Slow-Cooker Shredded Chicken for Recipes {Make Ahead Mondays}

Slow-Cooker Shredded Chicken for Recipes on #MakeAheadMondays

It's been a while since I did a dedicated "Make Ahead Mondays" post, and quite a few people have mentioned that they miss them on the reader survey. I listened! Today I'm sharing a fantastic meal-starter with you: Slow-Cooker Shredded Chicken for Recipes. Use your slow-cooker to whip up a batch of this flavourful, fully-cooked shredded chicken, shred with a couple of forks (or chop on a cutting board) and divide into meal-sized portions in freezer bags. I'm not leaving you hanging with a bunch of cooked chicken in the freezer, though; I also have a handful of quick recipe ideas that take advantage of your bounty of chicken. When you have Slow-Cooker Shredded Chicken for Recipes tucked away in the freezer, you're just moments away from a home-cooked meal! There really isn't much effort involved in making Slow-Cooker Shredded Chicken for Recipes. It's a recipe at its most basic; combine boneless, skinless chicken thighs with this and that in a slow-cooker and let it rip for 8 hours on low. At the end of 8 hours, remove the meat and shred it. Use part of it for the evening meal, and portion out the rest in meal-sized servings in freezer bags, squeeze the air out, seal, and freeze. The magic of this recipe is not just in the fact that it's about as simple as it can get, but also in the fact that there are almost infinite ways to use the chicken! Here are a few of our favourites: as taco meat in quesadillas in fried rice on entrée type salads (like taco salad, … {Read on...}

Russian Pickled Cherries {Simple Food Preservation}

Russian Pickled Cherries from

Cherry season is cruelly short, but we can preserve some of their sweet, juicy goodness for the winter months in jams, jellies, juices, pie fillings, and pickles. Pickles? Yes! Russian Pickled Cherries are a fabulous food preservation project for those who are intimidated by the canning process and veteran canners alike. There's no boiling water bath or pressure canner involved, rather this is an old-fashioned method of putting up cherries in a vinegar based liquid. The result is a tart, sweet pickled cherry that is divine with venison and pork roasts or a roast turkey. A grand bonus from this project is amazing, vibrant red, cherry infused vinegar that is wonderful in vinaigrettes, other salad dressings, and drizzled on roasted vegetables. Think Thanksgiving! Why would you pickle cherries? You don't have to tell me that when you think "pickles" the first thing that pops into your mind is quite probably NOT cherries. I get it. Let me tell you something, though... These classic Russian Pickled Cherries are going to make you a believer. Bursting with sweet cherry flavour that gets a boost in the tart department from cider vinegar, these deep, dark red orbs are a wonderful accompaniment to roast pork, venison, or turkey or roasted root vegetables. The tart/sweet, light, freshness helps cut the richness of strong flavoured or fatty meats. This is a clever strategy borrowed from the Dutch by the Russians to make some of those cheaper cuts of meat that require longer cooking … {Read on...}

Mojito Icee {High Octane AND Mocktail Versions}

Mojito Icees {High Octane and Mocktail Versions} from

"Sheesh, it's hot." That Warner Bros. line gets so much play around here this time of year. Instead of melting into a puddle like the Abominable Snowman, how about whipping up these Mojito Icees in either the adult-high octane form (with rum) or the Mocktail (alcohol-free) version? This recipe, another brainchild of my husband, The Evil Genius, is perfect for taking your internal temperature down when the mercury is high. I sat down to write this and started by typing, "Happy Friday!" except that it's Wednesday. Well, then. It's kind of hard to restart from that point. Mercifully, I have this lovely, minty, refreshing Mojito Icee to knock me back on track. It's part beverage, part dessert, part straw-sipping, part spoon-dipping, and 100% perfect for the dog days of summer. Speaking of the Mojito Icee, let's talk about the fact that this can be made in an adults-only, rum-filled version OR a family-friendly, alcohol-free Mocktail style with a simple swap of one single ingredient. And let's address the colour, too, please. That is all kinds of natural. I'm not kidding. There is not one single drop of artificial food colouring in the icee. The vibrant green stems (PLANT PUN ALERT) entirely from the fresh mint leaves blended in with the lime juice, rum (or white grape juice), sugar, and ice. Really, that's it! That's all there is to it. Just five ingredients and five minutes and you can be sitting with your feet propped up, sipping, and dropping your core temperature … {Read on...}

Foodie with Family Reader Survey

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So how long have I been at this? Five years or so? I think it's about time I ask YOU what you think! I'd be ever so grateful if you'd take a moment to let me know what you think; give me some feedback, if you would. I've designed this quick, completely confidential survey to learn your likes and dislikes about Foodie with Family. The results will be used to make improvements here on Foodie with Family! Could you? Would you? The survey will be open from July 15, 2014 to July 31, 2014. Thank you for being part of the Foodie with Family family!   … {Read on...}

Rich Mocha Pudding Cups {Simple & From Scratch}

Mocha Pudding Cups. Easy & From Scratch!

Simply stated, there is not one dessert on Earth I'd rather have on a regular basis than pudding; not even my beloved ice cream! I've loved pudding as long as I can remember, and I can't think of a variety of pudding I dislike. All the puddings are well loved in my book, but mocha pudding holds a special spot near the top. When I discovered just how easy it was to make homemade pudding (and I don't mean the stuff in the box, whether instant or cooked), it just fed my pudding fire. As long as you have milk, cornstarch, unsweetened cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla, and coffee extract (or instant coffee granules), you are just moments away from a perfect batch of Mocha Pudding Cups. Eat them warm for a seriously sophisticated and indulgent pudding experience, or chill them for a slightly more grown-up version of chocolate pudding cups. Pudding makes me happy. Does that make me a child? I don't think so. There's something so comforting about pudding. It's silky, creamy, and a purist's dessert. It only has a handful of ingredients, so it lets each of them really shine through. Today's pudding is a prime example: Rich Mocha Pudding Cups. As the name suggests, these are the perfect marriage of chocolate and coffee. You all probably know by this point that I'm only an occasional coffee drinker. I love coffee but coffee doesn't love me. Think heart palpitations, cold sweats, racing pulse, and general malaise and you'll understand why I only give passing attention to the … {Read on...}