Foodie With Family 2.0

Today, Foodie With Family got a little bit more streamlined when we dropped the “/blog” at the end of our web address. The truth is, I was probably the only person bothered by it. I was certain that it stuck out… much like thinking everyone is staring at a pimple on the end of your nose that’s really visible to no one but you. Such is life. It bugged me and it is now gone. 

Since I’m acting as my own webmaster*, there may be a few blips here and there over the next few days. If you spot a link I’ve failed to fix, please drop me a line and let me know. I’ll get right on it.
*And a roar of laughter came from the real web-techs and webmasters and designers of the world.

One unavoidable difficulty is that I had to change my feed. If you would be so kind to resubscribe in your various readers and emails, I would be ever so grateful. I’d hate to lose even one of you; You’re all dear to me!


  1. Christine says

    Hello! I subscribe via email. I ‘resubscribed’ but it told me I was ‘already subscribed’ which I assume means I’m ok – you already did the switch, right?
    (PS appreciated the kid reviews on the tofu post! I think I will try it!)

  2. C4bl3Fl4m3 says

    The “you might also like” feature doesn’t work anymore. Every one you click just takes you to the main page, a.k.a. FYI. (Also, it would be great to get that working again because I do use it to find awesome new recipes!)

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