left over to grab some supplies to make your summer fun! How do you enter? It’s simple! Tell us your favourite #lifehack in the comments below: what tricks do you have that make your life a little easier?

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  1. Bernie says

    This might not be a life hack for anyone but me, but when I’m using a lint roller I don’t peel the used strip off–I just store it linty. Then before I use it the next time, I peel the old strip off, throw it away, roll my clothes, and the cycle begins again. I have found this to be much easier than trying to keep the label and reattaching it, etc. I would love to win!

  2. Kim says

    I have a couple of bins out in my garage for snacks and for lunch stuff for my three kids. They know where it is and how it’s organized so they can go out and get whatever they need. It’s very helpful!

  3. Karen says

    We get overrun with waterbottles too. We tend to accumulate lots of freebees and they never have lids and straws that fit the other bottles

  4. Sandy Headtke says

    I buy vinegar and baking soda in large quantities and use it to clean everything. Safe and deodorizes.

  5. Lisa B says

    I keep a spray bottle of vinegar by the kitchen sink and clean the chicken eggs when them come in the house with a spritz of vinegar, warm water and a paper towel

  6. TiffH says

    I use a shoe organizer, the kind for the closet where the shoe go hooks upside down, in the garage for wet or muddy shoes to dry after hiking. Shoes dry much faster and they’re not dripping in the house by the front door.
    Also I use a shower curtain rod in the laundry room for hangers.

  7. Michelle says

    I have a bench with large storage cubbies underneath, Each kid keeps one pair of sneakers and one pair of slip on shoes (flip-flops, crocs, etc.) there. That way no one is running around looking for shoes as we are walking out the door, there is always something to wear right there. In the drawers of that bench we also keep sunglasses, sunscreen, and extra electronics chargers.

  8. Amy S. says

    I take an over the door shoe organizer when we go on vacation. I’ve labeled the pockets with things like “sunscreen” and “cameras” as well as pockets with the names of family members. This way everyone (hopefully!) knows where frequently used items are without having to hunt everywhere.

  9. Suzanne M says

    To wash my frosting/decorating tips in the dishwasher, I use the mesh holders that are sold for washing baby bottle nipples. I also use the little brushes from the bottle nipples to clean the tips out by hand.

  10. CarinaRdz says

    I use shoe organizers in my preschoolers closet for his play clothes so they are easily accessible for his independent hands without getting confused with his good clothes which are on hangers or in drawers.

  11. beth says

    finally banished all the cleaning bottles from the bathroom – now i just keep a spray bottle of bleach water in there. useful for spraying down nearly every surface in there, and a dead easy way to keep the shower mildew free (just spray down when you’re done showering. love the look of the bottle organizer – could see using that in the linen closet to make it easier for my guys to find toothpaste/shampoo/etc.

  12. Deitan says

    Not sure if this qualifies as a life hack per se, but I stopped buying hand soap long ago. One it is just another expense and something to further clog the cabinets with, and I couldn’t find a hand soap that wasn’t antibacterial :/ So, I just fill my dispensers with – body wash! It smells wonderful, a leetle leetle bit goes a looooong way, and it doesn’t totally dry your hands out! Plus, you buy one soap product for you and your hands. Nodding, nodding, nodding….. I can completely relate to all of the above cabinet, where the heck are the lids, and what in the world is growing in the bottom of that bottle!! Putting a wet lid-closed bottle away really gets my goat :/ What a great solution!

  13. Juls says

    My lifehack is getting up 30 min earlier during the summer months to allow for watering my garden and it’s also calming. However, my lifehack is the wheeled garbage can we upcycled to a rain barrel when our city changed to a services that uses their own. I cut down on the water bill, my thirsty tomatoes and peppers (flowers too) get to drink and it’s neat and clean! The hubs put a faucet on the bottom so I didn’t have to pull those huge buckets up from inside and almost end up bottom over head inside the barrel!

  14. justme says

    I also use an over-the-door shoe holder. I have mine on the back of the office door and store supplies like glue, scissors, sharpies, erasers, crayons, staples, etc. My kids (and husband!) can easily see what they need and no longer rummage through drawers, upending everything. I can easily see what we’re running low on, eliminating last minute trips to the store for projects. Best of all, there are no questions for me about where an item is located!

