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I guess it does kind of look like deer innards with that beet coloring.  Double ick.

Please allow a departure from the normal for a moment. It isn't that I'm lacking a recipe to share with you.  It's just that the recipe isn't one to eat.  The blog is titled, "Foodie With Family", right?  Well, today's post is for the kids (and the kids at heart.)  Those of you who have school aged kids might be looking at a couple days or a week's worth of break from school.  And since you're with me on the departure from the norm, how about sticking with me for an aside from the departure.  When did this happen?  I don't remember getting a week off for Presidents' Day.  And since I sound like an old codger already, I might as well drive the nail into the coffin by saying that in my day it wasn't even called Presidents' Day.  We had an individual birthday celebration for Washington and Lincoln and I'm pretty sure we got those corresponding days off.  See that?  I'm even too old and too codgery to remember whether I got those days off.  It's all downhill from here. But back to the point.  What was that dratted point?  Oh yes.  It was that many of you may find yourself with a kid (or a bunch of them) who need some activities to keep those brains and hands from plotting nefarious time-off deeds involving dogs, dutch ovens filled with gravel and mud of questionable origins, your good whisk and indelible marker in the newly repainted den.  Trust me when I say it behooves you to spend the small amount of time to keep them occupied or you may find yourself with a 'magic eraser' … {Read on...}

Chocolate Truffle Tarts

Rich, decadent, pure, unapologetic chocolate ganache.  These are too good to believe.

Were you paying attention when I suggested having some of extra tart shells on hand in the Individual Grapefruit Tart post this week?  This is why I said that...    With five minutes of hands-on time I turned out these phenomenal Chocolate Truffle Tarts.  To make these you simply fill fully baked tart shells with a luscious and smooth ganache.  (Like the one we made for the Truffle Brownie Bites.)  They're incredibly rich and incredibly addictive.  But they're also incredibly not low in fat and calories.  I may as well have just strapped the two that I ate right to my thighs.  I'm not sorry, though.  It is a wonderful way to go. This is reason enough to keep tart shells in the freezer, no?   These beautiful little babies are so easy to make that it seems a little pretentious to call this a recipe...  But they're too good not to pass along.  So I'll give you my 'recipe' anyway! Chocolate Truffle Tarts Ingredients: 9 fully baked four-inch tart shells (see this perfect and simple recipe!) or 1 fully-baked nine-inch tart shell. 12 ounces dark chocolate, preferably more than 50% cacao (I used 60% cacao chocolate pieces) 10 ounces heavy cream Whipped cream, optional Cacao nibs, optional cocoa powder, optional Place dark chocolate in a medium-sized, heatproof bowl.  Heat cream to just below boiling and pour over the chocolate.  Allow to sit for five minutes, undisturbed, then stir with a whisk in a circular motion until ganache becomes … {Read on...}

20 Minute Beignets

Deep Fried Love, Baby...

I make no secret of the fact that I'm a fan of the book 'Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day'.  Using their Master Recipe, I have experimented and made some of our new family favorites; Bread!  Fully Loaded and English Muffins, among others.  I'm the first to admit that I tend to get stuck in ruts.  In fact, I'm fond of my ruts.  They're like old friends.  Sometimes I have to drag myself up out of my well-worn and well-loved habits to try a little something new.  As I reached for my flour bucket last week I recognized the glassy looks in the kids' eyes and decided to go a different bread direction.  Instead of the usual focaccia or boule I thought I'd try out a little brioche from the aforementioned 'Artisan Bread in 5' on the boys.  With only five minutes or so investment of time I wasn't going to be out much effort if the boys didn't like it.  I needn't have worried.  They loved the brioche.  And since I had just made a small loaf I had 3-ish pounds of dough left. Closely following the directions for the dough in the book is a recipe for beignets.  And if there's anything I love more than a rut it's deep fried anything.  Call it kismet, call it coincidence, call it fate, but I had just made French fries the night before and had that pan full of oil sitting in the fridge just waiting for another frying project.  Out came the pan and the dough and twenty minutes later my boys were descending on that plate of beignets like I hadn't fed them in a week.  In reality they … {Read on...}

Individual Grapefruit Tarts

I think grapefruit is just gorgeous.  Almost a shame to eat it.  Almost...

I was making my usual rounds in the food blogging world when I popped in over at the Smitten Kitchen.  She was making whole lemon tarts and I was, in a word, smitten.  I've always had a real thing for lemon bars, and for tarts of any kind, and combining the two?  Well, shut my mouth. I rummaged around in the fridge for a bit and realized I was a whole lemon short of a whole lemon tart.  Being as far from a well-stocked grocery store as I am, I knew a quick run for a lemon was out of the question.  But people, I am stubborn.  I wasn't going to let the lack of a lemon cheat me out of my tart.  Plan 'B'.  I should say Plan 'G'.  As in grapefruit.  I am a recent convert to the wonderful world of grapefruit love, and like many converts, I'm a little over the top about it.  Happily, the results here were sublime both in appearance and flavor.  These little tarts would make such a wonderful Valentine's dessert.  They're both a little tart and sweet, kind of like The Evil Genius.  Bwah hahahahahaaha (that's his evil laugh.)   Deb's recipe calls for using the whole lemon minus the pips.  Since grapefruit has much thicker pith and much tougher membranes than a lemon, I opted to remove both of those from the equation along with the seeds.      First, let me just say that while I made white whole wheat crusts, you're welcome to use all-purpose flour.  The first time I made these I used the white whole wheat flour mainly because I was out of the all-purpose, but the … {Read on...}

Will you be mine?

Blueberry Love Muffins

Valentine's Day is next weekend already.  That means it is time to brush off your baking skills and turn out some sweet goodies.  Whichever way your sweetheart's sweet tooth leans, we have you covered with the recipes for Foodie With Family's sweetest dessert recipes...    For the chocolate or vanilla lover in your life: For the non-chocolate lover (wha?  They make those?) in your life: Don't forget to check back in all week for new sweet treats from your Foodie With Family Valentines... Coming Sunday:   ...And on Monday:     How about Tuesday?  Well you'll just have to stop back.  Rest assured, it'll be worth the visit! … {Read on...}