Hey Flies. You hear that? It’s the sound of inevitability.

I have now officially declared war on the burgeoning fly population in my home.  I had all I could take when a flock of fruit flies and whatever-you-call-normal-house-flies (can fruit flies flock?)  decided to repeatedly dive-bomb my slice of cheesecake that I snuck out of the freezer.  Oh NO you DON’T mess with this lady’s cheesecake!


I ran into town (not literally- because I am morally opposed to actually running.  I’m more into meandering and the odd brisk walk) and bought 2 packages of 4 fly strips.  I’m going to open a can of whup-*ss and put a world of hurt on those nasty little beasties.   (Insert Braveheart-esque battle cry and claymore waving here.)


…And since I’m drawing indiscriminitely from violent movies I’ll end this post with a bit of Pacino for you.


“Say goodbye to the bad guy!”  Buh-bye bad fly.




  1. Spandangly says

    Random story, incase this happens to you again. When I was a kid we had something in our large pantry infested with flies. My mother tried EVERYTHING short of poisoning the family to get rid of them. The final solution that worked in a snap? She brought in some spiders she found in the yard. Once their job was finished, she relocated them back outside!

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