  15. Melody says

    My favorite #lifehack applies more in the winter months, but each winter I’m so thankful for it! There are 4 of us in my family. In our coat closet, I have 4 clear storage containers, each labeled with one person’s name. (Scrapbooking stickers with packing tape on top to keep them in place). Each person’s winter gear (gloves, scarves, hats, etc) go in their box. That way, finding your stuff is a breeze.

  16. Rita T says

    I have a front load washer, and buy the laundry soap pods. My 10 and 6yo daughters do their own laundry–2-3 less loads that I have to do each week and they are learning a life skill.

  17. Anne Weber-Falk says

    Drawers and bins for everything. Lid drawer, towel drawer, bin for plastics and don’t forget to put the lid on it, shelf for cereals, baskets one for gum and candy treats the other for nuts and dried fruits. You get the picture.

  18. Peggy Nagy says

    I use the plastic baskets in my fridge to sort things… I also use lazy susans in my spice cupboard for the larger containers… I love this idea for the water bottles I have tried various things but now have turned out well… water bottles still ended up on floor.

  19. Kristie M. says

    I bought a clear shoebox for each pair of shoes. I then took a photo of each pair and taped it to the outside of the box. The shoes are organized and easy to find.

  20. Kim Porter says

    I save our empty toilet paper rolls and use them to keep the long cords of my appliances neatly in place while they’re being stored. Also the empty rolls can be stuffed with the lint from the dryer to make a natural kindling to start campfires.

  21. Jenni says

    Life hacks? Hmm, I love keeping my cleaning products in an over the door shoe organizer. They are super handy that way. I also am in love with what I call “blue stuff” for stain removal – it is 1 part dawn dish soap, 1 part baking soda, and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide. It works great (just be careful with purple, we’ve had a couple items fade a bit)!

  22. Bonnie says

    I’ve started using e cloths for cleaning. The glass cleaner ones are the best. One cloth to wash, another to polish. Amazingly quick to clean the windows. No windex needed. The clothes are inexpensive and I’ve eliminated a lot of chemical cleaners.

  23. Rebecca says

    I have been keeping a cute dual-walled lidded tumbler on my desk at work – and I have been drinking so much more water!

  24. Mami2jcn says

    My #lifehack is getting my 11 year old to do the vacuuming! We just started him on this new chore and it’s been a great help to me.

  25. Jennifer says

    My favorite summer trick is for corn on the cob: Wrap the cobs fully husked in a damp kitchen towel, steam in the microwave for approximately 8 minutes, then cut the stem end of the cob off (you’ll need gloves as the cobs are hot) and slide your completely clean corn out. No need to husk and all of the silk is removed. Voila!

  26. nicole dz says

    My favorite #LifeHack is having an emergency kit in the car. I even added items to it. I keep it in the trunk and love it.

  27. Denise says

    I use ecloths to clean. Love them. If the job is a little tougher than water and ecloth I use straight up vinegar and baking soda for anything tougher.

  28. says

    I use vinegar a lot to clean. To make it smell better and give it citrus power, put your orange peels in a jar, cover with white vinegar for a week or so and then pour the orange vinegar in a jar, ready for cleaning. If you have a disposer, I’ve heard grinding up the softened peels helps clean and deodorize it.

  29. Jen Jen says

    Lately I’ve started peeling my ginger with a spoon. This life hack is amazing!! So easy and fast. I love getting tips and recipes from your site.

  30. Christyn says

    This is a great idea- especially since regular “shoe organizers” don’t work for the larger bottles. Love to win!

  31. Vanessa says

    Umm…not sure if its considered a “life hack”, but whenever I use fresh green onions I’ll trim down to the light green/white and place the root end in a shotglass full of water. Place in a window and in a few days your green onions will grow again!

  32. Natalie says

    My favorite #lifehack is preparing meals for the week, including work lunches on Sunday and then putting them in the freezer/fridge. It saves so much time! Also, I clean the shower during and right after I take a hot shower. It loosens up the dirt and makes it easier to clean.

