Proof that my children are wild.

  ...The thing is that snails in aioli really are great.  A few million Frenchmen can't be wrong! … {Read on...}

Roasted Crickets

...That is what my kids told me yesterday when asking whether I could help them roast crickets and then dip them in chocolate.  That is what I get for allowing them to read books about survival skills.    I have 9 crickets chilling, literally, in my fridge in preparation to roast them.  Mmm hmm.  I said I'm going to roast crickets.  If you read yesterday's post (and she smacks her forehead!) you will see how this all came about.  I'm a little too disgusted with myself to go into the whole thing again.  So the big debate is whether the boys should have them salty or, as Ty- the originator of the idea- suggests, dipped in dark chocolate.  I don't care.    I tried talking to my sister for moral support.  She was no help.  She was excited.  I think she has latent hostility toward me for all those times I stuck my pointy elbow in her ribs.   Me (whining):  "I can't believe I promised Ty I would help him roast crickets."   Jessie:  "That's awesome!  I think I saw a children's book about cooking with insects.  Maybe you could get it from the library to reinforce the lesson."   Me:  "What lesson?  The lesson that I shouldn't 'promise' to roast crickets?  I got that one down already."   Jessie: "No.  I mean it's really neat!  There are people all over the world who eat insects.  This is a great lesson."   Me:  "Well then, why don't you come over and help them and then you can eat some?"   Jessie: "I'm a vegetarian."   Me:  "Lame … {Read on...}

(And she smacks her forehead!)

Aidan, age 8, and Ty, age 6,  came flying through the door while I was preparing tonight's deja food masterpiece.  Aidan, tightly grasping two cups with the open ends pushed together yelled, "Ty just had the BEST idea for dessert tonight, Mom.  Tell her Ty!"   At this point I expected them to show me some wild strawberries from the driveway.   Ty exuberantly shouted, "Roast crickets dipped in dark chocolate.  I would've said milk chocolate, but I know you like dark chocolate better, Mom."   Well, yes, but, ummmm... Where to go with this one?     He opened up the cups and, sure enough, showed me 4 large crickets he had "chose 'cause they looked good and meaty."   I feel the need to interrupt myself here to make clear that we don't eat insects around these parts.  Food prices are high, but they're not that high.   I tried to take the path of least resistance and explain that I wasn't prepared to roast crickets tonight and I had dinner all ready to go.  We just wouldn't have time.    It worked.  Ty was morose, but he took the crickets out the side door and released the things.  He came back in the house, washed his hands, took one look at my prepared dinner and promptly refused to eat.   Another interruption:  The kid who wanted roasted crickets with dark (or milk) chocolate refused a meal comprised of things he had loved the day before.    I tried to strong-arm him.  "Eat your dinner!"   Nope.   I tried to coax him.  "Hey!  … {Read on...}

Deja Food

In tonight's installment of "Food!  It's whats for dinner!" I wow the crowd by serving deja food.  It was a long day, these food items are nearing the end of their usefulness and I cannot bear to waste food.  So without further adieu I give you my leftover selection.  See if you can figure out what I did with it all!  With the exception of the Vanilla Ice Cream and Raspberry Coulis it was all cooked together...   Leftover Pork chops from Father's Day   Leftover Shredded Mexican Chicken   Leftover Slow-cooked Black Beans with Salsa Verde   Leftover Steamed Jasmine Rice   Steamed Edamame (not necessarily leftover, and not agreeing with the rest of the buffet, but let's be flexible, shall we?) with sea salt and cracked black pepper   Leftover Vanilla Ice Cream with Raspberry Coulis     … {Read on...}

Scots Bannock


Leif was really looking forward to dinner Wednesday night.  He loves ham ("the pink meat"), garlic bubble bread and homemade pasta.  But he adores ice cream and anything that goes with it.  I had planned this meal to please him particularly.    " But Mousie, thou art no thy lane, In proving foresight may be vain: The best laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft agley, An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain, For promis'd joy!" Robert Burns, from "To A Mouse"   My schemes for a spectacular meal were laid last week and promptly tossed aside when my little Leify spiked a 104.9 temperature.  I turned off the oven that was baking the garlic bubble bread and abandoned the loaf to whatever fate would befall it while taking my baby viking to the urgent care department.   I stuffed the resting pasta dough into the freezer for a later meal.  I turned off the ice cream freezer and poured the base into a gladware container and crammed that in the freezer, too.    The only part of the meal that was done, the Scots bannock for the dessert, was stuck on a plate in the microwave and we were off to the hospital.    He had to go see the doctor AND miss his anticipated vittles.  The little Nordic conqueror was not pleased.    Two days later, fever gone and appetite increased, Leif asked what happened to his bannock.  I brandished the bannock and he said he wanted dessert before dinner.  The bannock was wrapped in foil before it got a quick refreshing toast in … {Read on...}