Stick with us… We’re getting there…

Okie dokie.  Let's call what's up on the blog now a sneak preview.  Of what?  I couldn't say exactly...  It sort of depends on how many brain cells I have left after banging my head against the wall for hours on end trying to learn this dratted code and css gobbledygook.  Bear with us.   Back to food tomorrow! … {Read on...}

F.R.U.S.T.R.A.T.I.O.N. Technology style!

Okie dokie.  We have what you might call a bit of a problem.  A technological problem.  This blog 'make-over' is temporary only.  Hopefully we'll have our little code issue resolved by tomorrow.  In the meantime, enjoy our new and transient zen look.   Rebecca and Val … {Read on...}

We have a winner!

We didn't quite make 100 comments.  In fact, we were shy of 50 unique commenters, but we decided to round up because we really like to give things away!  After factoring in the emails we got from folks who had trouble commenting and the kind folks who made mentions of us on our blog we entered our grand total in the random number generator and came up with "4".  That means that Natalie at Hot Garlic is our winner!   Hot Garlic will win a $50 gift certificate to her choice of, Williams-Sonoma, King Arthur's Baker's Catalogue, or  We aim to please!   On the plus side, we'll be doing another gift card giveaway in the next week or so since we didn't quite reach our goal.   Check back early and check back often! … {Read on...}

According to Jim, it’s Pretty Good Soup


Now, admittedly, I do follow some recipes for a lot of dishes I prepare,  but soups and stews are very forgiving foods to make, very flexible and a great way to use up those bits and pieces that don't seem to have anywhere else to go. And most of these creations are dubbed by Jim as being "Pretty Good Soup." This is high praise indeed, and I always know there won't be much leftover when I hear those words floating on the air.   So, today's venture:  Outside of a few minor chores, I spent much of today reading, but when this afternoon rolled around, I knew I wanted to come up with something warm and savory for supper, since Jim was spending a good deal of the day outside dealing with some hefty chores in the cold Northern Michigan air. (We are preparing for our first major snowfall that is expected tomorrow night, and he was 'battening down the hatches.")  When I checked the refrigerator looking for supper inspiration, I found a few slices of fairly lean bacon, some sliced mushrooms and a couple cups of leftover beef broth, and that was enough to get things going. I started by chopping the bacon into large pieces and threw them into a pot to brown and render their fat. While the bacon fried, I took a couple of minutes to roughly chop some onion and a handful of potatoes. Once the bacon was browned, I tossed in the onion for a few minutes, threw in the mushrooms for a bit longer, then tossed in the potatoes, letting it all cook together for a couple minutes more. … {Read on...}

Yooper Pasties


Okay.  Now those of my readers who are Yoopers (specifically) or Michiganders (generally)  will know exactly what I'm saying.  Those of you who don't have kith or kin in either Michigan or Cornwall might need a little explanation.  The pasties of which I speak are pronounced 'PASS- tees'.  The ones you're probably thinking about are pronounced 'PAY- steeze'.  My pasties are handheld meat pies and not little adhesive backed 'modesty' panels worn over, well, you know what.  So from now on, each time I type 'pasties', please think the correct pronunciation, k?  That way I don't have to blush every time you read it. And also for those of you not from Michigan, I should probably toss in a few other definitions: Yooper:  A resident of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. U.P.:  A widely used acronym for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Well, heck, you'd get tired of typing out Upper Peninsula of Michigan every time too, eh? Big Mac:  A nickname for the Mackinac Bridge; the 5 mile long suspension bridge that links the U.P. to the lower Peninsula. Trolls:  Residents of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.  Get it?  They live under a bridge? Summer:  Two months of bad snowshoeing.   But back to the food... Pasties are a Yooper (and Cornish) specialty.  The Cornish miners that came over to the Upper Peninsula during the golden era of iron and copper mining brought the pasty with them as part of their homeland's cuisine.  Owing partly to it's convenient, … {Read on...}