  33. says

    my hack is my organizing my makeup drawer which is all my lipsticks coordinated by color and shadows by color and so on so on.. but i also organize it on how often i use it. So everything i use everyday goes in the front.. lol sounds kind of crazy but it works for me!

  34. Emilie says

    I took an old cloth shoe organizer and cut it down to fit on the inside of a cabinet door. I hung it with some sticky strips and now it holds cleaning supplies under my kitchen sink. It has really uncluttered that cabinet.

  35. heather says

    My lifehack tip that makes my life easier is that I keep a spray bottle full of water and white vinegar to clean the kitchen counters.

  36. Mary Kate says

    I learned how to fold all my reusable grocery bags into small rectangles so that they could all be stored neatly in a plastic bin. It saved so much space.

  37. says

    LOVE THIS HACK Beccy! You’ve solved one of my [many] dilemnas.
    My #lifehack? When my kids were toddlers I sorted their toys into identical, numbered tote boxes … they played with only 1 box of toys each day or sometimes each week … it was like they got new toys each day/week! Kept their mass of toys well organized and toy sets/parts together 😉

  38. Lauren says

    I pack a reusable grocery bag when we travel so it can double as a beach bag and laundry bag if needed!

  39. says

    This is so awesome, Rebecca! I need one of these ASAP, and I don’t even have a door to hang it on. I need to figure out some wall space for it.

    One lifehack we use all the time is to keep all the kids shoes in a basket by the back door. As soon as the boys are in the house, they toss their shoes into it. No searching for lost shoes, no stray shoes floating around the house.

  40. amanda whiltey says

    i like the lifehack about using a soda can tab on a wire hanger to hang a second one. i also like using a pants hanger to hold up a recipe while cooking.

  41. Lauren E. says

    My fave #Lifehack is to freeze coffee in cube trays so I dont water down my coffee when making iced coffee

  42. Lisa Brown says

    My summer #LifeHack is to attach many of my plants and summer garden to a drip system so i don’t have to run out and water constantly.

  43. ktr says

    My life hack is we found a metal shelving unit that I believe is supposed to be used as a short of decorative book case. The shelves are metal slats so there is a space between them. It works great in our mud room/bathroom to put boots on. Most shoe organizers don’t accommodate tall boots and the slats allow any mud on the boots to fall to the floor after it has dried. Then all we have to do is sweep underneath the rack and the mud is cleaned up.

  44. says

    My most-used #lifehack is using paper grocery bags to wrap things that I send in the mail, rather than buy bubble packaging for example. It saves money and recycles.

  45. Heather Hicks says

    I reuse paper bags from the grocery store by placing them under my daughter’s highchair when she eats to catch any dropped food. Easy cleanup!

  46. 3petitsprinces says

    One of my greatest time savers is having two laundry hampers–a white/light colored one for lights & black/dark one for darks. No more separating!

  47. Celia says

    I separated my measuring spoons and hung them on hooks on the inside of one of my cabinet doors. It’s super handy and saves me from searching in a drawer for the spoon I need.

  48. jennifer says

    i have a box that is supposed to be used to store tea bags that i use to store nutrigrain bars. they are easy for the kids to see and pick the kind they like.

  49. D Schmidt says

    My summer #LifeHack is more outdoor playtime meaning less mess and cleaning inside! One great activity my children love to do is to attach bubble wrap to their feet and then jump in kid friendly paint and create amazing works of art.

  50. Kelly D says

    My favorite #Lifehack is to bring a cooler with drinks and snacks when we go on summer day trips. It saves lot of time and money when my kids need a drink or something to eat.

  51. Bryn says

    I keep a bag of extra dog fowl, leash, treats and a towel in my car for new puppy along with my girls emergency bags. It’s made impromptu park stops soooo much easier.

  52. Jessie C. says

    My favourite #lifehack is to repurpose glass bottles as grain containers and pencil holders.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  53. Deb moretti says

    I set out five days worth of clothes for the kids in their closet based upon the weather forecast. Then they just pull it out and get dressed. Relieves a little morning stress.

