Browned Butter Cardamom Cookies: Foodie Christmas Gift #5

First, let me apologize for the continued lack of pictures. As soon as I have camera action again, we’ll get pictures of these up.


One of my favorite Christmas cookies to eat or to give claims many lines of descent:  Swedish nut balls, Russian Tea Cakes, Mexican Wedding cakes–I know I’m missing some other names–these are simple butter cookies, shaped into balls and rolled in confectioner’s sugar after baking. Lovely bite sized cookies, always melt-in-your-mouth with a nice crunch at the same time.  Another plus is that they freeze well, and with another quick toss in the sugar before serving, they are as good as to eat as when they were first made.


I’ve always made them with finely ground pecans or almonds, but this year I came across a recipe that does not use nuts, and the flavor comes from an unusual mix of browned butter and ground cardamom. These are both a couple of my favorite flavors, and to combine them in a cookie just felt like the right thing to do. And now that I’ve made them, I’ve gotta say I’m glad I did! 


I would definitely encourage you to try these out, and play around with the spices if you don’t like cardamom. They are a good holiday cookie to share with friends who may have problems with nut allergies, and these cookies, as well as all the nutty variations I mentioned above, would be a nice treat for a friend of mine who is allergic to eggs.


Hope you enjoy!  This recipe was taken straight from the Land O’Lakes website, and I highly recommend it.



Cardamom and browned butter give these melt-in-your mouth cookies irresistible flavor!


Preparation time: 30 min   Baking time: 10 min  

Yield: 4 dozen cookies 




cup LAND O LAKES® Butter



cup sugar



egg yolk



tablespoon vanilla



teaspoon ground cardamom



cups all-purpose flour



cup powdered sugar

Melt butter in 2-quart heavy saucepan over medium heat. Cook, stirring constantly and watching closely, until butter just begins to turn golden brown (5 to 8 minutes). Immediately remove from heat. Pour into bowl; refrigerate until cooled (30 minutes).

Heat oven to 350°F.  Combine cooled browned butter and sugar in large bowl; beat at medium speed until well mixed. Add egg yolk, vanilla and cardamom; continue beating until well mixed. Reduce speed to low. Beat, gradually adding flour, until mixture is no longer crumbly and forms a dough.
Shape dough into 1-inch balls. Place 1 inch apart onto ungreased cookie sheets. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes or until cookies puff and just start to turn light golden brown. (Cookies will have cracks in them.)

Immediately remove from cookie sheets. Cool 1 minute. Roll cookies in powdered sugar while warm and again when cool. Store between sheets of waxed paper in loosely covered container.








  1. says

    Brown butter cookies are the best, this recipe is defiantly going on my list to make, they seem so simple yet so flavorful with the cardamom and the browned butter.

  2. Rebecca and/or Val says

    Okie dokie I have to weigh in on these cookies. They were just sublime. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to try them just do it. Ooooooh so good.

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