Grilled Pizza Dough Throwdown: Part II Mise En Place

Rotating grilled pizzas.

  To recap:    In my first pizza dough throwdown post I pitted Peter Reinhart's grilled pizza dough from "My American Pie" against my very own Foodie With Family semolina grilled pizza dough recipe.  The dough was prepared rested in the fridge overnight.   Now we move on to preparing the pizza.    Making sure you have everything ready to go before firing up the grill is as crucial in grilling pizza as it is in making a stir fry.  Once the cooking starts things move very, very quickly.  Here is a blow-by-blow account of how I made my grilled pizzas.   1.  Prepare all toppings.  I do mean all of them.  Grate your cheese, cook any toppings that would need to be cooked on an oven-baked pizza.  For instance, if you're using bacon you absolutely must pre-cook it to the state you want it to be in when you bite it.  If you put uncooked bacon on your pizza on the grill it will be only slightly less uncooked when the pizza crust is done. Remember to have a bowl of olive oil (preferably one infused with lots and lots of garlic) and a heat-resistant basting brush handy so you can brush your dough.    2.  Gather all toppings on a large, rimmed tray or baking sheet.  It is important to have everything together and within reach of the grill. … {Read on...}

Top Chef Spoiler Alert

Okay.  I am now about to ruin the suspense built up about last night's episode of Top Chef for those who have not seen it.  This is fair warning.  Do not read beyond this point if you've TIVO-ed the show or if you plan to watch a repeat this weekend.  Ready? … {Read on...}

Grilled Pizza Dough Throwdown: Part I Semolina Grilled Pizza Dough

My semolina dough goes vis-a-vis with Peter Reinhart's dough.

I am, as you may have noticed, powerfully obsessed with pizza. The quest for the perfect pizza recipe is one that has dogged me my entire cooking life.  I've made so many pizza dough variations that I've now lost track.  Beer, semolina, all purpose flour, high gluten flour, whole grain flour, extra virgin olive oil, spices, and other various and sundry items have all made appearances and/or been omitted from my work in progress.    In pursuit of my holy pizza grail I recently purchased the book, "My American Pie" by Peter Reinhart.  … {Read on...}

Quick Mason Jar Iced Coffee

I was so thirsty I drank 1/4 of this before taking the picture.  And, yes.  This is on my hand towel.  Even classier!

I love iced coffee.  My iced coffee proclivity is an anomaly because I'm not a daily coffee drinker.  When the mercury climbs, though, there's something about a frothy, sweet, chocolaty , icy coffee that really rings my chimes.  I started making my own because the ones sold by most restaurants were too sweet for my tastes, but I continued on the quest for the perfect homemade iced coffee because I'm obsessive.    As with most things I do, I started out much too complicated and ended up simplifying drastically.  … {Read on...}

One thing you should never ask the Fedex guy.

Delivery for Mrs. Ed.  I'm going to need you to sign for this...

A neighbor and friend of mine- who for the purposes of this post will be called Mrs. Ed- is a horse breeder, trainer and competitive rider.  She loves horses and is incredibly knowledgable and enthusiastic about what she does.   She told me the other day that her brood mare was in heat and that she had to "order an overnight from the stallion" to whom she was breeding the mare.  Since the stallion of her choice was in another state they had to get "the goods" shipped quickly in order to inseminate the mare.      Late the next day she walked up our driveway.  After neighborly chatting about weather and kids I asked how things were going with her mare.  She said the Fedex guy had been there early that morning with her overnight shipment from the stallion's owner.  She had been watching the clock anxiously because she needed to coordinate the shipment's arrival with her veterinarian.    She was so relieved when Mr. Fedex pulled into her driveway that she ran out and greeted him by saying, … {Read on...}