Easy Bacon Broccoli Pasta Salad

Easy Bacon Broccoli Salad with cheddar

We’re getting close to the unofficial start of summer; this means lazy weekends, picnics, cook-outs, and grilling. You can’t just slap a steak on a plate and be done with it, though, folks. To me, the true art in summer entertaining comes in the form of side dishes to compliment what you just grilled to…

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Butterscotch Pretzel Pudding Cups

From scratch butterscotch pudding pretzel cups

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love pudding. I could eat pudding or ice cream every single day and not be mad at all. It doesn’t hurt things that there’s an almost infinite variety of both of those, but the point is this. If it’s pudding, I’m in. (With the notable…

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Copycat Snooze Spuds Deluxe

Hash browns with egg cheese beef barbacoa bacon green onions

A couple of weeks ago, I got to spend the weekend in Phoenix, Arizona at the home of one of my best buddies (who also happens to be a blogger) with a bunch of great bloggers for a weekend of picking each others’ brains, sharing blogging strategies, and cheesemaking. Having that many food bloggers in…

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Kahlua Chocolate Cream Pie

Kahlua Chocolate Cream Pie

When it comes to desserts, I’m a creamy, chocolatey devotee. If it’s pudding-like (or ice cream like) I’m in. If it combines pudding or ice cream-ish qualities with chocolate? I am all over it. Such is the case with Kahlua Chocolate Cream Pie. I made this, ostensibly, for my husband’s birthday last week. He wanted…

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Slow-Cooker Copycat Chipotle Barbacoa Recipe

Slow-cooker crockpot Copycat Chipotle Barbacoa shredded beef

Mrawrrrrrrr. Today’s Slow-Cooker Copycat Chipotle Barbacoa Recipe makes me purr. I can’t help myself. Garlicky, tender, shredded beef braised low and slow in a spicy, smoky, flavourful barbecue sauce. It doesn’t hurt matters that it cooks all day (or all night!) while you run errands or do yardwork or try desperately not to eat the…

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Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Bleu Cheese Coleslaw Toasted Bun

I have to get this right out here right now. I feel like a dork calling these Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches. It has EVERYTHING on there that would make it “Buffalo Chicken”, from the fried chicken tossed in a buttery hot sauce to the bleu cheese, to the coleslaw, but the problem is that I live…

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Buttermilk Coleslaw

Classic Southern Style Buttermilk Coleslaw

I’m an utter fool for coleslaw. We all know I’m cuckoo for salads in general, but coleslaw is in its own category. It’s a definitive warm weather food for me. I’ve shared one of my two favourite coleslaws here before, but I just realized as I stuffed a bunch of my all-time favourite Buttermilk Coleslaw…

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Spinach Omelet Grilled Cheese

Spinach Omelet Grilled Cheese for #PinaMealGiveAMeal and @Landolakesktchn

This recipe was developed as a result of my partnership with Land O’Lakes, Inc. I’m pleased to be working with them to work toward ending hunger through their Pin a Meal: Give a Meal program with Feeding America. Each “pin” from this post will generate a meal for 10 hungry families. The recipe concept and…

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Maple Bourbon Baklava

Maple Bourbon Baklava is like pecan pie meets dark maple syrup and takes a trip to the Middle East

You know what this is? Maple Bourbon Baklava and it’s a little evil, that’s what. I’m not going to pretend I’m even the littlest bit sorry, though, because it’s also one of the better things I’ve ever turned out of my kitchen. It’s the Northeast (of the United States) meets the Middle East (of the…

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Tex-Mex Cobb Salad

Super fresh entree dinner Tex Mex Cobb Salad from foodiewithfamily.com

Homer Simpson once admonished his daughter Lisa saying, “You don’t win friends with salad.” WRONG, Homer. You can totally win friends with salad. This is most especially true when we are talking about Tex-Mex Cob Salad. Tex-Mex Cobb Salad is nothing less than a miracle worker around here. My entire family (not 1, not 2,…

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