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We are having a wonderously wintery weather day.  The snow is blowing and it’s *brrrrrr* cold out there.  It’s enough to make you pull on the wool socks, a super thick sweat shirt, brew a cup of tea (or coffee or cocoa), and curl up with a good book.  Trouble is, there’s only so much ‘curling up with a good book’ that five boys are willing to do- blustery winds or not.  The little guys lose interest after an hour or so and the big guys get exasperated that the little guys keep bouncing hot wheels off the spines of their books. 


Animusic to the rescue.  We were introduced to the original Animusic DVD by a friend of ours from our old church.  From the first time we heard the music and saw the animation the kids (and the adults) were transfixed.  There’s something incredibly mesmerizing about fantastical instruments playing themselves.  And no matter how many times we’ve all seen them they don’t lose the ability to keep us all entertained.  Every time we see them we catch something we haven’t seen before. 



Another aspect of these that never ceases to amaze is the accuracy of movement in these musical instruments.  They have proper fret placement.  Scales and timing are perfect.  AND THEY’RE ANIMATED.  Take THAT guitar hero.  Check them out and see whether you agree…


This one is my favorite.  The kids and the Evil Genius have their own preferences, but this one makes me feel very mellow and very relaxed.  That’s priceless around here!



…And take it from me.  If you find the videos you just saw intriguing, go ahead and spend the $13 to get the DVD (for Animusic 1 or $20 for Animusic 2).  You really have not seen these properly until you’ve popped ’em in the DVD player and turned up your T.V. volume almost as high as it goes and watched the video all the way through.  One of the pieces from Animusic 2 actually had us cheering and clapping.  When’s the last time you did that?


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    How jealous I am that you have such beautiful snow! You wanna trade some of that for my smog and sunshine? 😉

    happy belated Thanksgiving to you and your family! I bet you have a wonderful stash of canned goodies for this cold winter!

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