  54. says

    I think our family’s most important summer “lifehack” would be to remember it’s okay to break plans and stop chores to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors on a pretty day.


  55. Barbara Montag says

    When it’s too hot to be outdoors and we want some exercise we turn on our Wii and have fun with Just Dance!
    thank you

  56. April V. says

    My best #lifehack is setting a time for running the dishwasher and clothes washer. Electric company power is more costly during the most often used hours, 8am to 8pm so we do not run the dishwasher or clothes washer unless it is before 8am or after 8pm. It also reminds us to get it done!

  57. Bethany says

    I comb my hair in the shower, right after I condition it, which helps me rinse it well AND means I don’t have to worry about tangles once I get out. When I finally came up with this solution, it saved me so much time on my hair in the morning!

  58. Jennifer says

    we use old mesh bags with broken zippers as bath toy storage held onto the tub wall with a suction cup with a hook, also they’re great tacked over a wire shelf to make a sweater dryer, an old baby gate became a fold out of the wall drying rack, and we used an old feed tub hooked into our sink drain for our rabbits litterbox, no changing paper just flush it down with a bucket of water… our whole house is a mishmash of re purposing and clever usage of random objects!

  59. Meena R says

    I use baking soda to clean my sinks in the kitchen and bathroom. It means less noxious chemicals and much more eco-friendly!

  60. Heather says

    We save (big) paper bags from grocery stores, etc. and fill them with any papers we are finished with. Then, when it’s time to recycle, voila! We can just carry out one bag (sometimes with handles!) instead of a bunch of stacked-up papers that will slide off.

  61. Michelle C says

    I like to freeze coffee into iced cubes for use in iced coffee. It cools the coffee without watering it down and saves me from going to the coffee shop. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  62. Joy says

    My #lifehack is using shoe organizers everywhere. There is one on the back of almost every door. They hold cords, sunscreen, bug spray, toys, hair ties, you name it!

  63. Stephanie Foos says

    My favorite #lifehack is what I call my “dinner board”. After realizing my family only orders food on menus with pictures, I was inspired to create a Dinner Board with picts of our favorite meals. I ask them which pictures they want to eat this week, they point and I have an instant grocery list! It’s perfect!

  64. Rachel says

    I made an over the door holder to hold all our winter hats, gloves, and scarves. If I don’t win I may just have to sew myself a bottle holder! Thanks!

  65. Margaret Smith says

    We like to bring water with us mostly everywhere we go and since we like it cold, we learned to keep some bottles frozen and when we’re on the go we grab a bottle and have nice cold water that stays cold for awhile.

  66. Janet Woodling says

    When I cook on the grill I will cook meat and veggies for several meals. It saves time and makes life easier on busy days.

  67. susan wiener says

    We keep garbage bags already in the garbage bins after we take them out to the trash so when there is garbage we don’t have to hunt for a bag. thx

  68. Elizabeth Drake says

    My favorite #LifeHack is buying cheap fruit at the farmer’s market, freezing it and using it during winter for smoothies!

  69. Jennifer Juenke says

    My favorite life hack is freezing Raspberry Crystal Light in Ice cube Trays and put those in my iced tea to give it a little flavor!

  70. Denise S says

    My favorite is making my own frozen popcicles with fruit juice instead of buying more expensive ones full of sugar.

  71. Linda G. says

    I made a pantry with shelfs in the basement so I can buy several when there is good sales and stock up on things

  72. Emily Morelli says

    I do most of my meal prep for the week on Sunday so that evenings go more smoothly and I have more time to spend with the family.

  73. Wanda McHenry says

    My favorite life hack is to freeze the local fruits that we have picked for use in the winter months.

  74. Thomas Gibson says

    One of my #lifehacks is something I learned in boot camp. I polish my shoes with feminine pads. They do a great shine.

  75. Anastasia says

    One lifehack that i frequently use is for cleaning the microwave. Heating up a lemon juice and water mixture for about ten minutes in the microwave loosens up all the cooked on food and you can just wipe everything out with ease :)

  76. jose benavides says

    I have four kids and all I can say is to plan ahead and cut corners if needed to make the job at hand easier..

