BBQ Pulled Pork Overstuffed Shells

BBQ Pulled Pork Overstuffed Shells #pasta #familyfriendly

We don't do thinks in a small way in our household. I don't just mean overstuffed chairs or oversized sweaters, both of which -by the way- I love madly. When we wanted to move up in size from our old house we didn't just buy the next size up nearby; we bought a big Amish farm an hour away that had no electricity, plumbing, or interior walls then did all the work ourselves. When I say "did all the work ourselves", I mean my husband did it while I said encouraging things like "I can see my breath inside the house" and "I wish I had a flush toilet" and toasted hot dogs over a kerosene heater until we had propane and a stove in place. Have a son? Just one? We'll go you four better and have FIVE BOYS thankyouverymuch. Need a new couch because of the wear and tear inflicted by the aforementioned five boys? We didn't go to Pottery Barn (because they'd ruin that one, too!) or even Value City Furniture. We built a new one sturdy enough to take a beating but comfy enough to stretch out on that took up one-fifth of our den. By 'we built one', I mean that my husband did it while I clapped and offered cookies and coffee. It stands to reason, therefore, that when I make pasta, it's going to be over the top. For instance, take today's recipe. This recipe holds the distinction of being the most requested dinner in our house right now. It's not hard to explain WHY all my guys love it so. We're talking about tender jumbo shell pasta stuffed to the breaking point with pulled … {Read on...}

The Best Peanut Butter and Chocolate Lovers’ Reese’s Cream Pie

Peanut Butter Chocolate Lovers' Reese's Cream Pie #Dessert #Reeses

See that? THAT is HEALTH food. For your soul, that is. If youu're seriously calcium deficient, then this should give you a nice boost by virtue of the loads of heavy cream in it. Oh! And there's chocolate which has lycopene and is great for hypertension. So there's that. Dangitall. Forget it. I'm just going to level with you. It's all-caps INDULGENT, people. The crust is made of THIRTY Peanut Butter Oreos and butter... because Oreos alone just won't cut it. The first layer you see is a velvety smooth filling of peanut butter, cream cheese, confectioner's sugar, and heavy cream. The middle layer is a silky ganache made of dark chocolate melted and stirred into heavy cream until glossy. Whoops. There's that heavy cream again. Yeah, we're not done with the heavy cream just yet: not even close, really. In the next step, we whip an entire pint of heavy cream with some more confectioner's sugar to spread over the top. That all goes into the freezer for a few hours to firm up. Since we're all in on the FUNFUNFUN scale, we might as well gild the lily right? Onto the top goes an entire eight ounce bag of Reese's minis followed by a drizzle of chocolate syrup. The result of all of this luxury is a Reese's Cream Pie sure to wow the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Lovers in your life.<!--more- To Keep Reading and Get the Recipe, CLICK HERE!-> Is anybody mentally tallying up the amount of heavy cream and sugar and chocolate in this? JUST STOP IT RIGHT NOW! This is meant to make … {Read on...}

iPad Air Giveaway

iPAD Air Giveaway

How's that for a lead-in? I'll keep this short and sweet because I can't wait to share the details! Some of my favourite food bloggers and I got together to give one lucky reader a 16 GB iPAD AIR in your choice of grey or silver to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Spring, and all sorts of lovely green things starting to sprout around us. Who's ready for spring besides me? And who wants an iPAD AIR? And what would YOU do with one? Come on, tell me you'd read Foodie with Family and my friends who joined forces for this giveaway: Bakeaholic Mama • Cravings of a Lunatic • Diethood • Crazy for Crust • Crissy Page • Miss in the Kitchen • The Hopeless Housewife • Pineapple and Coconut • Eat Your Heart Out • Foodie with Family • Very Culinary • Mom On Timeout • Nutmeg Nanny • The Lemon Bowl • Rachel Cooks • Roxana’s Home Baking • The Baker Chick • Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts • Eats Well With Others xo Rebecca P.S. Enter via the rafflecopter widget below. Easy peasy! Good luck!   You need to enable javascript to enter this campaign !Powered by PromoSimple.   DISCLOSURE: This giveaway was sponsored by yours truly and the bloggers listed in the giveaway graphic. It was not in any way sponsored or subsidized by Apple or iPAD AIR or any other entity. ENJOY! … {Read on...}

Panko Crusted Sriracha Cod {baked}

Panko Crusted Sriracha Cod #lent #seafood #fish

Here fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy... Lenten Friday fish dishes don't have to be bland or boring: Panko Crusted Sriracha Cod to the rescue! We are a family full of fish-any-which-way lovers with one notable and vocal standout: the baby. To be fair, the little guy loves tuna, sardines, and anchovies, so I guess he qualifies as a fish lover, but when it comes to actual filets of fish, he only loves the sort that comes with a crunchy coating. Not a problem, says this mom. A lot of folks shy away from making breaded fish at home because they think it has to be a messy affair that requires deep-frying. Not so! Our favourite home breading version is a two-step process that is nearly mess free. Spread mayonnaise over seasoned cod filets. Smack a bunch of panko crumbs on the mayo. Tada! Really. The pro-tip here is that the mayonnaise adds flavour AND keeps the crumbs adhered to the fish. Can it get much simpler than that? No, but while that is delicious, I can make it even more exciting by stirring a little sriracha into the mayonnaise. That simple little hack adds hints of heat, garlic, and a depth of flavour that drives me wild. … {Read on...}

Cucumber Scallion Salad {5 Minute Recipe}

Cucumber Scallion Salad {5 Minute Recipe}

With the notable exception of vegans, is there anyone out there who couldn't possibly use a few more vegetables in their diet? I know my family could. This is most especially true of my potatoes-peas-and-the-occasional-carrot third child and my two youngest, the charter members of the anti-veg contingent. The two eldest eat everything that isn't nailed down. They're not an issue. Cucumbers are a pretty easy sale around here. One of the three veg phobes actually LIKES them. Two will tolerate them. I call that a win across the board. Because it doesn't take any herculean efforts to get people to try them, they're on regular rotation at our dinner table. Mercifully, there are virtually no cucumber salads that take anything longer than a few minutes to toss together. Today's salad is a variation on one of my all-time faves: Asian Marinated Cucumber Salad. It's not a HUGE departure from the original recipe I posted, but it is enough of one that it warrants its own post. In this version, the cucumbers are julienned (sliced into long, thin, matchstick thick strips) on a mandoline or -if you have mad skills and the patience of Job- with a good, sharp knife. … {Read on...}