An Ode to Silk


Would you like to know a random fact about me? I have spent most of my life trying to avoid drinking milk. I cook and bake with it. I love yogurt and ice cream and cheese, but a glass of milk has always made me feel oogy. When I was little, my mom would hire a babysitter from time to time. I always cringed when the only one she could get was the little old Italian grandmother from town not because she was mean -she was quite kind, in fact- but because she was unbendable, unbreakable and unbowable in her conviction that every single child needed a very large tumbler of milk before bed. My selfless, sweetheart of a little sister, Jessamine, would sit right next to me and take a giant chug from my glass every time Mrs. Paolino looked away so I wouldn’t have to drink the milk. God love ‘er, Jessie’s always been so good to me.

As an adult, I wanted to like milk because it was so good for you. Over the course of five pregnancies (I’ve spent 3.75 years of my life pregnant, all in all) I tried to cultivate at least a tolerance for drinking milk but just couldn’t do it. “Sip, blech, sip, blech, never mind.” That was the process.

Then came Silk Soymilk. I love it. I can drink it… As in a glass of it. I pour it over my baked oatmeal, into my chai, on breakfast cereal. An interesting thing I discovered with the Silk Soymilk is that what I thought was a dislike for breakfast cereal was actually just the fact that I wasn’t hot on the milk.

It has turned things upside down for me. In fact, I was so inspired by the Silk Soymilk that I decided to try to work on other weaknesses in my life.

Writing has been my forte since childhood (much like my supposed dislike of milk) but I always wanted to be great at drawing. In honour of the change in attitude Silk gave me, I thought I should revisit my attempts at drawing. I decided to tackle the brave new world of digital art figuring that if my fifteen year old could do it, so could I! Are you ready? Here is my homage to Silk Soymilk.


No really. Are you ready? ‘Cause it’s coming at you.


Ta da!


Silk Soymilk Homage |



Okay, the truth is I should probably stick with writing… Let’s go with a Silk-en (ahem) haiku instead, shall we?

Ignore my cup, sis.

It is filled with Silk Soymilk.

I’ll drink happily.

Are there any other non-milk drinkers (or former non-milk drinkers)? Have you given Silk Soymilk a go?

This post is brought to you by Silk but all opinions and terrible drawings are my own. Take the Tastemaker Challenge on


  1. A says

    Have you ever tried the half almond/half coconut milk? I think it’s sold by an almond company, but I find it in the section by the Silk. I love it, and more importantly, my husband does. He won’t drink Silk.

  2. frances says

    silk was the first non-dairy milk available years ago in my area, and i drank/used it pretty exclusively for a long time (soy, almond, and coconut versions), but recently we’ve been avoiding it due to ingredients and some of the company’s politics. (sigh.)

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