  77. Crystal F says

    My favorite hack is to use a used dryer sheet to dust with. It works great and you’re saving rags or paper towels. Thank you!

  78. Cynthia C says

    I keep a bag of personal care items in my suitcase so I can just throw in my clothing and be ready for travel in a flash. It helps me to not forget anything too.

  79. paige chandler says

    I cook a big family dinner on Sunday night with lots of leftovers I turn onto new meals. for the week.

  80. Marlene Zerbe says

    I am an OT and like to use parmesan cheese containers for crayons – even fat one fit though the holes. ithis year I made them into frogs as seen on another website and we also uise tweezers (harware store types) and insect to feed the frogs.

  81. Ryan Morin says

    My best #lifehack is my freezer. Seriously. With it I can keep my meat, fish, fruit and veggies fresh for however long I need. Freezers are a godsend!

  82. Kimarie Stebbins says

    My fav life hack is that I put those little plastic holders from bread bags on the bottom of your flip flop if it breaks.

  83. debbie says

    I keep a small basket on top of my freezer in the laundry room with microfiber cloths. They are easy for anyone to grab and use for anything. My favorite #lifehack for them? Use them on a swiffer. They work just as well as the disposable refills and are environmentally friendly.

  84. Tamar says

    My online organization skills are pretty awesome :) I like using Dropbox for storage and putting things in appropriate folders.

  85. mickeyfan says

    We created a pantry out of an old closet. It’s amazing to have a place to organize food/large pots/etc.

  86. Stephanie V. says

    Having the kids organize their toys in priority boxes – highest, middle, lowest – then donate the lowest box to keep toys tidy
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  87. Leigh Anne Borders says

    My #lifehack is my organization in the kitchen. Things are pretty organized due to some storage containers. I have never seen this water bottle thingy though and i have to say I love it! I was just reorganizing mine today!

  88. Sarah Hirsch says

    When cleaning a room, I use a laundry basket to throw everything that doesn’t belong in the room into the basket. Then I make my kids put away everything in the basket, because it is always their stuff!

  89. Melissa Sly says

    What a great idea this is. Thanks. I already have a shoe holder over the door with my cleaning supplies, light bulbs and miscellaneous hard to store items. Can’t wait to add this in!

  90. Mendy Dinsmore says

    Always be prepared! My husband is ill and I have to remember all his meds and equipment. We keep a bag ready in case of an ER visit comes up.

  91. brittney says

    using the slow cooker and preparing my meals the night before has been a life saver! home cooked meals every night and 10 minute prep times!

  92. donald light says

    I learned a tip somewhere that helps with my procrastination. If you can do it in 5minutes just do it i know its not really a life hack more of a tip.

  93. Tabathia B says

    I use small storage totes for small toys and stuffed animals to keep down the toy clutter

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  94. Lauren E. says

    My fave lifehack is using tension rods inside cabinets for sorting cooking sheets & cutting board easily.

  95. Sylvie W says

    BIG POT COOKING :) Oh yes, I make huge batches of food and serve some for the current week and freeze the rest.

    CONDENSE THE TRASH. To save on how often I have to put out the trash, I flatten all empty containers. They take up less space and stretch the time when I need to take out the bin

  96. Kerry says

    My best lifehack is keeping my kids busy with chores. It helps me a lot and it also helps them learn responsibility.

  97. S. Carter says

    The hack I learned recently that I love is using binder clips on the back edge of my desk to keep cords in place even when they are unplugged.

  98. Erica C. says

    I cut-up fruit and veggies and separate into servings so they are easy to grab throughout the week.

  99. talliana says

    I have a large family planner showing the next four months on it. if anything is coming up all each person has to do is write it down on the appropriate date so we all know what is going on. I also keep a small personal planner for doctor/dentist appts #lifehack

  100. Allie says

    plan ahead for cooking & meals! no one is happy when they are hungry! it is a good idea to be well stocked with simple meals

  101. Lisa Jones says

    My favorite life hack is putting pop tabs on hangers to hang more hangers off of! Its really a great space saver and with three kids we need all the extra space we can get!

