Peanut Butter Cookie Chocolate Malt Ice Cream


When we finished up our end of the school year testing a couple weeks ago we were due for a celebration.  The boys, after a great deal of discussion over lunch, decided to celebrate by putting together their own picnic.  Because really; what do you do immediately after eating?  You plan a picnic, of course.   They got together and planned.    Sidebar:  They've been really into "planning" lately.   If I were a more panaroid person I'd think they were plotting against me.  As it is, I'm just glad they're getting along so well and are capable of linear thought.   Liam informed me that this was a project they intended to take on themselves.  I stepped aside just in time as the sheer spontaneous force of energy that is five little boys working together sprang into action.  The side door kept banging open and shut as all five boys ran back and forth between the kitchen and the yard.  There was a great deal of clanging from the silverware drawer, the squelch-woosh-smack of the fridge being repeatedly accessed, and the dull thud of the pantry door getting slammed ("I don't know how it slammed, Mom, I just so gently closed it with my foot like THIS!" [insert roundhouse kick here.])   Even though I knew the clean-up on my end would be a project of epic proportions I knew enough to bite my tongue and let them have at it.  When I'm bright enough to get out of their way and let them try these sorts of things I am repayed dividends by watching the concentration and joy on … {Read on...}

The Ultimate Hamburger Rolls


For an easy to print version of this recipe, see the new, updated post here. I'll keep this to the point.  Make these burger buns.  They've been our family favorites for a couple years now and I know it's burger season so I'm back to evangelizing about these rolls.  Ask my sisters, Mom, brothers, Aunts, and other assorted family members.  They're probably really glad I'm blogging now so that I can wax rhapsodic about these rolls with people other than them.   They're gorgeous with a shiny brown exterior, flavorful and melt-in-your mouth tender.  When you're shaping the dough you can even turn them into the ultimate hoagie or hot dog roll.   Long story short?  They're the absolute perfect burger bun.  Pretty please tell me you'll try them.   (I do usually make double the quantity I'm giving you below, but I acknowledge the fact that -unlike our viking horde here- most families do not eat between 17 and 20 burgers in one meal.  Therefore, I halved my normal amount.  That being said, these do freeze well.  That is, if you ever have enough left to freeze...)   Bec's Buns (that just sounds so naughty...) Ingredients:   1 1/4 cups warm milk   1 large egg, beaten   6 Tablespoons softened unsalted butter, cut into small pieces   3 Tablespoons malt powder (or sugar)   4 cups high gluten (bread) flour   1/4 cup instant potato flakes   1 Tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon vital wheat … {Read on...}

Buttermilk Pancakes


Update: The easy-print version of this recipe can be found here! "I feel thrifty, oh so thrifty. I feel thrifty and nifty and bright. And I pity any Mom who isn't me tonight." Alright, so Stephen Sondheim I'm not, but this is what I was singing to myself this morning while simultaneously whipping up pancakes and patting myself on the back.  I should explain.   I have been on a mission lately to drastically reduce our cold cereal consumption in the house.  The quantity of cereal the boys (and in that category I also lump my husband) can tear through is budget busting.  The trouble is not entirely with breakfast.  When we have cereal- even if it's just bare bones Cheerios, crisped rice or shredded wheat-  they not only eat two or three bowls for breakfast, they also stick their grubby mitts in the boxes whenever they think about food.   I will now interrupt myself with an important "living with 6 males" informational interlude:  What do men think about every thirty seconds?  Well, before they're old enough to start thinking about that they think about food every thirty seconds.  It's a natural progression.  Back to food, though...   The boys can polish off one and a half boxes of cereal at breakfast and kill the remaining half of the box with the occasional handful by the end of the day.  You see why this is untenable?    I've made my own granola for a very long time, but granola every single morning?  We need some variety.  That's why … {Read on...}

Roasted Beet Salad with Herbed Goat Cheese


It is official.  I am addicted to food blogger events.  When I saw that Holler from Tinned Tomatoes was hosting her No Croutons Required event for July and that the category was vegetarian soups and/or salads showcasing herbs I was thrilled.  I lovey love love fresh herbs.  Since I have parsley and chives growing in abundance the question was not which herbs I would use, but how I would show them off to their best advantage.    Enter my dairy goat farming friend from up the road.  I occasionally get wonderful goat milk from her.  Some of the best cheeses I've made have been from her goats' milk.  Happily, she brought me about a gallon late last week and also happily, I had chevre culture in my freezer.  I immediately set about making the chevre.  The plan was to stir in finely minced garlic, chives and parsley from my garden.  If you have never made chevre, or any cheese for that matter, don't be impressed.  It's so deadly easy that you really have a difficult time paying the gobs of money they charge for it in the store once you've made it.       There are several ways to make chevre.  I think the easiest way is simply to use direct set chevre culture.  It's available from many mail order sources under many names, but I've been pleased with the quality of the culture I get in five-packs from New England Cheesemaking Supply Co.  (click here for product unformation and current pricing) Once you see how easy it is to make you'll be glad to have made the $6.00 … {Read on...}

Second Tuesdays Déjà Food Inaugural Event- all over again.


Did you catch the Yogi Berra reference?  Okay, I must admit that my attempt at establishing an event less than 48 hours ahead of time was too big a challenge for even the internet.  Several blogging buddies have mentioned that they wanted to participate, but just didn't have enough time. I have learned a valuable lesson.    So, without further adieu, we announce that in keeping with our "2" theme (second Tuesdays, second use of the food, etc...) we are going to do a second inaugural event.  That's right!  The prizes remain the same, the rules remain the same and we're still really excited to see what everyone can do with their leftovers.  Feel free to enter as many Déjà Food masterpieces as you have time to create and write up.  And for our friends who are without blogs, please feel free to send us your submissions via email at: foodiewithfamily [at] yahoo[dot] com.   You can read the previous post for more details.   Here is the badge for those of you who would like to add one to your post. Submissions for our (second) inaugural event are due by August 11, 2008.  Be there or be square!     ...And in the spirit of doing everything twice (because if it's worth doing, it's worth doing twice, right?)  I am reposting our entire original blurb about the event below...   And yes, there's a prize! (See below) Here at Foodie With Family we- Rebecca and Valerie- love leftovers. They let us get creative with ingredients, minimize food waste, … {Read on...}