Garam Masala Depression Cake


Two weeks ago, Jim and I drove back to Western NY to gather up what was left of our earthly goods (kindly stored in a building at Beccy's), 14 hours on the road TO New York, and 18 hours back (the rental truck felt happiest popping along at 55 to 60 miles an hour, and we wanted it to be happy all the way home). We brought lots of tools, furniture, the rest of my kitchen wares (oh, how I've missed you all!), books (here a groan from Jim), and THE FLU. We were able to unload the truck fairly quickly, but there is still a lot of unpacking to do. For me, the biggest job right now is a book purge. The house we are living in is quite small, and while I've packed in as many shelves as we reasonably can, there are still many hundreds more books than there is room to store them. On top of that, I've been living with the flu for the last several days, and today I felt in the need of some comfort food, mainly in the chocolate category.   Enter Depression Chocolate Cake. I'm thinking the name can be applied any way you wish--it's originally from collections of frugal recipes connected with the Great Depression, but it applies equally well to how you feel on the sixth day of the flu, still shuffling around the house in 'comfortable clothes,' hair tousled, trails of tissues scattered all around (so you can be sure to be able to find your way back to the bedroom while in a medicine-induced haze).  It is a very simple and basic recipe, but I actually found enough gumption to play … {Read on...}

To celebrate our 100th post we’re giving away $100!


Update:  You still have 1 day to leave a comment to enter our $100 giveaway! (And tell 75 of your closest friends to leave a comment, too.  Good Grief!  Can't we give away money?)  You have until 3:00p.m. EST on Friday, October 24th.  Click here to hop over to our 100th post and leave a comment to be entered in the drawing…  Good luck!      Yesterday's pasty post was our 100th post.  Time flies when you're having fun!  We've had such a good time getting to know you all and sharing our recipes, adventures and misadventures.  We have a goal and we're hoping you can help us reach it.   To celebrate our 100th post, we want to get 100 commenters to leave comments.  To encourage all of our readers (we know you're lurking there...) to comment, we're offering a performance based giveaway.  For each 25 unique commenters on our pasty post, we'll add another $25 to a gift certificate up to $100.  So!  If we get 25 commenters, the gift certificate will be for $25.  If we get 50, it'll be for $50.  For 75 commenters, $75 and so on up to $100.  The gift certificate will be for, Williams-Sonoma, King Arthur's Baker's Catalogue or the winner will get to choose!   There are only three requirements for entry into the drawing:   You can't be related to Val and I.  Duh, right? You need to leave a comment on our 100th post. In your comment, please let us what you'd like to see more of on Foodie With Family.  Quick recipes?  Frugal recipes? … {Read on...}

My first baby’s first recipe… A flashback.

Here's another Record-Eagle column from days of yore. 06/12/2006 Foodie with the Family Father influences son's grilled-chicken recipe   BY REBECCA LINDAMOOD Local columnist   With this beautiful weather comes the beginning of grilling season.   For my family, this means many chickens will go to the great hen house in the sky in order to feed the bottomless barbecue pits that are my boys. When I moved to western New York years ago, I happily discovered the standard summer barbecue fare here: Cornell Sauce Barbecue Chicken and Salt Potatoes.   Even those who swear by their tomato-based barbecue sauces are surprised to find the flavor this sauce packs.   As for the salt potatoes, don't panic when you see the quantity of salt that goes into the water as most of it stays in the water. Yes, there is a lot but it is worth it! However, if health concerns dictate a lower sodium diet you can cut the salt by half or add another quart of water to the pot. If you have any leftover potatoes, they make the ultimate home fries the next morning.   As if the taste isn't enough to recommend it, the ease of preparation will amaze you. Just thinking of this meal makes my stomach growl. I'll be making this meal most weekends this summer. I'd be willing to bet that if you try this it'll become a regular in your household, too.   After having this meal one evening, I saw my 8-year-old, Liam, laboring over a piece of paper at the school table. When I asked him … {Read on...}

I don’t recommend brushing your hair with a toilet brush.

This column is the perfect illustration of my third born.  He is an enigma.  A cute enigma, but definitely an enigma.     Foodie With Family Slow cookers to the rescue   By Rebecca Lindamood Local columnist Read Rebecca's past columns here Today, I was working at my computer for five minutes when my 5-year-old, Ty, hollered down the stairs, "Mom! I'll be good now!”   That was his way of asking me whether his banishment for sitting on his brother and poking him in the eye with a pickle could end. The pickle is a favorite torture device around here. The pickle-as-weapon preference is probably owing to the fact that there are so many, since I canned 70-something quarts of them last summer.   While keeping my eyes firmly fixed on the monitor and fingers firmly planted on the keyboard, I voiced permission to descend. After a bit, I became aware that he was standing behind me. I turned and saw soaked hair brushed tight to his forehead and water dripping down his face. The torso of his shirt was sopping wet and he was wearing a smile that stretched from one little pink ear to the other.   "Mom! I washed my own hair,” he proudly proclaimed. "… And I didn't use the toilet brush.”   (I was unaware that was an option …)   "I just poured a few cups of water over my head and then I brushed it. How does it look?”   I stifled my urge to respond, "Like a blond Eddie Munster,” and said, "Fabulous! Did you hold your head over the sink … {Read on...}

Sticky Chicky Bones… A.K.A. Best Wings EVER!


I have now officially started a year of having to count by twos in odd numbers.  My fourth born is now five years old.  As the years have gone by it seems time just keeps accelerating faster and faster.   It seems like just a couple weeks ago I brought a pink little bundle of boy home to meet his three elder brothers.  Now Leif is a sweet little Viking boy.   Leif requested a massive birthday spread that would've had me working for three days straight.  He settled for a more modest birthday menu that included French toast for breakfast, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with grapes and chips for lunch and the dinner of his dreams;  sticky chicky bones, pizza, grapes, bananas, clementines and ice cream cake.    Sticky chicky bones (also known as chicken wings) have been my kids' most requested birthday menu item for as long as they've been capable of voicing their preferences.  One of our kids kept calling them chicken bones and it just stuck.    I have some pretty serious wing bona fides.  I didn't work at the Anchor Bar, but I worked for a guy who did.  Having worked the pub grub station in his restaurant/bar less than an hour from the mecca for wing lovers -Buffalo- I'm pretty well versed in the wonderful world of chicken wings.  While the authentic Buffalo-style wings I served in the pub were delicious, I knew I could do better.  I decided to set out on a quest to find the perfect wing recipe.   Frank's Red Hot Sauce, while great on lumpia, … {Read on...}