  102. Margaret says

    My life hack: At the end of every month, I fix birthday, anniversary, or occasion cards for everyone in my family and friend who has a birthday is this month. I date each one right below the stamp when they need to be mailed to arrive in time.

  103. Kristin says

    I like to do certain things each day so that I’m organized and efficient and not trying to tackle too many chores at once.

  104. Tammy says

    My favorite lifehack is now that summer is here I use a muffin tin for condiments when BBQ’ing. You can put pickles, ketchup, mustard, olives, onion slices all in the cups and clean up becomes so much easier!

  105. Madeline says

    My favorite summer #LifeHack is to plant lots of veggies in our garden because then I can’t help but plan meals around them and I eat a lot more healthfully!

  106. Mallory W says

    I keep my calendar on me at all times, it helps when trying to make last minute plans, or plans with friends when out and about. I also love to use a backpack as our diaper bag. It has been a HUGE help to just carry on my back. peacenrknrll@yahoo.com

  107. Dario says

    when weather permits i open my mail outside so junk mail goes right into the recyling bin and doesn’t pile up in the house

  108. Anne says

    My #LifeHack is that I use a spreadsheet to keep track of recipes I’ve made, which cookbook or notebook it’s in, how well we liked it (yes, with a star rating!), and any changes I made to the recipe as written. It makes it so much easier to find a favorite recipe!

  109. Iliana Blair says

    My favorite summer #LifeHack is to care for my gardens and get a good workout and a dose of vitamin D !

  110. Stephanie Galbraith says

    My favorite Summer #Lifehack is the chore lists for the kids. It teaches them responsibility as well as helps keep the house clean.

  111. Lisa says

    Organization is so key. I use fruit bag tags on my electrical plugs to make it easy to change out plugs on our portable devices so its easy to grab and go on trips.

  112. Nicole Millheim says

    My favorite #LifeHack is organizing things to make my life easier. To keep things where they are suppose to be

  113. Beverly Metcalf says

    I try to stay organized, but sometimes that’s hard to do. I find if I make a daily list of things that need to be done, it helps. Thanks!

  114. kathy pease says

    My favorite #lifehack is that everyone does their own laundry in our house since my kids are 17 and up. It is way too much for one person to handle

  115. Carolyn Daley says

    My #lifehack is cooking extra food when I have time so on nights when I am busy I can have quick and easy left overs. I love left overs to save me time without compromising for unhealthy choices like junk food or take out. Left overs are just as convenient.

  116. says

    My favorite #lifehack is to teach the kids the right way when they are young, even though it takes a lot longer, it pays off dividends for the rest of their lives.

  117. RICHARD HICKS says

    My favorite summer #LifeHack is making a cookout a sort of a potluck. So much food for everyone to choose from and everyone is happy.

  118. Ellie Wofford says

    My favorite #lifehack is to keep fruit & veggie snacks already prepared in the fridge for when my kids start asking for a snack! All the work on one day & we have healthy snacks all week!

  119. Seyma Shabbir says

    My life hack is prepping food the day before (veggies, rice, etc) and just mixing it and cooking it when it is time to eat!.

  120. Susan Robbins says

    My favorite #Lifehack is to keep a large ice chest filled with a variety of drinks by the front door. It has water, juice, soda, energy drinks, aloe vera drinks, coconut water in it and the refrigerator door stays shut and easy for people to help themselves.

  121. Kel says

    What a nifty idea! I keep a running list of freezer items – to help us make sure to eat leftovers in a timely manner.

  122. says

    Oh Rebecca, you have SOLVED my situation. Because at my house, water bottles are neck-and-neck with cans of spray-on sunscreen as the summer-go-to items most likely to roll around my counter-tops and my car (where they make a noise like nails on chalkboard).
    So I’m going to get this little gizmo for the casa and also something for the back of my seat so that I can organize the madness. Thank you! Now, tell me, doctor, what the heck do I do with the pool towels that are being left all over creation at home and abroad?

  123. Gina M says

    My summer lifehack is to make up peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and freeze them for an easy make-ahead lunch option for my son.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  124. WHITNEY says

    I make my life easier by cooking a bit extra during dinner. The leftovers become my lunch the next day.

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