Pure Sweet and Puckery Lime Sorbet and Summer Shandy Beer Floats

It’s a not so tightly held secret that I adore ice cream. In fact, I eat it almost every day of the week. Two of the last five years I’ve given ice cream up for Lent and I do believe my children would tell you they hope I never make that sacrifice again. I’m going [Read On]

Mixed Berry and Basil Sangria-By-The-Glass (and mocktail variation)

I like sangria a lot, but there’s one massive problem with most sangria recipes that are circulating out there. They assume you: a) have an enormous number of people partaking with you, b) you’re a lush, or c) you’re okay with leftovers going flat. None of these options suit me. Oh sure, I have an [Read On]

Homemade Calorie-Free Hibiscus Lime Soda (Stevia Sweetened)

I know it’s not popular to like soda let alone diet soda, but dangit, I do. I don’t let myself have it often, but I indulge in a diet Coke or Pepsi or Dr. Pepper about once a week. I know I’m not alone judging by the stacks upon stacks at the grocery store but [Read On]

Piña Colada Smoothies | Vegan and Dairy Free

  Piña Colada Smoothies are my new go-to smoothie. They’re kind of fabulous. You know how I’ve told you I was a picky eater when I was a kid? I was a total texture-phobe and I was dead picky about flavour combinations. My mom now says, “Hey, we just didn’t know you were gourmet.” My [Read On]

Instant Vanilla Chai Mix | Make Ahead Mondays

Tea has a way -unlike coffee- of making time slow down just a bit. This time of year and this season of life, I feel like time needs all the slowing down I can possibly get. I’m trying, with varying degrees of success, to accomplish parenting and homeschooling five boys (two of whom are teenagers), [Read On]

Peppermint Mocha or Hot Chocolate

Update: The Pick Giveaway Winner plug-in chose Pamela and Miranda as the winners. Congratulations, ladies! Please respond to the email I just send to you with your mailing addresses and details and I will send it onto our friends at Korin.com! I promised a Peppermint Mocha to end all Peppermint Mochas today and I am [Read On]

Dark & Stormy Orchard | Spice Up The Holidays Announcement

It was a Dark & Stormy night in the orchard… No, let’s start again. “You poured your apple cider in my Dark & Stormy.” “No, you poured your Dark & Stormy in my apple cider!” Hmmm. Closer, but not quite right. Let me start at the beginning. I’m in a contest. (Ah, that’s better.) In [Read On]

Dirty Chai | Make Ahead Mondays

Dirty chai sounds kind of wrong, doesn’t it? In a sense, really, it is. It’s the marriage of tea and coffee. …And in another sense, it’s a metaphor for my marriage. I am a tea drinker. My husband is a coffee drinker. In fact, he never voluntarily drank tea until he met me. I lived [Read On]