Roast Beef and Caramelized Onion Naan Pizza {10 Minute Meal} plus 6 Fast Family Faves

Roast Beef Caramelized Onion Naan Pizzas 10 Minute Meal Fix from

Need dinner in a hurry? Add a salad and this 10 Minute Meal Fix Roast Beef and Caramelized Onion Naan Pizza will have a satisfying and hearty dinner on the table in a flash. I have a set of recipes I go to for meals on busy nights or nights where I'm just not feelin' it in the kitchen. Obviously they have to be fast, but they also have to be made from ingredients or products that I almost always have on hand, they have to make everyone happy, and they have to, well, BE GOOD. Honestly, what's the POINT of food that doesn't taste good? Sustenance? I suppose but there's only so far you can go without feeling a little excited over your food. May your food never be drudgery. That's my new Irish blessing. Today's recipe hits a bulls-eye in ALL of the categories I just named. It's fast, it's made from easily attainable items, it makes everyone happy and it's not just good, it's AWESOME. In the spirit of the fastness of this recipe, I'm keeping today's post short and sweet. Besides, after this fantabulous recipe, I have a mini round-up of six other warp speed dinners that'll please them all. Cook's Notes: Don't lay the roast beef out flat, but hold the slices by one end and drape it, letting it fold like an accordion over the onions. This gives it better texture and makes it prettier. This rule (well, it's a rule in my head, anyway) applies to assembling the ultimate sandwich as well! You can use homemade, frozen naan for this meal OR you can use purchased naan. … {Read on...}

Irish Slammer Magic Chocolate Cake {Guinness, Bailey’s, and Jameson Custard Cake}

Irish Slammer Magic Chocolate Cake. The cake with the magically separating custard and cake layers flavoured with Guinness Stout, Bailey's Irish Cream, and Jameson Whiskey.

Guinness has a weird effect on people. Most folks are pretty opinionated about it.  I'm firmly in the 'love it' camp but I know a lot of people who are -if not in the 'hate it' camp- decidedly lukewarm about it. Most of those in the 'hate it' and 'meh' camps, though, can at least find a modicum of love for it when it's baked into things. How is this possible? Because Guinness equals malt and lots of it and chocolate pairs with malt like sunshine goes with lollipops. And Guinness plus Bailey's Irish Cream plus Jameson Whiskey? Well? That's another combination that -while delicious- is a bit polarizing. Why? Well, it's a drink that has kind of an awful name: The Irish Car Bomb. While working on this cake, I realized I was uncomfortable using that name, and so asked friends and family (not because they're lushes, but because they're knowledgeable) whether there was a widely known alternate name for the drink. One friend suggested "Irish Slammer" after some research. "BRILLIANT!" I said, "What could possibly be wrong with calling it an Irish Slammer?" My brother chimed in with concern over the innuendo. "I don't see any inuendo," said I... and brushed off my little brother. So then today, while working on this post, I sent a note to my sister, the research librarian, about the cake. I said I wasn't calling it an Irish Car Bomb because I found the name distasteful. She agreed. Then I told her I was going to use Irish Slammer but that our brother had said I might get comments … {Read on...}

Slow-Cooker Spicy Bacon Corn Dip

Slow Cooker Spicy Bacon and Corn Dip. #SlowCooker #Dip #Snacks

You may have noticed that I have a snack fixation.  My recipe index certainly reflects it. I just can't help myself around snacks. There's something so profoundly satisfying to me in nibbling the day away. In fact, if I had to choose to give up meals or snacks, I'd TOTALLY keep snacks any day of the week. Yeah, it's probably a borderline clinical obsession. When I can take a snack and make it do double duty as a side dish? Even better! Such is the case with today's dip. Oh this dip. OH THIS DIP, PEOPLE! It's almost sinfully easy and it's DEFINITELY habit-formingly good. Let's go backward and talk about why it's so ever-loving tasty first, shall we? The base of this dip is sweet corn -bursting with wonderful corn flavour- but the next ingredient on the list is a full pound of crispy bacon. HELLO! Do I have you now? That'd be good enough all by itself, but it's enrobed in a sauce made of cream cheese, sour cream, Monterey Jack cheese, minced jalapeños, garlic, and green onions. Mercy. A word of warning: this smells so obscenely good while it's cooking. I kept finding my fourteen year old son sniffing around the kitchen. I caught him with a spoon in one hand and the other hand on the lid at one point. I shrieked his name and the lid clattered back down. He looked at me with his big brown eyes and moaned, "WHEN is it going to be DONE? I can't HANDLE it!" In short, you may want to have distraction techniques planned while it's bubbling away or you may have to beat them … {Read on...}

Almond Joy Granola {Chocolate, Almond, Coconut Granola}

Almond Joy Granola: Chocolate, Almond, & Coconut #granola #breakfast #healthy

I get really excited about granola. Is that weird? I'm sorry if it is, because I'm about to get a little geeky over it. This Almond Joy Granola is the perfect breakfast or pick-me-up snack. I make granola fairly regularly; there's almost always a jar of one sort or another on the table here. It's crunchy, it's satisfyingly filling, and it feels wholesome. There's just something about it. We all like to munch on it out of hand as a snack, the hubby and a couple of the kids like to eat it with milk for breakfast, but I like it best over a bowl of plain Greek style yogurt any time I feel like it. Mmmm. Good stuff. The point is we go through a lot of granola here. We rotate through a few of our favourite granola recipes so that everyone's best-loved version is around once a month or so, but there's a new top dog in our house and you're looking at it today: Almond Joy Granola. Can we just talk about this for a moment? Almond. Joy. Granola.  It's full of everything that makes the Almond Joy candy bars so tasty -coconut, chocolate, and almonds- without ANY of the junk that makes the candy bar so awful for you. No preservatives, no bad fats. Comparatively (to other granolas) speaking, this one is pretty darned healthy. It uses mostly maple syrup with a little brown sugar for sweetening, doesn't have any added fats to speak of (just the coconut oil used to slick the pan up a bit), and has only all-natural ingredients that are -mainly- quite good for you. You could most … {Read on...}

Mega Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Waffle Stacks

Mega Baocn Egg and Cheese Waffle Stacks for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. #breakfast #bacon #eggs

My husband was gone all last week on business. He was in Florida where it was in the high seventies and low eighties. I was here with the five kids, twelve chickens, two dogs, and temperatures in the single digits and negatives overnight. Was I bitter like the cold? Nope, I was far too busy to begrudge my warmth-loving husband's well-timed business trip because I was just getting the regular routine of school, chores, wood-stove feeding, extracurricular activities, work, and life-in-general done around here. I'll confess, that I really amped up indulgence factor in our usual food as a way to head off any self pity. I mean cheese, butter, bread, bacon, chocolate, and sugar were flying around here like it was Shrove Tuesday or something. Oh. Wait. It was. I know Shrove Tuesday usually involves paczkis and/or pancakes, and we had paczkis and lots of 'em. I made them fresh for breakfast and then again at the cooking class I was teaching mid-day. I was all sugared and carbed out by the time we got to the dinner hour, but I had promised waffles (yes, I know it's PANCAKE Tuesday, but the boys requested waffles and I figured they were close enough), and waffles I was going to deliver. I made our usual sized batch (read: huge) and the boys did an admirable job of digging in, but there were a few left over from the glut. I stacked them up with parchment between the layers, stuffed them in a zipper top bag, and popped them in the freezer. The next morning, still sugared out … {Read on...}